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    Looking at those Waeco pads, the elements do look to be of a thicker cable than the standard LR versions. I had to do a repair to my standards as some one had spilt a drink on them before i owned it and the wire had corroded. I found out as it burnt a hole in the wife's arse one evening...she wasn't amused and even now hesitates to turn the seat on 😂
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    Those are waeco heated seat elements. I know as I installed a set in mine and I clearly recognise the connector, they are good in my opinion. Wiring is simple, think it takes 12V across one circuit for low heat and dual 12v for high. if you want I can photo my wiring kit and you can replicate? Send me a pm if so as I may miss this.
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    I've always enjoyed punting an old Land Rover down a winding road but this (pretty cool) video confirms my worst fears. That thing corners way too flat! In truth, it's a road car, which gets extra ground clearance for off-road use by making the suspension stiffer and LESS supple - then fixes everything using electronics and brakes. We all knew that was going to happen though. As the argument on the previous pages shows... Ah well, I'm not the target market anyway. Too poor.
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    It could simply be a tired synchro. LR haven't made a decent synchro gearbox yet and, treading carefully, I'd suggest it's your double-declutch technique. Have you ever driven anything with a full crash box? You could test the synchro in the following way (although 5th's not a great gear to try this in) Choose a long hill such that you neither gain speed nor lose it when coasting in neutral (or try on the flat but it won't work so well). Get going, 1,2,3,4, drop it into 5th (CRUNCH) then establish a steady speed, 35mph should be ok. If you back off the pedal so that there's no load on the gearbox (neither drive nor overrun) the stick should easily slide out of gear. If the engine and road-speed don't change, it'll just slot back into gear again. If it does, synchro problem. If it doesn't, your selectors aren't set up right, there's nasty gack in the box or similar. If it's a synchro problem, you may benefit from changing the oil (if indeed it's been filled with the right grade), using more/less revs when you double declutch, or not 'hurrying' the change with excessive lever force but putting on the pressure to give the synchro time to work.

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