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    Snagger I still have the wiring diagram for the module Tim made
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    How about the JLR network? After all, they're not competing either.
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    Continent goes this way, UK can decide where they want to go. I'm not getting into the whole Brexit thing. Totally not interesting - just work Not better, not worse. Just a different way.
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    Not so much new, but you can still get this: https://uaz.global/cars/suv/hunter Maybe not that exiting, but you can also get this: https://uaz.global/cars/commercial/classic thing of beauty! Daan
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    I deal with local authorities on a daily basis and regardless of the circumstances every officer I deal with will ask for more information than the last. Even if I have had something past in the last week I can say for certain that it will still need further clarification from someone else. These people in "power" need to justify their existence, if they are not refusing things then what is the point of them being there. This is the reason that the public needs professionals who are dealing with the authorities regularly to stand up to them.
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    Yes, that's a good option. Thanks. I wonder could I rob one of a carb somewhere. I wonder what the throttle body lever was designed to take, some sort of rose joint thing? Ideally, I'd like the LR ball on the bell crank, and the VW thing on the throttle, with the rod as the neutral zone. It might be more robust. I'll ask the guys that sold the throttle.
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    You can get Truetracs in 10 spline. MUCH cheaper than Quaife. 910A400 rear, 910A416 front.
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    It’s the QDF12K. https://shop.quaife.co.uk/land-rover-range-rover-quaife-atb-helical-lsd-differential
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    I agree, but these guys were worried about the gear box and trying to do an easy conversion without chopping the engine bay about. I wouldn’t do it, but if it suits them and they’re happy, then good for them.
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    That's what I did, worked well. Only issue is you have a small current constantly flowing, so get it from an ignition switched feed and it should be fine.
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    Honestly, far easier than plenty of bog standard euro boxes. I used to have a Peugeot 307 diesel, you had to take the air filter (the whole assembly, not just the filter itself) out to get the battery out from the back of the engine bay. It all looked nice and neat, and I'm sure it was nice and efficient on the assembly line, but it wasn't designed by anyone who'd ever had to maintain a vehicle...
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    Hi im new to the forum but but the topic heading is conveniently named machanic wanted VIC Australia. I'm not shore if every one can see that though? but I'm guessing that if you don't no where geelong is you probably wouldn't no a mechanic there 😋
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    I think Mercedes is much more likely. And they don't care about grubby people coming into the commercial side of the dealerships.
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    Yes , the NRC7573 you mention is in fact NRC7578 😉 - it also has an unreadable FV no. so is ex-MOD . I do have more wheels so as and when I come across readable nos. I'll add to it . Steve
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    The zeus kit looks to me like a total non starter for the reasons stated; No series wheels on a series? And non standard consumables. It means you are stuck with them for consumables for ever. Apart from the fact that Zeus could dissapear . It just does not make sense to me. When the Heystee kit has an option that uses standard landrover consumables and allows you to fit standard wheels.
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    Within 5 months, you're no longer ruled by the EU. So, UK can get all vehicles they want. Interesting to see how it goes. You'll make your own rules.
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    Thanks young Steven. This is an confusing subject which the uninitiated wades into by quoting part numbers. With identical numbers used on up to three differing pressings, this quickly becomes a fool’s errand. This is why for period rims, those ET tables won’t work. All this wouldn’t matter if it were not for the intense interest the numerous deep rim variants get, and the stratospheric values outwardly small differences make. It’s a subject set in rivet-counter heaven. You’re set to pay £2000 for the rarer sets. £400 for lesser stuff. The only way to separate one pressing from another, is by the technically incorrect measurement, ‘deepset’. Not much else works. There’ been heaps of tables, all of which have been wrong. CD’s ET table is new in the ring. I've put the standard entrants below. They look good, but in practical identification, amount to a pretty part number list with errors. Example: We won’t know which variant Big66 has with only the number ANR1534 to go on. I count 21 variants out there. And here’s a tragic fact, the anoraks amongst us know, and value accordingly. As said, thanks Steve: Do we have this correct…. NRC569690 5.5 LWB Rim Deepset = 46mm NRC7573 5.5 SWB Rim Deepset = 47mm 231601 5.0 Deepset = 31mm
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    Daan I hope that chassis is taxed insured and Mot'd
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    Either the station wagon type body or a longer wheelbase pickup like a 130 HCPU for me.
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    As he is manufacturing and selling them, surely you would have to do this in any case ?
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    Pah ! Senseless electrickery! 'Tis the Devil's work, I tell ye, presented by the Arch Demon who bears the mark - GERRY. Beware, be not led astray by his conjuring. Mo
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    My father tried that on a discovery - his thinking was that it would prevent salt water (Scottish roads) getting inside and corroding the inside of the chassis. What it actually did was wick the water in between the foam and steel and hold it there, making the corrosion worse not better. I guess it might work on a new chassis that's never had wax inside to prevent adhesion, but I think over time you'd still get the foam separating from the chassis and wicking water in. Would need to make sure the foam formed closed cells too, not sure if standard builders foam does? Basically, don't do it...
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    Yes, I think it is. You have just added something, rather than changed, if that makes sense. Also, parabolic springs are legal, as it is a direct replacement for standard. Like changing a coil spring for one with a different rate. These are just details that you may worry about if you read the ruling in detail, but the spirit of the rules are less stringent. This is indeed the problem. I went to great trouble to get the Q plate to make mine legal, but I have to say that with so many people completely ignoring the rules and getting away with it, why did I bother?
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    I think so. If I do something related to the engine I'll try to remember to post here.
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    Be better off fitting a low fluid level warning cap to the reservoir.
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    @Landrover17H - it's a warning device, it lights a light on the dashboard (in theory) although I'm willing to bet very few of them are actually functioning by now, either through seizing up, poor contacts, or having the wire removed to make bleeding easier. It warns of a broken brake circuit, although as I believe the vehicles with them had dual-circuit brakes I'm pretty sure you'd notice the loss of braking performance (and brake fluid) without a little red light. It does nothing to help with brake failure or safety besides that, and ultimately introduces an extra point of failure into the brake circuits by adding joints. My 109 had one, I never re-fitted it with the disc conversion and having had an actual brake failure since due to damage I can say I definitely noticed it without the warning light
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    Technically true, but it does complicate the installation, for those who fear their fabrication skills are lacking, this is an issue.
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    I think pick-ups and vans will be required anyway to max out the commercial interest👷‍♂️
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    i got the bearings from turners and they are advertised as pre finished but say they might need to be line bored but thankfully they were fine
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    Argue on. I am very interested in this can of worms that I have opened up.
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    As I've been doing some... tweeks to my 200tdi recently I've been doing all sorts of reading on the topic, there was some good testing done (I think it was Daan) about what a standard LR intercooler does, he measured a 60deg C temp drop over the inlet/outlet which is pretty interesting.
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    That is insanity.... Build small, efficient cars and get penalized. Only in the UK.
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    The one I liked was, I think it was an Astra, which you needed to remove the wheel arch liner (which required some tools) in order to change any of the headlight bulbs. The bonus was that in order to remove the liner you also had to go from lock-to-lock so you could get access to all the plugs holding the liner in.

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