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    A new world order, a more liberal approach to working with less travel perhaps? Maybe .....until the next carp storm comes along. My concern is that real international pressure is brought to bear on the China to stop those bloody awful wet markets, not just tut tut finger wagging but proper tariffs and sanctions. Umpteen different species of animals held in close proximity, slaughtered then sold for different purposes including dodgy sexual improvers - bloody awful cr@p holes and allegedly the source of the current outbreak. But I can already hear the wails of outrage as people realise the source of much of their cheap consumer goods will be affected as will a plethora of western manufacturers who have moved production out to China in order to take advantage of cheap labour etc. For my new world order I would like to see more locally produced goods and foodstuffs and I personally would be willing to pay for it too.
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    Amongst men, yes. John Hopkins have produced some very interesting research about it I work for a (the) Government Company, having meetings is a way to stop things from getting done efficiently and sustainably and is vital to our role in spending the tax so generously donated by UK Citizens
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    It's been interesting being in the house with H who has spent about 75%+ of every day on conference calls and web-thingies, it's a wonder anyone in big companies ever gets anything done! Do wish a lot of companies would let the office folk work from home, it creates so much traffic and takes up so much space & air conditioning etc. for stuff that could be done on a laptop from anywhere... then again, it's been fairly well doable for 20-30 years for the cost of a laptop and a phone line and it's not caught on yet
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    We'll bow, take off our shoes at the door, queue inside the lines at stations. Make amazing devices of high quality. We're all "Turning Japanese!" Konichiwa
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    I had 255/85R16 muds on my wolfs before and I never had any qualms with the amount of steering lock.
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    Hopefully the only thing that changes is anti Vaxers now see why vaccines are good (maybe throw out a bit less co2 overall as well). its going to be some tough times but once we have antibody tests and vaccines things will start returning to normal and then economy will start picking up again. if we are lucky we will ditch GDP as a measure, have a greater appreciation for life and maybe get a better in country manufacturing base longer term.
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    I know where you got those windows from https://bbc.in/2JmayXs
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    The one thing I hope this experience teaches a number of people is to not take things for granted that have been in the past. I'm probably hoping for too much there.
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    I run this size tyre & wolf wheels, hasn't given me any problems either with steering lock.
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    In many organisations (most?) it's still seen as skiving. If you aren't present at your desk you're basically taking a holiday on company time. The fact that you're probably more productive than you would be with the distractions and commuting - and that half your co-workers are frittering their time away at their desks because they know they're largely judged by how long they are at their desk, not by how much they produce - is ignored in favour of plain, simple presenteeism (or however you spell it). I don't miss it!
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    I wonder about the mapping/performance upgrades, a lot of them just wind the fuel up or do awful bodges like fudging the air/coolant temperature sensor values to the ECU to make it throw more fuel in. If black smoke is coming out you're wasting fuel.
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    They said running at 70. You won’t be doing that in 4th!! Td5 has as much to do with BMW as Ferrari does.
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    Agreed. Although I do quite a lot of Trials in my Land Rover(s). And turning radius is of utmost importance. And you can get better turning with a slightly wider track. The stock rims and even 235's can rub the radius arms. So there is more lock to be had. I effectively run mine without the lock stop nuts in place and use the flange on the axle tube as the lock stop. With the right tyre/wheel combo it makes for very good lock.
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    Lighter evenings means there’s time to do a little bit after work if I feel like it. Started putting insulation and internal wall sheathing in this evening, got the lower part of the back wall done.
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    In my previous life I worked for years in the development of national networks, hardware and software infrastructure to enable a workplace revolution, end pointless commuting and make us more productive. Unfortunately employers were reluctant to make use of it even after implementing it as they can't get past seeing it as some kind of perk (to work from breakfast to bedtime in your own home) - so now the bulk of the nations core capacity is used in watching Game of Thrones.
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    Lots of men do not want to be at home with their families.... I saw a lot of guys push back against not being allowed to work at the office.
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    I work at a government lab.... I think the biggest thing for us will be a greater number of people working from home more often. Hopefully, although I really can't see it happening, a reduction in the number of bloody meetings. Most of which are pointless, or you get chastised for making no progress but the previous week has been filled with meetings.
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    My guess is that people will be back to their normal as....l & sh.. behaviour before we know it....... That is just me - living in deep darkest rural France.... Working from home for over 26 years.
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    Not least from employers who could vastly reduce the costly office space they need!
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    For what it's worth, for some real world experience I've got some Zu alloys on my 110 which I think sit out quite a bit (quite a high negative offset?) and when I adjusted the steering locks to compensate I was staggered by the improvement in the turning circle. Done about 80k on them and given them a fair bit of abuse off-road, might have a significant dent in one as the local tyre shop who I have absolutely no complaints about commented they really struggled to balance one (and couldn't quite). They fitted it on the rear where it would make less of a difference and let me know in case it caused an issue. So far not. I've compared it to 90s on standard wheels (LR ones not after market) and it will out turn them. Putting them onto a 90 should improve things massively. From memory it's now comparable to my L322 was turning circle wise. Regardless of whether it's better or not I can maneuver the 110 like a normal car now (after all it's not significantly longer than a Ford Focus). Naturally I had to do something about it so bought the 6x6
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    Yes they could. The alloys are quite fat and sit quite inboard, so will hit the radius arms quite readily with the tyre if you adjust the steering stops. The Wolf rims should help give you a bit more clearance. As they move the centre line of the rim in relation to the outer edges. Although a narrower tyre would give a more pronounced affect. A 255/85 is right on the limit of the recommended size for a 6.5 rim, but should work. I'd suggest adding a 1" spacer on the front would help a lot. I am running One Ton rims like this on my 88 currently. Albeit with smaller tyres.
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    I throw a lot of STM32F103 "Bluepill" boards in stuff as they are cheap, powerful, and they're not arduinos But, if you've learnt Ardunio and are happy with it, I'd say just stick with it - you can use anything to skin this cat and honestly these days it's all cheap & easy. If, once you've got it working, you want to port the code to something else, it's all doable. The micropython boards are a lovely thing for getting stuff working without too much tedious overhead and without being arduinos too
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    The TD5 doesn’t have any BMW heritage, it was designed before BMW took over.
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    There is an article in the Spectator that goes through some of the statistics around the various death rates in the UK normally. The phrase that grabbed me was "But we have yet to see any statistical evidence for excess deaths, in any part of the world." (Excess deaths - i.e. more deaths than we would have had normally in the same period). Spectator, 28th March 2020, "The Corona Puzzle" Dr John Lee.
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    To give a little credibility to this post, although I'm not a virologist, I do speak to them regularly in my work and of course the topic of choice right now is this very subject. I'm working in the diagnostics business providing one of the RT-PCR tests and equipment (Google m2000sp/rt if you're interested) to diagnose this strain of coronavirus in hospital labs. Although there are speculations, unfortunately at the moment we do not know for sure how fast this particular coronavirus mutates or how long immunity to it will last. Generally speaking warmer and dryer weather helps lessen the effects of respiratory infections, but again this can't be guaranteed as we just don't know with this novel strain. My biggest worry about everyone out there is not illness from the virus itself but the effect of anxiety in many people as the amount of ever increasing deaths are being announced daily. If anxious about the increasing deaths, this thought helps me in a strangely odd way: If you look up UK death rate, we have about 500,000 people die in a year from old age, illness, accidents etc. This means that on average, just under 1400 people a day die in the UK anyway. As more and more people are infected with Covid 19 and test positive, then of course more of the 1400 deaths a day will also be positive for coronavirus and can then be reported in the news as a death after testing positive. This does skew the meaning a bit in my opinion. I wonder how many of the people dieing who are also tested positive for Covid 19 would have died regardless during 2020 of something else such as heart disease for example? The only way we can say with any certainty is see how many more than the expected 500,000 deaths there are in the UK in 2020. There have been suggestions that Covid 19 will have little effect on this number.
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    The difference between 60-65 mph on the motorway and 70 mph robs me of about 2-3 mpg. Wind resistance is the killer. Add on the silly big/knobbly tyres, lift, remap, extra weight and you’ll easily see sub-20 mpg. I see also you’re in the US - 16 of your MPGs is just over 19 of ours, so bear that in mind when comparing with figures from the UK.
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    70 mph in a Defender on big MT tyres with an exterior cage in a chipped TD5 will not be economical on fuel. You've built a rock crawler not a long-distance tourer.
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    It's fairly new, only a decade old.
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    We've got THESE All over the house! NEVER had any issue with them and been in years, pretty sure they're the original ones too!?! Can't see why they wouldn't work in the LR??? Give me a break!!!...I'm on lockdown having been laid off for up to 12wks.
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    I find the top speed of a Series is more about the brakes / handling / noise / vibration than any horsepower issues
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    rear lights earth wires are or should be bolted to the top face of rear wheelarchs behind the rear light corner covers.
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    £30 you must be mad! Try £14.99 delivered! Sound is carp with the engine off but once you're moving it doesn't notice. Not going to blow your doors off but loud enough. USB/SD/Aux don't know about bluetooth. Display is annoying but others have more sensible ones, this was just an experiment. No CD mechanism so it sits behind the lip of the dash.
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    Sounds right, the light earths collect under a screw in the rear tub on each side, then the crossmember loom connects these and all this is then earthed in the engine compartment via two earths in the main loom . I've added a strap from the off side screw to the chassis rail, just in case ...

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