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    It’s a scam for manufacturers to get around emissions related taxes and for those who have some environmental concerns but don’t understand how machines work to be ripped off by having a vehicle that is a poor compromise, incorporating the negatives of both ICE and EV.
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    What's a mild hybrid? Calm, even tempered, slow to anger?
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    Well if we're including machines that are sadly not ours then this was the little digger my mate showed up with to dig out the garage. And the smallest bucket he brought for it. I was surprised at how tiring it was driving a dumper truck for him. Had to jump off after parking up because he couldn't see me / most of the 6t dumper behind the bucket, which he'd fill in two or three scoops by which point I'd have to jump back on and go and tip it.
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    You quoted me before I’d edited to put the missing links in there !
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    One of the smaller toys at work
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    48V, electric motor for some small assistance and regen braking.
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    There are very few companies in the industry who are trustworthy. For steering boxes, Adwest are the only refurbished units that I’d buy, given that they are the original manufacturer. The recon industry is 10% re, 90% con.
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    New Land Rover Defender: six-pot diesel spotted testing: https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/new-land-rover-defender-six-pot-diesel-spotted-testing
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    Thank you kindly! This was me a few days back though. If you look closely you can see the pain in my eyes Welder arrives tomorrow so need to get my skates on and get all the corrosion and rust cut out ready for the new metal. How hard could it be?
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    Happy to get on board with this! Mine And sadly not mine!
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    I'm afraid the only diggers I have are sprocker spaniel pups 6 months old and parts of the garden look like a construction site regards Stephen
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    Will I buy my next new vehicle based on whether some random stranger is going to wave back at me.... errrr ahhhh hmmmm No
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    To properly check hot oil pressure, you need to get the oil to maximum temperature, which is around 95 to 100 C. You need a hard drive for 15 to 30 minutes. Then check idle oil pressure. There is a huge difference in viscosity between 65 and 95 C. A typical oil's viscosity is 6 times higher at 40 C versus 100.
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    6. Moment of no return - glue and rivets Everything glued and riveted at the same time to provide a continuous seal. I left as many of the original tub strengthening ribs in place and used these as the rivet points. At this point I found more corrosion where the wing stay is mounted back to the tub. Why landrover?! 😭 Ground back and fixed with fiberglass. I'm sure this is terrible for many reasons but I had zero aluminium left and no money to buy more. I used some Dynamat as a barrier between the roll cage support bracket and underside of tub - plus a lot more CT-1. The more eagle eyed will notice the smaller bolt in the rollcage bracket. In my sleep deprived stupidity I matched the rivnut to the existing hole. I then picked up the actual bolt and realised my mistake. (I'm currently replacing the tubular outrigger on both sides so now I have space to get the drill in and replace it with the correct size) 7. Seatbelt bracket and trim Seatbelt brackets were a bit of a pain. I used a thread extension and an outer sleeve to clamp the bottom of the bracket through the tub. The stock bolt in the corner of the tub isn't long enough otherwise. Other than that, bolted them in at the top and cut the trim while trying to keep as much of it as possible for a factory look. 8. More sound deadening, insulation and carpet. The roof was done with dynamat xtreme and dodomat 6mm super liner. I kept it thin as I was worried about the headliner not having enough clearance. Sides and roof above the front cab were done with more dynamat and yoga mats spray glued in place. tub was done with generic 10mm closed cell self adhesive foam from ebay. The 4 way stretch van liner was the cheapest stuff I could find on ebay. At this point all the monies were properly gone. 9. Tub Floor Here I used the last of the dynamat xtreme with the oem rubber liner on top. The tub insert was cut down to clear the seat brackets and rear threshold strip repaired. 10. And Done! Took on a small test drive. No more rattles, no noise from the rear tub at all even on gravel. Usually the sound of gravel hitting the underside of the wheel arch was pretty deafening. Whats next? As I mentioned earlier - I noticed the rear tubular outriggers were heavily corroded. The one pictured is the GOOD ONE. On the other side the underside of the tube is gone. Naturally the seatbox sides are also rotted through, sills, fuel tank, front seatbelt brackets, door strike plates, front of rear tub where it meets the outrigger - also gone. Footwell, bulkhead and the list goes on. Payday came and went and now I'm waiting on a delivery of fresh metal, a budget MIG, as well as various Dinitrol products. The adventure continues. Bit shell shocked but being thrown in at the deep end I think I can at least say that I float. Now just need to learn how to swim (and weld)
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