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    Just wanted to store this info somewhere, thought this would be a good place. Looked at a TD5 speedo that had been retrofitted and the fuel gauge was showing max all the time, swap out proved fault as speedo head itself. After a bit of tracing the mosfet circled in the picture was found to be faulty. An MMBF170 (sot-23 package) works as a suitable replacement. N:B if instead you are suffering with the faulty fuel warning light instead see my post at the end of this thread for the component to replace.
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    Just done, ....hence if you found board off line it was Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    Anyone tried the method shown in the video around 3:36? I know they are motorcycle callipers but it's claimed the bus garage used the same technique.
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    Nick, Right you are mate, now i get it, cheers for that. Not knowing exactly what's happening with the engine parts when things go wrong, especially i when they go wrong in different scenario's, can be a little bit confusing, especially to the layman such as myself. As for the comparative quietness...well, i removed all the so called sound deadening ( felt ). so i could hear every little noise and rectify as and when. I have to admit, that, when my son had his 110 Defender Tithonus 200TDI , is was far quieter inside but there again it had thick rubber matting all over the place but not the Wright Off Road stuff you see advertised. So in effect, yes the old girl is fairly noisy, slower, bumps and rattles some times but it's what i call my ( B ) Road Plodder, i get there in the end. And at 27 - 33 mpg i can't complain too much. I shall turn the crank this afternoon and check the piston alignment at the top of the bores and let you know my findings, still raining here at the moment but stopping later. Cheers again Nick Dave.
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    You mean you guys aren't rocking custom-machined billet alloy indicator stalk clamps?
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    There’s no way my bricklaying skills will stretch to that, or the budget for that matter! I’d like to do one in block/brick one day, but this will do for now. Got pretty much all the brickwork done now, just the gap for the side door to finish once I have confirmed the size. Pleased to say the earlier bits survived the frosts. It’s not the finest brickwork in the world but strong and pretty much level - nothing that can’t be taken up in the timber anyway. The opening for the main vehicle door is 2950mm - which will give me 2900mm once the frame trims are on. Plenty wide enough, even taking into account c. 100mm for the door that won’t be able to open beyond 90 degrees. Will get some more timber next week and see about starting framing up some walls while I wait to source a door. It will be 2500mm to the top of the wall plate, so plenty of height inside
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    Hi all, just wanted to pick the collective brains before I start testing and changing the glowplugs on my 2001 Disco2. Had a look around the Technical archives and done some searching but drawn a blank. Had a bad experience of the tip snapping off while changing them on my 300tdi and dont want to repeat that! Rave doesnt mention how to take off the wiring, tried pulling one off and it wont budge! im guessing its like a spark plug top? it looks really tight down there, not much room for people with big hands so what do you suggest? I am going to spray some WD40 around them tonight so they have a bit of time to soak just in case they are seized. thanks in advance Matt

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