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    It seems there are conflicting statements in various publications, but the arguments above for having both sliding sections at the transfer box end of the props sounds like good sense to me, so that is how I'll be refitting mine, when the time comes. Mike
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    Posting a thread about it on here helps me. You don't manage anything for weeks then post up the smallest thing (that you don't think is interesting) and suddenly your in a discussion..... Mike
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    I took some inspiration from you and made myself a hammer form for making a piece of bulkhead. Looking forward to seeing your next one!
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    So what turbo are you fitting then? 😁
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    To run the 4.6 on 3.9 gear you need the 3.9 plenum/intake setup essentially, think of it as converting your 4.6 to 3.9 set up on the top. Obviously you lose the more modern inlet manifold this way, so no ideal, but all doable. MS is not pre-mapped to a 4.6, no, but you can turn on the fly with a wide and, and get pretty much bob-on. You can buy kits to convert your 4.6.... Not especially cheap, but they work very well.
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    Out at work last summer
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    High in Durmitor National Park, Montenegro in 2015, visiting seasonal cheese makers who live up here for a few summer months.
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    I will play too, chopping logs after putting a different set of wheels on
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    it lives! chuffed. thanks for the help. plenty to do yet, and anything you spot in the video let me know!
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    Maybe we should consider a group buy of these T-shirts:
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    Possible airlock in heater matrix
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    sounds interesting πŸ€” 😁😁😁😁😁😁
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    I am convinced. I really really want it.
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    So the recent Discos are irrelevant then …... So. Do you want it ? Can you afford it ? Have you got somewhere to keep it ? Or is it that you fear a handbagging ?
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    Finished a few things last night I've needed a decent welding 3rd hand for a while and welding the mounting tabs in the headlight for the scooter kinda pushed the issue lol so..... The main arm is a length of solid (possibly CroMoly) but its an odd size 31and a bit mm (I picked it up along with a heap of solid stock in a closing down sale).... the pionts are old broken or worn out drill bits, and yes that is chrome on the legs.... thats the offcut bits from the fake forks on the scooter lol It works a treat.... heavy enough and the sharpened pionts stop it moving With the 3rd hand done I was able to finish the Headlight for the scooter Now I have to mount it..... that had me scratching my head for a while last night.... there's not much to mount too and trying to do it with style, but I have an answer now I have to see if I can build it, it is going to be the most complex hammer forms I've done to date lol gotta love a challenge
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    I have always been taught to put the slider towards the transfer box for both front and rear.....I have no justification for why that is the right thing to do though!
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    When i took the body off my 90 I used standard builders trestles with scaffold poles running across them. They are adjustable for height and took the weight easily
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    2009, our first trip to the motherland...
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    One day I'll understand what you just said. Today isn't that day.
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    Is this what you mean by β€œeventually I will add to it”... πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
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    Switching from ProComp to Bilstein 5125 shocks (as suggested by ToyRoverLander) transformed my 109's ride on TIC parabolics.
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    I picked up on this comment - I installed some Rocky Mountain Parabolics a few years ago. Supplied as part of a set, to include Pro Comp 3000 Series Shock’s, they may have been 9000 series shock. Whilst I could tell the difference within a metre of driving it, I went on to have exactly the same thoughts. After having been in my mates truck cab, ex-mil 109" with coil-spring smooth ride (which is what convinced me to buy them in the first place) I was mildly disappointed in the outcome of my venture. Now, when I spoke to my mate about it - he said that is what he thought about his springs when he put them on. He put it down to the shocks - and swapped them out for standard range rover shocks - albeit by modifying the shock mounts. Solved the problem for him. I have not done mine as my LR has been laid up for various reasons. I did not get chance to try to put some miles on either. Incidentally, the price of the complete set of springs, shocks etc from Rocky Mountain has more than doubled in the time that I've had them. Also, I loaded my 109" Station Wagon up with about 330kg of sandbags prior to tightening the bolts. To set the bushes about half way between laden and unladen. Not sure looking back if that was the right thing to do...
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    Series 3 Workshop Manual.

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