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    And yet the preceding and new Wranglers get EU approval (albeit with low NCAP scores). Same for the emissions claim - the Transit still passes legislation with that engine. There was no legal reason to end the old Defender - they’re lying about that. It was a commercial decision, nothing more.
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    It's been like this since I've had it Ed... This pic is from the winch installation something like 5 years ago... I've climbed all over it and the angle of dangle hasn't altered so don't think it's related to anything heavy on the wings.. 🤣
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    It works not a great photo but you get the idea two unirover rims with 36's on, some ballast to fab for a bit of counterbalance now just to make the whole Heath Robinson look a bit more respectable regards Stephen
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    That's my biggest gripe with it all. So people that don't know any better just take the 'info' and run with it. Spreading the rubbish. One of the things that struck me most on the production line tour was the sheer volume of people power on the defender line. Looking at anything from 2-6 people on a station across 5-6 stations.... the range rover line running past had 2 or 3 in that same distance.
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    Did you mange to revive the BeCM?
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    The only reason I can accept for killing the Defender off is really to do with its very high build cost. The man hours to assemble it are many times that of a Range Rover, that they can sell for heaps more ££££££. The shape from a pedestrian POV is invalid IMO. As already mentioned Merc's G class, and Suzuki's new Jimny are more or less just as unfriendly to soft tissue. The emissions excuse is also invalid. LR has previously fitted newer and cleaner engines, so no reason not to continue with that. It's all about profit, which I can understand any business wanting to make. Just a shame they can't be honest about it. I am keen to see what Ineos comes up with, although I'll still stick with my 33 year old 110. It's economic for me to do so
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    Finally got round to 'finishing' this off,even though it's not 100% finished, I need to add more switches/gauges yet, but it's painted, fitted and being used! More than happy with how it turned out and it's exactly what I wanted!
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    Metallurgy is critical to spring rate, not just the physical dimensions like wire diameter, pitch and overall size. New pattern springs may share identical dimensions, but if the spring steel is too much mild steel, then they’ll be weak. That’s why so many Series owners have problems with parabolics.
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    That was always my assumption. Even if the engines have changed completely there is no reason why a current model pickup or van could not be adapted fairly easily. The Ranger is in any case still being sold with a "2.2 TDCI" engine which appears to be the same unit, though I believe the UK versions use adgoo now.
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    I'll tackle this tomorrow, but in the meantime i loosened the slam panel bolts and there was some real tension there ! while doing that i saw the right wing straighten itself... It seems the left wing when connected to the slam panel was pulling the right wing to the left
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    Looking good so far. I made something similar for my 90 years ago. Construction was 1mm steel frame, clad with 6mm MDF. I cut the guage holes in the MDF to clear the diameter of the bezel, so all gauges sat flush with the surface, in keeping with the main dash. I did the same for the radio and window switches. I primed the MDF, and glued a leatherette style vinyl material on to match the dash top. I'll see if I can find some photos tonight.

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