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    That's the first time I've heard anyone refer to the LT230 as that! It has flaws, but is strong and reliable in most installations, is it not?
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    Well that was a bit of an anti-climax. If you had one of those, what would you fix at the weekend? You'd probably end up talking to the wife ! Quelle horreur ! Mo
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    Forgive me for the comparison, but it has clues from the Duster. They definitely looked at the wheels; You can have a new Duster for 10K, and not surprisingly, they get a big following, and gets used for off roading quite a bit.
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    Is it just me or does anyone else also think the 110 looks right, but the 90 looks completely wrong? Oh, and 18" wheels🙄
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    Glad I’m not the only one that was irked by the constant ‘non-English’ - what on earth was all that carp about??? I’m also sick and tired of folks moaning about the costs of the New Defender - yep, the launch versions are a tad on the pricey side, but they are suggesting they are going to be ‘from £40k’ and there’s a general wailing and rending of clothes that this is ‘too much...’ I’ve been fortunate enough to look at various vehicles recently, and guess what, these prices are in keeping with the rest of the car industry - it doesn’t matter if you go Volvo, Merc or Audi, they are still super spendy! We’ve just picked up a Jag F—Pace (on Privilege Scheme, so super discounted) and it’s still not a cheap car... Good luck JLR - I’ll nail my colours to the mast... I like it and could well be ordering one when the Commercials come out...
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    I will, Western, as soon as I have a chance.
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    Well, what can I say? I would like to start by saying thank you for all the advise and suggestions written in my first request. Today I had my first ride with Chula. I must say, the first thing I did was shove the green nob to the right, into two wheel drive. All went well when I took off. The M.O.T. story is a different story which I will post in a new subject. Because I now have two burning questions. But first some pictures of Chula. Mind you. Once all is fixed with the import and regulations in this country I will paint her NATO Stone Light. Never mind that is a different topic. Again, thank you for the advise, guys (and girls, if there are any.) And now for ESCAPE some photos.
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    OOO yellow bits There is a lego version too, £160... so I can't afford that one either
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    Oh yes proud of my self 👍 but all thanks to you guys 😊
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    So the timer relay was not working for the glow plugs, so the guy I got it off on eBay sent me out not one but two to make sure I was looked after 😊 and yes we are up and running glow plugs for the winter like the 200 tdi needs them but safe to sure but noticed that the dash lights is only on for a little over 3 seconds but you can hear the relay click off around 8 seconds so all is well 00EACFD1-E17F-4191-A75E-3FB06847EF4A.MOV
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    Thanks appa Smurf, I have restricted access to web at minute as offshore in Taiwan (YouTube not allowed through rig server) but I'll be sure to have a look at Mikes resto once back home (3rd Oct)..
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    It is the same here - a mate of mine works for UKPN and he says they have kept a proportion of thier now ageing Defender fleet for the difficult stuff where the Ford/Mitsi/etc pickups get stuck but they only get them out when they have to as they know they can't buy anymore. They have also had issues with cherry pickers on the non Land Rover pickups as the chassis is not as strong (No Nissan Navara jokes...) nd a lot of them crack due to the weight/stress of the cherry picker As per my comment above - I'm not sure a chassis cab will be possible without a chassis?!
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    I think @Challo hit it on the head there. For me I drive a 110 because it's simply the best all round vehicle. I don't need a Defender but it does suit my lifestyle very well. For the utility companies / agricultural markets simply put there are more focussed better vehicles for the job nowadays. Quite a few years ago now I looked into a more comfortable car to have alongside the 110 but decided I didn't need (or really have the space) to have two cars. So ironically ended up buying a 3.6TDV8 L322. As Clarkson said "it's all the car you could ever need". The downside for me was tyres. I do enjoy green laning and also go offroad up at the family estate in Scotland. @Retroanaconda remembers me blowing up, literally, (he heard it from inside his 90 behind me) a tyre on the Range Rover. I ended up going through £3.5k of tyres in 3 years... I ended up selling the RR and keeping the Defender because I felt comfier abusing it a bit more and the tyres stood up to what I do regularly better. There aren't many vehicles that will be a daily driver and then in the middle of the day drive across Scottish mountainsides to collect a deer carcass, or through a Welsh farm to collect firewood / sheep in trouble. My Defender does and I suspect the new one will. It'll just be more comfortable than the original version. So all round yes, just weighted more to the daily driver aspect. I mean most of the local farms around me actually use Clios, Kias, Fiestas, small Audis etc. They have quads, tractors and lorries for the actual farm work. Even hauling stuff to market they typically hook up the tractor to the trailer. At least that way our neighbour can take more than two cows in the back without worrying about being overweight. Incidentally most of the utility companies around here still have Defenders in their fleet. When my parents incoming main was being put underground I had a chat with them. All the Defenders run a huge hydraulic winch on the front, not for recovery but for installing cables. Because a lot of their work is in fields they need its off road ability (all the pickups get stuck) and then they use the winch for pulling cables through ditches. If they get stuck it's quicker to ask the farmer for a tow than bother winching out. I'd be curious to see if they get any of the new ones, there's a chap down the road who still has one of the Td5 based vehicles so obviously keeping hold of them.
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    I am enjoying this thread, although in essence its says as much about the membership of this forum as it does about the new vehicle. I think a lot of us on here are hopeless romantic optimists harking to days past when life was simpler. In a world where MP's don't take any notice of their electorate and ringfenced state pension funds are Maxwelled by the government, this new Defender could've been a helluva lot worse. I would go as far as to say it could remove our reasons for having 2 vehicles. I like a lot on here have a second daily and a 110(currently in component form). But the new Defender looks like it would serve daily duties, nipping to the tip, camping, family stuff and a fair crack at off roading. So, it may not justify a second vehicle for daily duties as it covers all bases, which I expect was the design brief. Looks like JLR just shafted us all....... and then the price!
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    From some angles I like it but from others it's f***ing terrible or just looks like a D3/4. Also why paint it the colour of your nan's velour sofa? The silver 10 with the snorkel and black arches looks quite smart although the ladder looks like it was made by Playmobil, the 90 with the chequer-plate looks w*nk. Rear lights / squared off corner look terrible IMHO, like someone forgot to move them. Front is too busy and just looks like someone (possibly CJ1) pimped a D3. Interior looks decent, bit of a harkening to the FL1 in the chunky door trims. Touchscreen thingy can sod off, bet half the features are going to balls up in 2 smartphone generations and over the air software updates are a security hole that will bite sooner or later. Looks capable enough for most real world use although breakover looks poor especially with those side-steps, I guess that's the price we pay for ever longer wheelbases. The fact they're showing so much off-road (and factory winch & snorkel) is at least moderately encouraging although I'm sure that will be dismissed as pure marketing, it's more pretence than a lot of 4x4 companies bother making in their marketing in case anyone actually tries it. Looks practical enough in terms of space & seating etc. Looked quite light on its feet or possibly just very stiffly sprung... or possibly just less massive than the rest of the current lineup? The 85 ECU's thing is probably true for any car depending what you count as an ECU - if everything's on the CANbus then every light, button, and sensor could count as its own ECU. Person of the day has to be the marketing type who unironically penned the line "Alpine lights flood the interior" I thought they'd fixed that by now!
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    You need to have the MOT / service history to hand to back up the mileage or people won't believe it. MOT is online if he hasn't kept the paperwork. It would sell for sure and get a higher price than a typical one but it's not got a huge following so I wouldn't expect a fortune. I'm of the opinion that a low mileage car has probably done a lot of short trips which isn't great for anything where oil needs to be pumped to and has stood a lot which doesn't seem to do a lot for rubber parts so I don't think it's always a better buy. Factor in a screen (insurance claim with excess to pay or second hand) and 4 tyres and the buyer probably looking at £400 bill straight away plus the risk of what else will it need for the MOT, as if all it needed was a screen and tyres I would wonder why the owner didn't just put them on for the MOT and keep it. I would see what is offered with and without as PX (some makes are doing scrappage schemes at the moment I believe) and look at prices on ebay then work out what the best deal is for him in £££. If he is buying new I would look on carwow, you say what you want and dealers make offers, you can get some good deals if you don't mind travelling to collect.
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    It should never have been called a Defender , it bears no resemblance to it at all , could have called it the clubman plus chuck a wheel on the back and there you go . When the 110 was launched and then the 90 within a couple of years I bought a 2 year old factory V8 and enjoyed it for the whole time I had it . It felt like a natural evolution of the Series LR's and RRC 2 door that I previously had . I understand things have changed and why it is what it is , but really cannot get behind it being called a Defender at all . I can't see anyone taking a 3 year old one of those to an ARC ( as it used to be called then ) CCVT national trial which I did with the 90 in standard trim , just 7.50-16 SAT's . In todays SUV market I'm sure it will fit right in . It is interesting that Jeep have the Rubicon in their current range , still a useable work/utility type with clear heritage . Steve b
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    All very formulaic. Designed to appeal to the urban dwelling metrosexual with surplus income who dreams of hugging lions and conquering the last of the remote places on the planet.
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    Bit of an update on this then..... After some much more careful measurements the wheelbase differences were more like 1.75cm, not 2.5cm as I first measured. By doing some schoolboy maths I (the wife) calculated I needed ~0.5degree shift to correct the issue. I bought the 2717K Superpro bushes and fitted them today. These are the ones classed as 'slight pull', 0.5 degree. After tracking it with the Dunlop gauge, measurements were re-taken and within a small tolerance its now got equal wheelbase lengths. A test drive shows its now as it should be. I did an emergency brake test and it stayed nice and straight. Well happy 😊

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