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    Today's trials. That's the spring nearly 2" out of the seat with the wheels still on the ground. It went back in no problem as well. Not bad for stock springs and arms, just +2" shocks. I actually had a good play today and I'm happy with the way it performs. Mike
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    I'm pretty sure the relay I've used is low amp to energise - of course should it fail it will set the buzzer off and highlight a fault anyway . This all started with a split bottom hose on the road so by the time any symptoms appeared it was too late , head bent but machine-able and not cracked , new rad also as pressure split the rad cores - old and ripe for it ... cheers Steve b
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    I've resolved the problem. Turns out that the throttle linkage had slipped. I was only getting half throttle
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    Thank you. I love it and it meets all my needs. Really pleased. Mike
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    I'd say: At first - stop running it on the wrong fuel! Yes, low-spec edible-grade veg-oil is cheap, but it's really not a good long-term diet for a modern Diesel-engine. You may save a bit in the short-term in terms of fuel-costs, but after a few years/few tens-of-thousands-of-miles you find you need a new FIP, the cost of which takes-out the supposed 'saving' you made from running on carp fuel.
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    I built a really expensive in-car computer for my overland truck a few years ago (riiiiight before cheap tablets came on the market 😕) which ran windows, had a dash mounted touch screen display and had Garmin Maps For Mobile running on it, with a GPS dongle- was brilliant, faster, bigger and more info than a sat nav unit. They discontinued it for some reason and don't seem to sell a maps app either which seems odd, I'd happily pay for that again. Incidentally, the one cool thing about running a windows pc was running Google earth with the gps dongle activated so the map follows you, zoom down and pan to an angle and as you're driving along you get a birds eye 3D view of peoples back gardens and stuff hidden behind high walls
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    I've never thought to use this official workshop manual. It's a new day!
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    Some have beeen saying "they should at least go open source on the computers". Well, JLR did that in 2012, I remember the press release at the time and was surprised nobody else seemed to notice it, ot perhaps didn't understand. Now JLR are seen as one of the leaders in this part of the industry and participate in the working groups. Linux has emerged as the basis for all the development. There are regular adverts for more JLR Linux software specialists all the time over the last decade. Google it and see for yourselves. Here's one link I thought would be interesting : https://www.siliconrepublic.com/gear/linux-makes-a-big-bet-on-cars-of-the-future-deals-with-jaguar-land-rover-toyota-and-nissan Of course, the actual code used will always be proprietary, but the open source initiatives across the industry will, inevitably, lead to more and better third party tools. Yes, even some in blue boxes that might not work quite as well as they should.
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    Did you let the sealant dry for a few minutes before fitting the sump, Tim? Few do, but RTV is supposed to be let semi-cure before fitting the parts to prevent it from being squeezed out of the joint.

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