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    I think you younger types will find that there's nothing wrong with a soft knob in an off road vehicle or maybe the home environment as larger harder knobs often lead to unfortunate and unforeseen accidents
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    Perhaps, gentlemen, we can keep the focus of discussion on the positive or negative aspects of the technical nature of the new vehicle - and not our respective career histories. As far as the new Defender goes, if one remembers that they are not building something to do the same as the old one then it looks pretty good. It’s fairly clear that they’re aiming at the high end market and not utility, so a slightly boxier-shaped Disco is not unexpected. After all that’s all the original was - this is the newer version. The target demographic is not people operating in hostile environments after all, it will be designed to work well on road (which is where almost all 4x4s spend the majority of their time anyway) and like the other models in the current range it will be surprisingly good off road thanks to clever electronic systems. And it will no doubt be just as unreliable as the rest of the current range
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    It's probably best to bite the bullet and go stainless, even if just one section at a time.
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    why would i want a 20" rim when a 17" rim does the job, however if you go up in size to say a 44" tyre or bigger, than a 20" rim does have its benefits in a similar fashion, i never said changing a low profile tyre was easier, you asked if i had done it so if you could stay consistent that would be grand
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    I wonder if it'll also come with a dash vase like the Beetle, automatic incense infusion to the AC and a whale song channel on the ICE.
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    Well, after all this, I know I still want an F150 and still have no idea how I can realistically buy a Toyota 76 and get it to the UK as cheaply as stated earlier in this thread.
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    Three options for amusement tonight: the Tory leaders, the discussion on here, or Love Island
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    I read them... Buts let's be honest, there's been a whole load of walls of text which makes it rather difficult to have a 'discussion' when it appears one person is attempting to dominate proceedings. Kind of reminds me of the five minutes I managed to watch of the tory leadership debate this evening, before I switched it off. BTW, it wasn't dealt with two pages ago, your sarcy reply is at the top of this page, right above my post you are taking issue with.
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    So, does the panel think that the new Defender will have soft touch knobs and switches so as not to cause undue roughening of sensitive fingertips?
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    Jamie, I'm a Web developer by trade, and nearly 20 years in, I reckon I can handle a piece of forum software It was in answer to your slightly snipey-appearing quote of @RedLineMike who was referring to you making assumptions about @discomikey 's knowledge of the platform and its performance, and how long he has been in the industry. Redlinemike then replied
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    There's a lot more asphalt nowadays.
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    Preach, brother! Have to say, since fitting paras & decent shocks the 109 is not uncivilised in the suspension department - just uncivilised in numerous other ways Also, long time no see, welcome back @RPR!
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    Came across this wee clip the other day. It explains in a nutshell why I don’t believe electronics and putting the brakes on to achieve forward motion are a substitute for good old fashioned diff locks and sensible tyres.
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    I needed some versatile set up for my 110 Hard Top which carries quite a bit of stuff (extra fuel, water, gear, converted roof etc) and went for standard Original Parts LR springs all round, and basic Armstrong shocks, with AirLift bags in the rear. It works very well - I can run 'unladen' with the bags soft and its very pliable. Sticking the pressure up a bit makes it 'firmer' and reduces roll on corners, and if fully loaded - which includes bicycles hanging off the spare wheel on the back - I can pump up even more and it copes very well with the extra load without wallowing too much. Apart from the 'popping out' of the top plugs that retain the bags ( known defect and easily solved) the set up has worked really well for a relatively modest outlay.
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    Good job they're going behind a clear lens then Ross 😉👍 Mo
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    OK mister, who are you and what have you done with snagger?
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    Why Ross, are LED bulbs racist ? 😉 sorted now, good old Halfrauds. Please don't post, anyone, how LED bulbs are illegal etc. I've read it a million times ! But I do have DRLs now. Thanks for your help. Mo
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    I give up, does anybody here actually read the f#<>!ng posts that people put up? Not even two pages ago we covered this. Then he gave a very good answer. Then we moved on a little bit, there was some cherry picking over some awkward questions now we're here. I asked him how long he had been in the industry so I could use different analogies in our conversations and would pick ones appropriate to his time. Now we're all up to speed (bar those that obviously didn't bother to read the previous posts) can we move on?

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