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    My pickup is on a 25k service interval. Had it's first service recently and all they did was an engine oil change. Didn't even take a wheel off they rely on the computer to tell them when things need looking at. It's to make them cheaper on lease deals etc but I'm not at all impressed. That means it'll get to 50k with no-one looking at anything. I keep cars a long time so it'll be having an annual service at a propper garage rather than a dealer from now on. Every truck and trailer for the last couple of decades has run on air bags and the only problems I've ever encountered are valves leaking. A vosa fail but not journey stopping. Not that I have a fleet of hundreds of trucks mind 🤣. I can see why you wouldn't want it if your in the middle of nowhere hours from anyone with no phone signal but in the UK where your filmed and posted online as a yob if you drive on the grass verge I would quite like it. Partly as I've had 3 coil springs fail on my van in the last year, one sticking into the top of the tyre 😡 although I guess 200,000 miles isn't too bad. People want them to make an ultimate offroader, that's like homer Simpson's car, the cost whilst still maintaining all the regulations and get good mpg / low emissions would make it very expensive. If you look at the markets for offroaders, the jeep is king in America, the Toyota is king in Australia and everywhere else just makes any old stuff work. There's no market for it in the UK. Companies either buy cheap, so that's a pick up with an old fashioned chassis they can bolt stuff to, land rover are never going to make anything for £16k it's not worth the production line space, or they buy for a purpose ie unimog, iveco 4x4 truck, sprinter 4x4 or one of the raft of other things which are more practical than than a car sized 4x4 for a utility environment. There are lots of neat things they could do like easy to replace bumpers for when you clip them or even ones that come off for off-road and store on the roof. Or easy to remove rear seats leaving a flat easy clean load area but they won't. It'll be all about how many settings on the off-road dial and how well connected it is. It will be a freelander based on parts they already have and branded a defender for marketing. Let's face it though, if your hankering after land rover that you can tinker with on your drive and customise to your needs you've got 70 years of production to go at and for a lot less outlay than the new one will be.
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    @discomikey please elaborate what is so diabolic about the P38's air suspension? For the last 12 years I've always had one, and the ones I cared about where very reliable. Enough to take one to Ladoga Trophy and back. And I'm dying to do that again. If I didn't want EAS, I'd have a Classic, because to me that's better looking. Even spares cars that have been sitting for years very rarely have issues with the EAS. As for commercial users, if you take a look at any of the popular pickups, they're far from utilitarian, but loaded with all possible gadgets and fluffy car-based interiors, because apparently that's what sells! So a working variant of the people carrier Disco, with a legendary badge on it, should sell very well. Like the D5 and similar, it will easily match any of the competition off road. Filip
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    I think before I started drilling anything, I would be 'phoning Richard's chassis and having a few words with them.
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    Update - hinges changed - bottom ones' nuts totally impossible to reach with the wing tank in place etc. So.....I removed the backdoor retaining arm (rear bottom left corner of door) and cut a small square of tub out to enable me to reach the back of the nuts with a spanner, then replaced and pop-riveted a cover plate back on with the retaining arm fastened to it - worth bearing this option in mind if any of you face a similar challenge!
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    It’s an iron rich paint. Often used by the rat-look types in the VW and other crowds.
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    I think, looking at that video that is plenty capable for 99% of the buying public. If they get the looks right, it will be winner in my opinion. For the people that want more, there will be plenty of aftermarket business for coil conversions, lift kits, bash plates, live axle swaps etc later on. This is a good thing imo. I don't think it is all as bad as the 18 pages of hate mail would suggest.

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