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    I priced one up, but the base spec 110 is £45k and if financed I object in principle to paying more than £51k (with interest) for a £45k car that will probably only be worth £30k once paid for.
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    FC and modern safety standards must be a tricky square to round.
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    I'm sure that Evoque forum is taking up room. Mo
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    Your air filter setup makes me very jealous. Great build.
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    The wife wants one in purple.... with a H/D bumper, winch & rock sliders. When will it be available in Canada ?
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    Holy thread resurrection Batman! Forgot to post the outcome of this - sorry. So the replacement loom I'd made was duff - no idea why it tested fine. The problem was the wire into pin 12 was damaged at the terminal going into the plug causing intermittent loss of continuity. When I put pressure on the pin testing it, there was no problem as I was forcing the wires together. Tracked it down with a nanocom plugged in an much wire waggling, then examining it closely. In the end I just cut the wire before the plug terminal and soldered on a new piece and crimped a new connector. Hope that helps someone who finds this thread in the future!
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    Ive just watched the video again. The more I look at it the more I like it 😊 It will have to remain an aspiration but perhaps one day I'll get lucky ! In the meantime I'm keen to see what they plan with the dash and interior. Mo
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    Ah yes! I meant indeed that I was happy that the correct anticipated amount of distance appeared on the display. The extra kilometer was already expected. I am now checking to see if I can get the runup-circuit going again. edit: Succes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNDoYsFZON4 I mixed up Pin 1 & 2 of the pink connector....
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    2 new forums everyone A&M TEAM New 2020 Defender Forum Covering the all new 2020 Defender Models throughout the world Moderator : TBA The New Ineos Grenadier So much a alternative to the old Land Rover Defender it just has to be here ! Moderator : TBA
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    I insist you stop now, I mean, you're doing too good a job of this? This puts us to shame. I was kidding when I said it last, yet you're really lr4x4's answer to 'Project Binky'. All you want to do to complete the picture is explain "Why it's perfect..." Then change everything. You could make a few more brackets... Oh yeah, and never finish the thing.
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    @WesBrooks along with apeing the Defender I also see old Landcruiser and Gwagen in the looks of the Grenadier , I definitely don’t see a purely Defender clone .
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    As a side note, I'm surprised to see it is 9 years since we did this 😕
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    I almost couldn't agree with you less! Apart from " It appears to be rooted in teddy being thrown out the pram when they were told they (wouldn't) continue manufacturing the defender." Well, duh, there's never been a secret that that is the motivation. I'm sure they gave the body design a huge amount of thought. You can either go for lots of curves, curved glass, high-speed aerodynamics etc. or you can choose, like they did (and Mitsubishi, Austin, Jeep, Toymota, Datsun/Nissan, Mercedes and a host of others when they built practical off-roaders) to have a shape which is more functional at lower speed in tough conditions. That Grenadier body has clever folds to keep the flat-looking panels strong and light, big, flat glass for good visibility and a very practical box shape to get the maximum interior space for a given size (quite unlike the new Defender with its massively thick sides and roof). Time will tell how well that Grenadier design really is but history suggests it will work. Besides, isn't it more imaginative than the host of near-identical bulbous cars with tiny windows, which a heap of manufacturers put out as "suburban utility vehicles"?? Honestly, the designs are so unimaginative that you have to read the badge on most of them to see who made them!
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    They're so lightweight and portable! At least the truck won't fall over weight in the right place isn't too bad, I'd rather have 200kg extra in the axles than a pointless suspension/body lift and a load of tat on the roof rack for appearance.
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