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    HI. This is the second 90 that I have put this OME suspension setup on. Fronts 2761 Rears 2764 I've only done about 250 miles with this vehicle and it has settled down well. Especially after putting the correct air pressure in the tyres. I'm not sure if the isolation rubbers do much but it is a very smooth ride.... Pro's. Gives a 2 inch Lift Handles the weight of the Winch Bumper and lightweight aluminium engine Corners Flat Handles a large Ifor Trailer easily No need for anti roll bars No notable changes to steering geometry (self centres and steers accurately for a 90) Gives enough room for 255 85r16 tyres Con's Gives a 2 inch Lift Ride is a little choppier Expensive (compared to OE) Its a bit of a clamber in for short a r s e's On another update. The Megasquirt tune is getting better and better. After tweaking the kick down cable. The Tunerstudio can reach a few more cells and this truck really zips about. Cold start is getting there. I still need a few more tweaks to rid the 'First start of the day syndrome' Hot starting is better again more tweaks required. These two appear to be the most difficult to get right......... It looks like TFL do not communicate with the DVLA. I'm building up quite a collection of these. Our D3 is going to have to go, Sadiq does not like smokey diesels in the capital. I ain't putting a petrol lump in that.
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    If the fluid is black, you are unlikely to get it back, it should be a nice bright red colour ideally. Is your kickdown cable connected and adjusted properly?
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    Another vote for oil and filter change - mine (TD5 though) had similar symptoms and a double oil/filter change brought it back to normal and it's still going strong..
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    Good point, mine wasn't black - but then neither was it cherry red... It was a sort of "brown with tiny black specks" colour

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