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    Engine side you are very restricted on a 200TDI. Power to the fuel cut solenoid is the only electrical connection that is required to keep the engine running once it has started. Toying with the idea of physically interrupting the fuel supply from the tank on mine. EDIT: Ninjad by Western.
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    Thanks everybody, she started up today and nothing went bang, pop, fizz, whizz or kaboom!!!! 😀 Will take her for a spin tomorrow for more checks.... Id like to repeat what I had previously and have a secret kill switch that doesn’t let the engine start when it’s off. Any suggestions for the best wire to interrupt for this please? Previously it was the wire on top of the fuel injection pump stop solenoid, starter motor would turn over but not start etc
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    200 & 300tdi glow plug relay the thich brown goes to battery +ve yellow/black with ring terminal to number 4 glowplug stud all the other wires in rubber plug connect to the main loom matching socket
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    Is it the glow plug relay you need? If so THIS is the one that is fitted to the 200TDI that I have here.
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    Does it have a ring connection on the other end? If so I would assume that it connects to the main live terminal on the starter motor (effectively straight to battery) There are a a few wires connected there on the vehicle that I have here.
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    OK, after some "testing" this end. 1: Large Brown permanent live (not fused) to power the glow plugs. 2: large Yellow (should be yellow/black?) connects to glow plugs 3: White. fused live (should be live when ignition lights are on) 4: white/red crank engine circuit the thin wire is ignition switch side of the starter relay. (I assume this shuts the timer off if you crank the engine?) 5: Thin yellow/black from to the dash warning light. (earthing this illuminates the warning light)

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