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    No me neither 😂 that answer your thinking 🤔 😂😂
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    Sorry - my instagram filters aren’t working, it just wouldn’t do them justice without them. But for just twice the cost I was able to get two sets - one set are black to match the tyre shine, and one set are Santorini Black to match the roof. They look awesome.
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    Once the brake dust has built up enough on my wheels mine become colour coded
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    The gasket could be the turbo oil drain perhaps?
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    They are just being extremely careful about their intellectual property rights.
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    It's a land rover. When it comes to leaks, just because they aren't there doesn't mean they cant leak😃
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    That turbo is scrap, and your engine is slowly ingesting small bits of aluminium as it eats the turbo housing. I wouldn't be driving it like that.
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    Ignition amp, plugs, leads, rotor arm, cap, coolant temp sender. Hotwire Diagnostics in the tech archive
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    You're telling me there are people driving around with non colour-coded dust caps?
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    Have you seen the Project Binky episode where they make a new heater? Might give you a few ideas.

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