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    About 1" wide should be OK, and it could be with bristles, natural or nylon, or even a paint pad, and probably with a wooden handle, although a plastic handle would be acceptable. As always, different strokes for ........ Bye! Mike
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    Bought a ~250hp 4,6 yesterday from a mate who's going LS. Now what do I put it in? ๐Ÿค”
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    When you re chassis, you have the perfect opportunity to do this: Daan
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    That does look worlds away (better) then the type I remember - and I too didnโ€™t realised theyโ€™d changed design ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
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    See linky about 10 minutes in as @Peaklander says. I don't see much spinning being likely, the input isn't very tangential. There is a valve in his.
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    Just forget it, I wish I hadn't mentioned it.
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    My recollection of the early steve parker ones were that they were a similar construction to that tandy one. The curved version is certainly improved though!
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    P38 has crank sensor on the flywheel, sensor is mounted opposite side to the starter motor. It also has a cam angle sensor in the front cover but MS doesn't need that. There a couple of ways of doing the MS which I'll mention just to avoid confusion; 1. MS & Ford EDIS ignition module. This is/was an easy & robust way of doing the ignition bu the EDIS module MUST have a 36-1 toothed wheel for the crank sensor which means mounting a trigger wheel somewhere, usually the crank pulley. This system is what I run on both of mine. 2. MS with direct coil drive - 4 additional high-power transistors are soldered into the MS ECU and wired to spare outputs to drive coil packs directly. The MS reads the crank sensor itself so can handle any number of teeth / gaps / alignment. The drawback is full coil current (and back-EMF) going through the ECU which can cause issues if it's not done well. This method can re-use the standard P38 coils & sensor. This is what Escape is running. I did solder it for him on the understanding that I think it's not as good as #3 and any problems are of his own making 3. MS with ignitor-type coil packs - MS has 4x driver chips soldered in and drives (for example) Volkswagen coil packs which have the high-power transistor built in. This is the same as #2 but avoids big heavy current going through the ECU which is IMHO a nicer way of doing it. Lots of the MS crowd are using the VAG coils now I believe. I also believe Nige at Megasquirt V8 is moving to this method as EDIS modules get harder to find. I made a PCB which puts the ignition drivers on a plug-in board which makes life much neater so do ask if you're going this way
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    We can definitely help you with that. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mike
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    Those wheel arch boxes are a neat use of space! Any idea if something similar is still made? Here's a couple of ideas for you: My 90 with an MSS storage chest. Very happy with the chest and it's certainly strong. It's never leaked despite the 90 living outside with no roof during the summer and is big enough to lay a large socket set flat inside, the downside being that you can't store fluids upright due to the height. In an ideal world, I would like a large T-shaped chest that rises to the tub cappings, is the depth of the MSS box allowing 2 x dickie seats at the rear but with the bottom section as a drawer to prevent loosing stuff into the bottom of the chest. And this is in my Dad's series 1 hybrid. The lower section, up to the wheel boxes is a fuel tank and the upper section has one large hinged lid with internal dividers that are removable.
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    Well I accelerated all the 2020 jobs into nov/dec 2019... so I'm planning on doing some driving rather than spannering (quite a novel thought) ๐Ÿคฉ will be relocating to near Salisbury... and people tell me theres a bit of offroading to be had around there... ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Give the exhaust gas a headache on the way out!
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    would like to start making progress on the 110 project. been abandoned for 7/8 years now!
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    Calais...... LR # 2
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    Be careful using a cigarette lighter plug and socket, the connections between the parts is not the best, they can get hot and must not be used for more than 10n amps. The Germans produce a plug and socket with a far more positive connection but personally I would use Anderson connectors Peter

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