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    As you all know : Me foreigner Me no speak English Me speak flat land language
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    You speak better English than most that live here. Mike
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    yus, quite common. worth noting, if the diode fails then they backfeed at night and flatten instead of charge. guys on the rx8 owners club have had this happen to rac branded ones, among others. personally id buy a cheap tiny panel (small prevents overcharging) and wire it up through a diode omitting a solar controller (no need to over complicate) i ran a setup like that for years keeping my trayback batterys charged whilst it was parked in my lorry.
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    Super Swampers in Q78/16 (36x11) Just sayin' 😝
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    I have an SIII with a 3.5/3.9 hybrid and parabolics and extended shackles. On portals. As per the advice given above. First, bump it around a field quite a bit. They will definitely settle a little bit. Second,also as noted above, there are such things as "degree wedges", steel wedges that fit at the spring perch to angle the pinion nose slightly up to correct for the lift. I had some years ago but cannot for the life of me recall from where I got them, sorry. Finally, years ago when I was an early guinea pig for Nigel's "Gone2Far" suspension set up, I had a narrow diameter wide yolk prop shaft made in the UK by a place that was then called (but may have changed name?) "The Propshaft Clinic". It was very well made and is still on my rig. This allows you to avoid scalloping the crossmember. Hope this is helpful.
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    Yep, Nige Barker, aka Hybrid_From_Hell and Xcess4x4, purveyor of Megasquirt and Megajolt, super shiny diffs and magnetic drain plugs! You can sponsor him, and you can even patronise him!🤪
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    That vid shows nothing about how the terrain response system works but shows exactly the traction control system works.
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    You used to be able to get wedges that correct the angle without too much lifting of the axle. Sure someone with a mill could knock something up.
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    Hi, You can do this, depending on the length of thread you have on your u bolts. But I would start with removing the prop and slacken off the bolts of the shackle a bit. Drive it around for some time and let the springs settle, and do up the shackle bolts again. They tend to sag a little from new, then settle at the right hight. Daan
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    Have done loads of welding with battery in place but I always make sure earth is as close as possible to area to be welded Regards Stephen
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    Sorry im a bit of a dunce especially since this cancer rubbish i question myself on everything , before i would just of done it . So please have patience with me , Am i right here , i take a wire from the reduntant hi beam plug , via a override switch then to 85 on the relay and wire the relay direct to battery live/earth and live to spots and ok to earth spots to frame . Relay 86 earth (all) 87 live to spots , 30 live from Batt , 85 from redundent plug hi beam via isolator switch to relay .
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