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    I'm guessing the 150 mile range and 0-60 in 5 seconds are mutually exclusive, too....
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    Right. Conversion cost: Approx £75,000 Range: 150 miles Towing capacity: 2.5t Weight: Approx 2.3t Really....... This is not the future - not even if they could half or reduce to a 1/3 rd of the conversion costs. Not to mention the legal problems in many countries for the change in fuel type.. Nice. No thanks. I'll keep polluting the earth as long as I can. Sorry
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    When I worked at Westoe Colliery rather a long time ago we had a stone jam the crusher on bank (about the size of a mini), the newly graduated mining engineer decided to blow it in situ. Me, I wanted to break it up with windy picks, but he was the graduate and I wasn't so we let him get on with it. Mines and Quarries Act said something about not using part sticks of Penobel , told him I had a locker full of wee bits we could have used, but no, he insisted on a full stick. So hole drilled stick and gel stem shoved down hole attached to det box, everyone in top yard hiding in blockhouse. Siren sounded, button pressed, a not so muffled WHUMP and we wanders out to have look. Crusher was made of inch thick hot riveted boiler plate, prior to this it was a rectangular affair, post whump is was more barrel shaped, a fitter was later quoted as saying "effing rivets was flying round like bullets" at the enquiry... The graduate engineer didn't last long in that job
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    I think it’s a sign of not being in your own little bubble and being aware of what others are doing and the effects their actions have on people around them. Agree, my neighbours are great familys with really nice kids, parents will help anyone. But! They have no idea or understanding of what effect thier actions have on others or even if it is their concern. I will do things that suit me but I always think of the effect on others.
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    In this part of the Peak District the views are polarised. Here we are referring to road bikes being used for exercise and not commuters (generally) and not mountain bikers. Road bikers are subject to a lot of "hate" and if you aren't a rider yourself, then this is completely justified. If you are a rider then it isn't. The arguments never stop. In the olden days (BC), they were often found to be riding in peloton and even at night. It is impossible to get past in a car as these can be a couple of dozen cycles. Other times they can be seen riding fairly narrow roads with poor visibility, two abreast and they rarely move over, so again you are stuck. If they are riding alone this often seems to be downhill at breakneck speed and frequently exceeding the speed limits. Guess which view I have 🙃
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    Alcohol will work for the whiteboard marker. Don't use anything harsh or anything that will abrade the surface or it will be really hard to clean next time. On a positive note, bathroom 'Barker Board" makes a really inexpensive whiteboard that you can laminate onto a piece of plywood if you need something more rigid. I made whiteboards for my classroom this way ages ago before they were common. C
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    How to build excitement and then dissapoint! 😂
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    Yes missing the green spring clips, You need 2 of these https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/78319/0/heater_cable_to_levers_clip___defender___land_rover_series_111
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    Face it, most LR owners wouldn't notice if you replaced all the bushes with soft cheese and unbolted the dampers entirely, they're usually just happy the damn thing's working today and that the MOT man didn't see the cardboard and bathroom sealant "welded patch" on the chassis. Number of cars you see driving along with one almost-flat tyre and no-one notices that, I think finer subtleties of handling are lost on most of the population.
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    It's the same party trick to distract from the lack of practicality - 0-60 is an easy win in modern EV's as you can throw the switch and dump 200% power into the motor for the 5 seconds it takes to hit 60 before the thing melts into a glowing ball of copper. Much like you can bolt a NOS kit to your ratty old motor and claim it makes 500hp - which it will, for ~3 seconds until a piston comes through the bonnet.
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    MO, my old cable is outer 131cm long inner 137cm long Photo of both ends, & the chafed outer but doesn't stop it working
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    Well I only went an Broke the black cable, it was looking the worse for wear anyway, rang my local Landy place and there getting me one for Friday. I can now fit the side panel in place as before the cables were twisting it out of shape, Need to tweek the silver cable a bit, as when panels in place the Lever does not work until I take panel back off. think its just a matter of getting it placed in the right position.
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    Pretty sure only available as a inner/outer assembly, it's only listed in parts book as such, I could send the cable I removed today I think its longer than the left hand side cable, it only broke at the last 10mm or so of the inner where it gets clamped into the heater air flap lever. the outer is pretty good, might save you a few quid & the inner can be cut with good side cutters.
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    According to the parts guys who know everything at Gotts, the only good bushes now are SuperPro or Genuine, and TBH I believe them.
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    Removed the broken cable, waiting for the new one to be delivered later today, took a few photos, 1st photo inner wire snapped at the ferrule on top of heater unit, 2nd photo cables at right hand controls in cab.
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    Portuguese outfit, apparently, lots of interesting tyre styles. I've bookmarked them, when the Avons wear out, I might check them out.
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    Thanks for those tips...... I've just had a bit of a look at both of those... both very interesting, I need to get printing in ABS because Acetone doesn't work on PLA, but will with chloroform.... haven't played with that stuff since I was at high school lol, I'm loving playing with plastic its, there is so much to learn searched out Clough42, very interesting..... haven't found the video your talking about got distracted lol this guy is very inventive
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    Pah, death wobble ! Wait until you get the steering hammer from a knackered Panhard bush. That's sixpence - half a crown territory 😂 Mo
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    Or it’s just a different type of bubble !
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    “Sneaks up on you, doesn't it? The Victor Mildrew syndrome.“ No, not really. One of my colleagues used to call me Vic instead of Nick when I was in my twenties. Victor may have been sour, but he wasn’t often wrong! I think it’s a sign of not being in your own little bubble and being aware of what others are doing and the effects their actions have on people around them.
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    Those are the points I was making. Set the swivel preload and have the correct steering damper, which is part of the standard design, and death wobble doesn’t happen. In 23 years of regularly driving my 109, even for the first few years with absolutely knackered swivel pins and bushes, and 15 years of driving my RRC, I have not once experienced it. I’ve had worsened effects of hitting pot holes, the exacerbation of offset rims or spacers (both something I learned to hate), but never death wobble, because my tyres and rims were relatively standard size and mass, because the steering damper was always correctly functioning, and because I tried to eliminate the play in the steering system (even though in the early days I didn’t understand about the criticality of the swivels). Almost every question on these forums and others relating to death wobble involves a vehicle with oversized and very heavy wheels and tyres. That spinning mass has a huge effect, much more than the suspension parts or choice of live beam versus independent suspension, on how the vehicle responds to the road. Think of those gyroscopic forces and how increased mass and increased radius exponentially increases them. Fit oversize wheels to a vehicle with independent suspension, add a little wear and take out the steering damper and I’m sure you’ll find nasty effects there too. As a slight digression, because of the mass and also the gyroscopic effects of bigger tyres, anything larger than standard should be accompanied by an appropriate increase in steering damper rate. Retaining the standard damper with 35” bog tyres on 8” rims is clearly inappropriate.
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    IMHO this is the most common reason for LR wobbles, but as per a previous comment due to lack of maintenance or understanding during rebuild.
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    I would try a fine wet and dry to start then a polishing compound works well on polycarb headlights. but try a little spot first.
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    Victor Meldrew syndrome is only ever one inconsiderate numptie away. My wife wants to blow up dog owners whose dogs foul the path and don't clean up. She would like a landmine targetting the owner and leaving the dog surprised but uninjured. (She's a HR consultant, she doesn't like people much).
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    as where the 2 yellow lines are
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    Oh, to add to the cyclists bit, those that think headphones are a really good idea on a bike -especially the noise cancelling ones. I mean... a bit of personal responsibility...... All these misgivings I have about cyclists, I wonder if I am really one of 'them'.
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    Oh I wish........ I could get technical and mention that some other orders of invertebrate have more than 4 legs, but that would be me being a pedant.... So I will just say Get thee behind me unbeliever.
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    They are doing their best, just the same as most right minded folks. People will find fault whatever colour government are in place, it's what people do and of course it's dead easy but it's not so easy if they were the ones trying to pick a path through this or that minefield. The media has much to answer for. The worm has slowly turned recently and instead of promoting a general sense of national unity the tone is one of criticism and opportunistic point scoring which has a real effect on the sheeple of this land. This is an emergency on a global scale, yet the obsession with devolved regional government in our once United Kingdom has meant we now have a Heinz 57 variety of guidelines depending on which side of this or that border you live. We forget the importance of the broadly united stance the mainstream press took during WW2, lessons could be learned from the many informative public information films that made use of talented folks in the government, media and entertainment industries. Yes there have and are campaigns running at the moment but they need to be on every station and media outlet all the time. Hammer the messages home. We have come so far but forgotten so much.
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    At 24 PSI of boost its bound to get hot!

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