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    I put a bit of rtv on the water pump gasket and it outlasted the pump. So not at all hopeless nor a bodge it would seem 😊 Mo
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    In one of the articles, I noticed they were developing easy to use diagnostics software that will be run from inside the truck, on a touch panel I guess. The right to repair chaps in the states will be happy, if they get sold there - gotta be the first time in the last decade that any manufacturer wasn't trying to screw its customers with service charges for something that just turns a light out....
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    Should be Wabco, I'm guessing auto-correct got this!
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    A half marathon followed by removing a chassis from a Defender?? You're making us all feel bad here!!
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    The knock didn't go away with the pulley, the damper, the water pump or the alternator removed. I think it might be the cam pulley. I'll check the end float in the morning. But I think that's a witness mark in the photo. It might just be a loose pulley. It might. I'll also need a new front cover. That's a crack. I vaguely remember this was already damaged when I did the belt the first time. It looks like someone had a bad time taking the cover off once, as the bolt head surface is at 10degrees away from flat, I suspect an angle grinder was involved.....
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    Don’t worry - it’s not a Land Rover.
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    Steve - thanks for the offer but I found a brand new one for sale and have bitten the bullet and bought it
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    The earlier 3-speed TF727 was a transatlantic box too, although supposedly a weaker version... lot of people rated them higher strength-wise than the ZF, and I think you could uprate them with yank bits easily enough. Heard a rumour that the original 4WD system was a descendent of the Ferguson Formula system (as seen on Jensen FF) and this badge I spotted on a 2-door certainly suggests it might be... yes I'm that sad; Fun fact on the flapper EFI - the special red "relay" isn't a relay but contains a couple of diodes and things they forgot to put into the ECU. Not sure when they deleted the hand-crank hole in the front bumper but it's got to be one of the last cars to feature it!
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    Have someone pump the pedal hard while you watch the hoses - you could have one or more ballooning.
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    Try adjusting the servo pushrod that acts on the master cylinder piston. Only muck in the system would be from failing seals which make the fluid black. How old is the master cylinder.?
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    Steel is, however, simple to repair in the field, adapt and cheap to build, I think it can cope with flexing fairly well. And in fairness, trains usually run on smoother roads than off road utility vehicles used by the target market.
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    There are folk on the net saying there’s is no market for the Ineos... ...around where I live I see loads of businesses, small and large, who have held onto their last Defender; tree surgeons, ground investigation companies, environment agency, caravan parks, mountain rescue - and the list goes on - they’ve all kept a Defender working, where they would have replaced it if production hadn’t ceased or of there was a similar vehicle available today. They obviously see something in a functional vehicle and would seem a ready made market for a well made and affordable Ineos.
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    LRSA made a Defender with a 2.8 BMW six installed. To get the revs up it had the old diesel transfer box ratios fitted. 1.44 I think. Very fast and didn't use fuel like the V8s. Rare even here as they made only a few for a short period. Some were exported to the UK. According to NAAMSA only 1395 were made from 1997 to 2002 though only 76 in the last two years.
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    i just hope the Ineos project gets the same scrutiny for not being a defender as the new defender recieved
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    I'm reserving judgement until I see Her Majesty driving one. She's had quite a few decades of driving 88/109/90/110/Defender, Range-Rovers etc around Windsor, Balmoral and Sandringham - sometimes frightening Middle-Eastern royalty with her speed (and them not really understanding how a mere woman could possibly know how to drive...) If JLR want to score a marketing coup, I'd suggest despatching a dozen of the new Defenders to each of Windsor/Sandringham/Balmoral. Fit them with Corgi-guards to the rear and a 'help-handle' on the B-post so Her Majesty can climb aboard with a degree of ease and discretion despite her nine-decades - tell her "we, your humble servants say enjoy yourself!" and let the paparazzi loose!
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    Hi mileage on a 200 is 500k 😊 The gradual strip is probably your best option Can you record a sound clip?

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