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    Jeebus, it took them 50 years to iron the worst wrinkles out of the old one, I wouldn't buy one of the first batch
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    Amen to that! Funnily enough a mate of mine with a TDCi 110 had similar back-and-forths for rear diffs under warranty, as soon as it was out of it he swapped a Salisbury on and lived happily ever after
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    I think your idea of fun and mine are quite different!
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    So, to summarise the last few pages: The first Land Rovers were quite basic and people who bought them fully expected to have to set points and tappets etc. and use grease nipples frequently. They weren't concerned if oil seeped out here and there and a few drips of water seeped in. The odd broken half shaft or gearbox which popped out of gear weren't surprising and easily dealt with. Move forward a few decades and points, tappets and grease nipples were no longer so important but otherwise little changed with the cars - but the owners were becoming far less tolerant. Move forward a little more and cost-cutting didn't help reliability. Further, there was now a second layer of complexity/unreliability imposed by electronics, with few remaining car owners having any tolerance for things going wrong, no matter how easy the fix. By this stage, the "opening" of the furthest reaches of the world, which Land Rovers had spearheaded, had near enough finished. The rough stuff had been largely replaced by formed tracks and pretty much any four-wheel drive would get there. The market for an ultra-basic, easy to fix utility vehicle had shrunk massively (and Land Rovers were no longer ultra-basic anyway). Not to mention the loss of a military market, which no longer accepted driving over land mines with no real occupant protection! There was more profit to be made by appeasing the prevalent hunger for toys, gizmos, gimmicks and bragging rights, which came about through the boredom of modern society, trapped in cities and dreaming of adventure rather than living it. So a vastly more complex Land Rover was born, which the handful of remaining purists are aghast at and the modern gimmick-lovers will mortgage their lives for. What have I missed?
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    So the TD5 ignition switch and stalks all fit was a tad worried about these two but happy now so just the td5 loom to go in I’ll be happy to be honest I’m gob smacked this 110 didn’t go up in flames 🔥 before now😳
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    Mine would run in water until the steering column got under water. It then randomly put all the wipers and lights on and engaged the starter whilst the engine was running. The saving grace was it then switched from petrol to LPG but as I had taken the LPG tank out it stalled, flooded the engine with water and engaged the starter against it which blew the cast starter housing apart. The ECU was ok though. Fun day and limits learnt!
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    It is because a tdi, power steering, disc brakes all don't involve electronics, so you can fix them yourself. A TD5, TDCI, ETC and air suspension do need electronics to work, so you need a specialist to fix it......OR become a specialist yourself. But learning old dogs new tricks is almost impossible, so we stick with no electronics. For Land rovers, I wave the non electronics flag, but this is mainly because of the harsh environments that I tend to go to. For my road car However I have looked into it, and it appears that the diagnostics are quite accessible these days, with read out units from £15 on Ebay, so the market has caught up with electronics. I think it is just a matter of time that people get more used to this, especially now disco3s and newer range rovers are so cheap. It just means one more tool in the box to DIY it basically.
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    ^^^^^^^ WHS about what yostumpy said. Then you can save your money for some hardcore accessories that are easier to see 😆 Mo
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    Buy a set of Armstrongs, and a can of yellow spray paint, if your that bothered,

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