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    The fact there aren't more EV's running around as taxis & delivery vehicles tells a lot about the real-life practicality of the current crop I think.
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    Thanks a lot of ‘me’ heritage with it, and nice that it is unrestored, just repaired. Every dent an adventure
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    Engine side you are very restricted on a 200TDI. Power to the fuel cut solenoid is the only electrical connection that is required to keep the engine running once it has started. Toying with the idea of physically interrupting the fuel supply from the tank on mine. EDIT: Ninjad by Western.
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    Glad its running just reproduce what worked previously &/or add a connection to the starter soleniod white/red trace wire, then No fuel & No starter action when the secret switch is in use.
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    Taxis and delivery vans are the vehicles they should be using to refine the technology. A taxi is driving around a city constantly so is the best one to target to reduce city smog, its usually low speed and lots of stopping which maximises the run time from a battery and gives the best benefit over petrol, they don't need to appeal on an aesthetic level like a personal car does so it doesn't need the development or manufacturing budget of a big car maker, it can be boxier and have a hard wearing interior, making it a better market for smaller companies and it parks in a defined area so you can put charging points etc there. OK they cost more but if there are lower running costs and government incentives (ie "green" loans) it's easier for a business to justify.

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