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    Thanks @FridgeFreezer, and that was on open ground. You should hear it in town, children and dogs run away scared 🤣 Thanks @deep! Indeed, having done LRE courses almost every year since 2008, it has gradually been 'dumbed' down because it has to start catering for the Evoque, and now the Velar, etc. We go mostly because it's free every time we get a new LR. The last video was a club outing, and I must admit that I did get stuck on one obstacle, no matter what line I took. That same obstacle was also very problematic for a brand new D5, but he managed to clear it due to a few cms more clearance. I may have been able to if I had 275/55R20 tyres, which would have given me 1cm more. but yeah, I bought it to drive fast and to go off-road 😎
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    Don't worry, the splinters make up for it!
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    Ralph, I have been drawing all the bits up on CAD for the Overdrive over the last few days. Soon I should be able to supply a set of Gaskets for sensable money, a sump that fits. And I can certainly make you a spacer up to make yours fit.

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