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    It's usually marketing from JLR or dealerships. It's why some folk buy a Defender for the name and wash it constantly and place sawtooth alloys and an expedition roof rack and secretly call themselves Bear grylls...
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    Finished at 2am last night lol Fri night drinks didn't happen and I got my groove on lol I didn't want to stop I got a call from my partner.... I pretended I didn't know what the time was and just needed a bit more to finish..... nope it was home time Got the top mounts just about done I'm real happy, with how they came out they tie the tube rear too the chassis really well .... still got the plate to go up in the mount to cap the chassis and the base.... but 2am is late enough lol And yes the dimpled piece sitting under the engine mount is going to be one of the battery boxes Finally finished with the rear cage now the bottom is in I was able to remove the jigging material I was using to hold the cab sides in position I don't know why but now that the red jig is gone its made the rear end look really short lol Now its about mounting things.... Radiator, shocks, bumps, rear battery etc
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    Right, After much messing around with all sorts of settings, ive very roughly tweeked the ASE settings, and guess what, it seems to work, ive been using these settings for a week or so now, and although theres the odd first start where it seems like it'll stall out, she usually starts up beautifully. Here are my settings at the moment, they still need some fine adjustment, but they seems to be good.

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