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  1. Hi Everyone Time for a bunch of pics from my refurb and winch install onto my series 3. So i managed to bag a bargain off ebay, and this is how it arrived. So time for a strip down and see what it needed, as its had a hard life on the rear of a recovery truck from what i could find out. It was not in a such a bad shape, worn brushes, and lots of grime and neglect. I started off by ordering new brushes After some prep i had the whole thing painted in Grey, plus some new gaskets and plastic cover from the UK Got the commutat
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  2. Local scrap man contacted me to see if I wanted this No use for it really but couldn't turn it down for £30 needs a wee bit of welding and general clean up also some lights
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  4. Nice bit of kit that, and certainly a bargain at £50. i have an old upright version of that, and it has served me well for quite some time. As in the pipe just above the data plate? That is a pipe to relieve pressure from above the piston. The compressor is equipped with a starting unloader which relieves cylinder pressure when the compressor stops, permitting it to start against a light load. This increases the life of the drive motor and belts and also reduces the possibility of tripping the motor overload relay.The unloader incorporates a pilot
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