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    The perfect buys for the current problem. https://witham.atgportals.net/auctions/7398/witham10109/lot-details/d791aee7-d993-41b8-8a13-ab7d0094427a https://witham.atgportals.net/auctions/7413/witham10110/lot-details/53fe543c-f6de-4b55-b4b4-ab8200bc0990
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    you have 3 months of lockdown. Should be able to do a decent job with a fine file. Will keep you quiet for ages!
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    You're sharing a forum with Hybrid_From_Hell who can end up in A+E just making a cup of tea and you're wondering how someone could injure themselves working on their car?
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    Wow, I love air suspension but have a complex love/hate relationship with my P38,... subscribed, and look forward to seeing how you get on.
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    Great idea, watching with interest
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    The only issue I've ever had is the cutter getting hot with friction,, and then cutter/blade attempting to melt the cut, and failing. Thus not cutting anything... but that was nylon.
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    Agreed, but it is a balancing act, people will die in the future if there isn't enough tax monies around to pay for stuff because the economy is in a -30% depression, for example, through starvation and lack of healthcare. So future lives need to balanced by 'now' lives. I don't envy them at all, but I do think they are doing a good job, despite Piers Morgan's rants. Also, a friend of mine, her sister in law's grandad just succumbed to the virus, and passed away in Weston super mare.
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    Overall I’m pretty impressed with the Government. Stopping a whole country for 3 weeks takes some doing but at the high level looks right and then sort out further details as they can. I think the “war on ‘x’” term is overused but not here. We are at war with this virus and we need to not give the enemy any advantage we don’t have to.
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    With the original time gap between videos?
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    Things are a bit silly over here at the moment, a lot of the buisness's near my workshop are claming they are an exception.... so I'm going to give it a bit of time to settle down before I start heading in..... sort my vegi garden and the house gardens lol I've even got some painting to do for my miss's (and the neighbour who is scared of me lol) I've also started doing some Solidworks tutorials But that said I got 2 sheets of alloy and a heap of steel, a fresh bottle of argon and some consumables picked up and dropped off at the workshop yesterday..... so I'd have something to entertain myself with lol If your bored Deep give me a call lol we can talk about the insanity or insane projects
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    Yeah my firm is small to hence them staying open. I feel like I'm letting my boss down because there's a chance this could bankrupt him, but I know in my heart I've made the right choice. I just wish the government would now make it clear for him to. Mike
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    Thanks guys. I may have one or two projects that can keep me busy. Mike
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    I've decided to stay home from today. It was a tough decision because my work place is still open and I'm unlikely to get paid. However I have two young children one with a suspect chest who is always getting coughs. I feel guilty being off with nothing wrong with me/my family. However I felt far more guilty yesterday being still at work and potentially spreading the virus. Having said that I will be working on various projects while at home. Mike
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    There is always that one guy. They are useful for detecting hazards at a site.
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    Paddy? Irritating cabaret/game show host. Freddie has calmed a little. Harris has done some proper car stuff this season, the McRae piece was epic, especially as he was rallying as I got my driving licence.
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    I'm gonna have to be Mr. Opposite here I'd choose a 4-post any day of the week! The 2- posts are a dangly mess to Work on, you have to line the car up just right, then you have to crawl on the floor to line those pesky arms up. And worst of all those 2 posts are always in the way of the doors! But most of all the safety aspect is what makes me prefer it the most, you can hammer, rip and tear all you wan't on your pride and joy without risking it suddently going to the floor. A buddy of mine just put the front of his 90" on his workbench, from a 2-post, because he was fitting the rear axle and the Whole car slit forward and landed on the workbench

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