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    Bought my 90TD5 new, for cash, in 2001. OK, it was via a dealer in Namur, Belgium. The spec I wanted [County, but without a sunroof] was not available via UK LR dealers! Personal-imports from EU countries also had certain VAT-benefits for business-purchasers back then. I also arranged to pay in Euros - in the time between placing my order and the time-for-payment, Sterling had gained something like 2.5% against the Euro - so I was happy. I've always bought new-cars in-full, for cash (or the bankers-draft-equivalent of the traditional briefcase-full of serially-numbered ยฃ50 notes). Am looking at the prospective "Defender 3.0" and also Mr. Ineos's Projekt Grenadier as a future replacement for my TD5 whrn it turns its 20 years. Again, it'll be a cash purchase.
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    So we are getting there slowly but surly rear loom went in today lights are working lovely
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    I was going to repeat the above comments really, I'm not sure how many times I've used her site for decent reference material, used it a lot when I got my first truck, huge respect to the lady, and great truck.
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    I would buy a new defender if it met my needs; Its my work and home car in 1 so it has to be comfortable enough and perform effortlessly enough for long journeys Fit 2 adults, 3 kids and associated junk Carry a 600kg mould tool and be loadable by forklift or gantry crane Be able to get on and off construction sites without getting stuck Tow minimum 2.7 tonne Be economical on company car tax Be made in the UK, failing that the EU, failing that not China Just work without lots of annoying gadgets At the moment it's an Amarok. I looked at a new 110 double cab pickup when I bought my Rodeo which I adored, but it wasn't so good at point 1 and was almost twice the price as the Rodeo, which did its duty faultlessly for 7 years.
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    Well now I bought several new Puma's, prior to that I'd always bought a range from nearly new to clunkers. In 40 years of LR ownership I think I might have an idea of what they are by now. But I won't take your comments personally ๐Ÿ˜‰ nor do we encourage direct criticisms of other forums or their members ...those who remember the early days of LR4x4 will know why. My musing was to see how many here had ever had enough confidence in JLR to actually support the company by opening their wallets to buy a new one, as producing new vehicles and supporting those products for the required time is what actually they are in the business to do. BTW I chopped in my last 2 year old sub 10,000 miler Puma 110 XS USW as dealers seemed incapable of fixing one particular mechanical [not electronic] issue. It's replacement from another manufacturer has [touch wood] generally been reliability personified.
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    I believe those silly enough to buy a brand new defender are those who have no idea what they are. the forum defender2 is full of them ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Easy there, that's "JLR"... - they're watching us everywhere....
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    Worth buying one just to see the look on their faces โ€˜where do I plug it in?โ€™
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    I guess itโ€™s because they really donโ€™t want their luxury brand to be sullied by the Defender market ?
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    You can't expect a man who had a mullet like he did not to be filled with bitterness and bile ... Mo ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    I dropped off the head yesterday morning at 10:30, the shop ringed me at 14:30 and it was ready. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ damn does it every look nice. Once home I began inspecting the head and chambers. Typical my nature I guess I wasn't happy with the rough edges in the chambers so dug out the dremel and began grinding away. I have done enough reading to know that I don't have the knowledge of how much and where to remove metal in the chambers so knowing that I only focused my attention to the rough edges smoothing them to the touch. Once I was finished with that chamber it looked like this: With each chamber smoothed out to the touch I then began lapping the valves. I've seen guys on youtube using a drill but I'm going slow and easy with this so by hand is enough. Maybe tomorrow I'll start with the port matching. Todd.

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