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    So I'm working my way down a rocky track with a bit of sideslope, I've got a full tank of fuel, a jerry can or two plus a couple with water, another 200kg of food, beer, camping gear, spares and tools and a roof tent up top, just normal top-heavy overland stuff - it's raining a bit and nice and slippy, and now I'm on 3 wheels - nah, not fancying that thanks 😐
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    Maybe I'm sad...but that is a thing of beauty
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    I like how the gold-top Lotus just accidentally made it into the parts picture
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    Some of the engine build:
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    Yeah, some progress, but not as much as expected... The body has been off for some months now, blocking the 2-poster. Pedalbox has been forced out, replacement manual one is on the bench but needs to be adjusted, as it's from a diesel and doesn't have the bracket for the throttle cable. I didn't see that coming, but should be easier to solve than all the bracketry needed to add a clutch pedal to the original pedal box. Axles have been rebuild. First attempt ended in a severly deformed 20ton press. Ben helped me adding some bracing and that was enough to get the bearings out. Only just though, and the parts that went flying when it finally gave made some serious dents in the steel frame. Ashcroft lockers are in, chassis has been cleaned, Arnott GenIII airbags finally arrived, so prettyg much everything is ready to build up the chassis again. We also made good progress on the engine, it's all but finished. But I kinda lost drive when I needed to helicoil some of the rocker bolts... And that was almost 2 months ago already. 😔 And then other things came up, like a 928S that needed quite a bit of work. Tomorrow I'm gonna conintue, promised. 😁 I'll see if I can dig up some photos. Filip
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    Paul, I got my first Esprit back in 2011. Unfortunately that one was lost in the fire in 2015. A month later I had bought another one to replace her, also a Turbo SE. She has been my daily driver ever since and will continue her duty for the foreseeable future. Early 2017 I swapped a Triumph Stag for an Eclat Excel and later that year I was offered the ELan JPS and just couldn't resist. Plan is to tidy up the Excel and sell her, as I prefer to drive the Elan which means she's just sitting there gathering dust. Bowie, yeah, I didn't spare expense, but all withing reason. I don't plan on building an engine every year, so this one should be a bit special and be good for many enjoyable miles on and off road. Sure, a standard 4.6 would have been fine as well, but now I know why I keep my office job. And there are far worse things to spend one's paycheck on. 😉 Filip
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    Clever bit of marketing supposedly helping to track vulnerable species, should appeal to the wannabe adventurers and tree huggers.
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    As previously mentioned my preferred roof rack involves cage tube. This is outside my budget at the moment so a semi permanent solution. I have three lengths of 50mmx20mmx2mm Ali box these have been attacked with a holesaw and tapped into the spaceframe of the roof. Not the most aerodynamic solution but have you seen an ibex. Mike
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    Blingy colours (orange included) = 'hey look at me over here - come and steal me' My tool chests are black.
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    It is great that LR support such charities, but no way will they be able to afford to maintain those vehicles in the future unless LR does that for them for free. Vehicle maintenance in Africa is something only wealthy organisations can afford, which is why the Toyota utilities do so well there.
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    Yep RTC3528, same part.
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    I think it's the same seal as the standard series three. I buy from EAC, they appear to only offer good stuff.
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    Needs tape / sleeving.
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    I don't know specifically about Stage 1 swivels, but when it comes to seals I always felt that Corteco brand was the one to go for. There are other good names around too, but there are also ones I would avoid, such as Carson for one. Note these are both brands I have first hand experience with, not hearsay.
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    17H8764L you will need 2 for each caliper [non vented] or 4 for each caliper [vented]
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    No, just use the existing one from the 11L defender engine
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    Regardless of the defender replacement for a moment, it’s awesome that Land Rover’s actually supporting conservation. I know there’s always been a marketing angle to it but the targets of their corporate responsibility could have been anything. I think the pictures here illustrate fairly well the points I have been making throughout this thread about (the lack of) wheel travel and ground clearance.
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    The rate you're going you'll be able to put some AT's and an engine in that toolbox and drive it round
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    You’re doing a fabulous job💖 Only thing I can’t understand is, with you cracking on at such a pace with this, why wasn’t your 90 finished 18 months ago 😮 😊👍🏻
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    I spent last weekend getting the wireloom ready for the MegaSquirt (thanks again @FridgeFreezer). With a little help from my friends, including the resident electricat. Great for stripping wire ends! We put the MS on another P38 for a trial run, so as not to have an untested controller on a newly build engine. Good thing too, as we did need plenty of starting to get the VR parameters working. But in the end she did fire up! 😄 Some tuning needs to be done, but at least the concept of using all original sensors and wireloom is proven. Next step is to take the body off the car, remove engine + autobox and replace with the new engine and manual gearbox and install the lockers (with a bit of axle refurbishing on the side). Filip

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