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    I suppose it has the right colour for LR4x4 livery. Anyone feeling like kicking of some crowd fund raising? Daan
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    Hopefully next week it'll be a road legal lawn mower What I've found is the D2 is actually a better mower tow-er. The dulled throttle in low range makes all the difference. 1250rpm, A/C and some tunes... it's lovely. Having said that I may have adjusted the throttle linkage on the Vogue a little tight, but it's a bit decadent to be mowing a few acres with a V8. If I can figure out how to build a little box to trick the D2's cruise into working under 30mph it'll be perfect.
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    Looks a nice clean head-job! Before you fire it up again - take the intercooler out and give it a good rinsing with Kerosene to wash-out any oil deposits, then blow it dry with compressed-air [squirt the air into the intercooler-port that would normally feed the engine - so you're reverse-blowing it] for rather-longer-than-you-would-first-think-it-needs. You don't want the rebuilt engine to suddenly 'run-away' if it discovers a pint of sump-oil that's settled in the intercooler. [This happened to a mate's Golf TDi - and led to a second engine-rebuild!]
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    Good on you! Sounds like it's all under control and should be sorted soon enough.
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    Good to see you're having fun Todd 😁 Mo
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    That's a very old conversation which has been gone over many times; No, it is not in the manual, but it needs a solid link, no car is road legal without it. The speed restriction is I think 30 MPH for diggers etc, but if you show up with a car with over 300HP, that argument ain't going to fly I reckon. The first rule refers to Nissan steer by wire and the Citroen CX which had full hydro steering. Both have still a mechanical connection which is temporarily disconnected when the engine is started. The connection is spring loaded, so will drop back in once the engine is off, or the system stops working. Still, this car has a Panhard rod, so adding the PSC 4500 steering system would be fairly easy to do and would give hydraulic steering with a mechanical link. I would be keen on doing this, just the 60K euros to buy the car prevents me from it!
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    @henk is collecting manuals I think
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    looks blown to me... se circled areas in the pics....
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    That's OK , I'm good at wigglin 😏

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