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    So far so good. Lost a hub end cap? Though I have a spare.
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    Shame no cats were inconvenienced in the invention process or it could've been the Tabby-Lock
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    Why do I get the feeling that a nice early 110 is about to get raped 🙁 Mo
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    If you can take a look at the engine number, as Land Rover for a certain time frame sold a 200tdi re-power kit, the engine code will often have a S prefix at the end of it, Ralphs is one of those kits and I have one too. irrespective of the prefix, As Ralph says that's a 200tdi, good robust engine.
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    That is a 11L Defender 200tdi engine, exact same as mine.it's a strong long lasting unit, just rebuilt mine which is just over 24 years old & had done 379.500+ miles.
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    Thought I'd post a photo of my ex MOD Defender currently taking the head off as it's a bit (a lot) smoky at idle. Changing the injectors stem seals and glow plugs, hopefully that'll sort it. It's fine when normal driving, plumes of grey smoke when sat at idle for a time though.
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    Hmmmm lancia stratos....i need a moment I'll be back shortly...... Mike
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    just added up the cost out lay, some items are not essential to the rebuild but I've decided to replace any way, so total is £2646.58, still less than a full recon unit from a well known LR engine supplier, so I've saved myself at least £1700 & have the satisfaction of DIY. I wanted to keep the original engine number too.
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    Top job western Taz said a job well done too
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    Well my 110/200tdi lives, after a few crank overs to circulate oil & fuel it burst into running, cracked the injectors to bleed, all OK, also found a split in one turbo elbow hose, at the moment it's taped up, you'll see it in the video, also going to replace the 4 hose joints & all the coolant hoses as the existing ones have been on a very long time. ordered new hoses from MKPerformancehoses on ebay, I have their heater & crank breather hoses already. still have to refit -- floor plates.tunnel & adaptor under fusebox, mats, gear lever top section, start battery on charge over night too. a big thanks to 2 of my work mates for the loan of the engine crane, engine stand & piston ring compressor. a short video [as requested by monkie] just to finish on. WP_20171105_16_58_23_Pro.mp4
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    pics of today's progress as promised. head is on but still need to do the final torque tighten, on a 200tdi it's 40Nm, then 60 degrees, then another 60 degrees. refitted the water pump/alternator & PAS pump belts to, its easy when rad is not in the way.
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    Today's efforts have seen these fitted -- excess squeezed out sealant shaved off, cam followers, cover plates on right hand side, vacuum pump & shaft to oil pump, timing gears & new timing belt, new tensioner, injection pump, flywheel housing, flywheel & clutch, starter motor. the 2 long threaded studs in flywheel housing are to help align block & gearbox. hopefully tomorrow I can get this big lump back in it's rightful place in my 110.
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    Sorry, just to make sure I don't upset V8 owners and to clarify my "sell my soul" comment id love nothing more than to fit a V8 of any size to my 90 its just that the current Mrs kerby and me , or is it I , don't quite see eye to eye on things of the Land Rover nature and after getting caught looking at the Mega Squirt web site price list things have gotten frostier than an Eskimos knickers .
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    D2 auto wth cruise control all day long, they're not fast but so so relaxing. From the point of view of saving yourself time and long term money I'd say attack it this way; buy as good a D2 as you can find [your budget is awesome]. My criteria would be decent rear chassis, low to moderate miles, and quantifiable head gasket history. Then before driving it spend another £1-£2k depending on whether you'll tackle the labour yourself. Within that budget replace the oil cooler, water pump [it's a while you're in there item], glow plugs, all fluids & filters, turbo/cooling system/drop links/Watt linkage/ARB bush health check, and put in an Ashcroft uprated torque converter. You now have a machine that should be head ache free for probably 100k/150k miles before you need to do a once over again, diligent maintenance assumed. Spec wise ACE is a must, SLS is not [so avoid/go for 7 seater accordingly]. Cruise control is easily retro fitted for £100 or less if you can get hold of a Nanocom [you do not need to buy one to own a D2]. If you're looking to carry building materials on the roof you need to look for a D2 with the optional extended roof bars AND cross bars, or fit them later. You should have plenty of change from your £8k. It's amazing how low they are in the market.
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    I thought they had come up with a scheme to avoid Chinese people copying the new Discovery by making it butt f***ing ugly. I saw the first one here in the FI in the flesh the other day, it looks just as bad as the photos. Especially in orange. I will never buy one, having owned three DIscoverys, the last two of them purchased new. They have totally lost the plot, so if the new Defender does exist (which I doubt) it will probably look like Postman Pat's van mated with a skip anyway.
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    Haha, I think Fridge has some good suggestions!
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    Bolty McBoltface? Sorry, someone had to....
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    It's a really good bolt, perhaps the Usain Bolt? Or how about "The Dog's Bolt Locks"? Yes I have had too much coffee today.
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    I heard a tall tale about someone who was manufacturing a specific seal, they sent a prototype to China with a couple of holes, I think it was to evaluate the quality of the production. The next minute this seal was being sold all over the place, but complete with the holes so that it didn't work...
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    Thanks for the offer =jon= i will keep that in mind...... if things dont work out with me and Monkie i will get in touch..... That sounds Sooooo wrong!?!
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    I joined up with some Jeeps, a couple of Suzukis, a Dodge Hemi and a Chevy Surburban for some off road trail exploration. The meeting place was a couple of hours of highway driving away so I had some time to contemplate life whilst driving a 2.5 N/A diesel (1.67 transfer case) as people passed me. In no particular order, these questions arose: 1. When the four way flashers are turned on (for going up hills if your speed is less than 70 km/h so other cars going 110 km/h don't rear end you) - Why doesn't the flasher on the binnacle match the flasher on the switch? 2. Why does the speedometer in a Defender go to 200 km/h? Is this to encourage sunny optimism in the owner? Should it be remade to max out at ... say... 100 km/h? 3. Why is it that no matter how loud you turn up the radio, it will not drown out the frequency of the squeak behind the binnacle? 4. Speaking of noises... Why is it that the truck makes squeaks, groans and rattles on pavement that disappear when on dirt or trails? Is it that the truck is happier? 5. For cars that drive behind you on the highway with their high beams on: Is it better to turn on your rear fog lights (or work lights to really scare them) or is it better to accelerate and make a big cloud of diesel smoke and make them think that they are in a fog bank? What musings have any of you had?
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    Indeed, the place I got them from tells me they mainly sell them to farmers who are boarding out the inside of steel-framed sheds with Stokbord or the like. Being countersunk these give a flush finish for this purpose (and mine) whereas the typical roofing variant has a flanged head, often with a rubber seal too. Damn useful things, saves a lot of faffing about with drilling holes etc. - I found the best method was to use the high speed setting on my battery drill (18v Makita jobby) for the first part and then when it broke through use the slower speed for better control/torque when cutting the thread and pulling it tight. Only extra thing I had to do was cut the excess off a couple of them where they were sticking out right over the tyres, otherwise a big bump could have caused a problem!
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    Well done. Good result, that. Good to hear. G.
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    Wow! Thanks for posting that!
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    All mud flaps detach, it's just unfortunate that the genuine ones are permanent
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    Not helpful but just do what I do and don't clean it :-)
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    Durness..... Need I say more. Going to be an interesting trip..
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    Finally got around to doing something on this. Went and picked up some 18mm wire mesh resin coated plywood sheets this morning. These were £38 a sheet so enough to do the trailer for less than £120. The higher quality Buffalo board stuff is around £75 a sheet, and the Ifor Williams one-piece sheet over £300 with a 6-week lead time. I’d have liked to have gone for the middle option but the ability to go and pick these ones up rather than have to arrange delivery etc. made the first option the best at the moment. Any thoughts on products to seal the cut edges? I see references to acrylic paints but can’t find anything online that looks suitable.
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    Having plans, schedules and targets are just programming ourself for failure. We need to accept that it'll take as long as it takes! SWMBO always disrupts plans with "Honey do's". This year I have been lucky, in that I have totally stripped my 110 CSW, all body parts separated, and chassis, bulkhead and many other parts exposed to road salt, have been sand blasted and delivered for hot dip galvanising. Should have 49 bright shiny bits back in a couple of weeks. Hoping to start body respray and mechanical rebuild over the winter. However, this was planned to be done in early 2017, and rebuild completed this year. Where did the summer go? Oh yes, we did build a 20 x 12 boat house, which needed a planning/building permit, complete with power supply, during the summer. Yes, that took some time! Let's face it, we are always optimistic in our project plans, but as long as we're enjoying our hobby, we are, in fact, always achieving our objectives. Mike
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    Yesterday, I attended a commemoration service and was very disappointed that it was very blatently Christian biased. The service totally ignored the many other ethnic groups of diverse religions that joined the Allies during WW1 and WW2. Millions from the Indian sub-continent, many of whom were Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus, served with the British army. There were also many aboriginal americans, First Nation members, as they are termed in Canada, who served with distinction. Their contribution seemed to be totally ignored. Our "todays" owe much to others than the "white faces" who gave their "tomorrows" for us. Let us not forget any who served and specially any who made the ultimate sacrifice. Mike
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    I bought a Salisbury td5 disk brakes axle earlier this year for 150 quid on eBay came complete didn't seem to have much wear on it but I've stripped it painted it new bearings and brakes. Probably 400 quid all in
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    Just about all wrapped now, not long finished wiring in the engine hour meter, going to mount it a bit better when the single pod arrives, topped up the cooling system as well it needed less than a pint to reset the correct level in header tank & my heater chucks out lots of lovely hot air & engine oil pressure is up around 55/60 psi so a happy boy here
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    That's not too bad money wise then Ralph. Good job sir!
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    No, a friend's 88. He's moving house. 250 miles trip Severn to the North sea, and the sameback empty for tomorrow. The TDI never missed a beat. A thoroughly enjoyable day.
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    Ohh you bet, I have missed that nice SD1 burble like it was my first love!
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    New rings fitted to No4 piston, mated to conrod,installed in block, ladder frame, oil pump & sump fitted. cam followers fit tomorrow & trim excess sealant from block ladder frame/sump joints. due to collect my injectors in morning too. so I'm about where I wanted to be, hopefully get flywheel housing,flywheel & clutch on tomorrow & block back in engine bay, a few pics of today's progress.
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    Sweet Jesus you've put some time into that beast... I like how on about page 3 or 4 of the post you say "I've got to watch how much I spend on this"...
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    Britannia rescue every time - they don't bat an eyelid at the 109 or the ambulance with or without trailer (or all three together, as was the last call out!), plus for not much extra you and your other half are covered in ANY car you happen to be in - even as a passenger!
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    Budget for new calipers/discs/disc shields and a few nuts and bolts then go find the cheapest Disco one you can find and do a refurb yourself, there's not a heap to a rear axle.
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    A contentious point Ross IMO. If one of us caught up with these thieves and dealt them some justice, there would be no shortage of budget to hunt us down and tell us the error of our ways :/
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    yes vented and unvented, IIRC both are lockable too, rtc4740 is the vented locking version rtc4741 is the non vented locking there is a non vented non locking one too
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    Steve, Sir Les showed be a trick on my 110.. We drilled the rivets out and bent the top up to get the matrix out... Snug but saved taking anything off the truck. Packed the new matrix in well and then bent the top down again and held it all down while we added the rivets back in. It worked a charm.
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    Well, thanks for your thoughts everybody... When so many people I have so much respect for say keep it - I'll be keeping it.
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    If it makes you feel any better, FF, the steering wheel is a bit of a disaster (Apologies for the hijack) Cheers,
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    To get back at them a bit I regulary buy rather expensive parts from them on Ebay. TDV8 complete interior for 1500 etc.. I make an appointment for collection in a few days. Mark the item as paid afterwards and ofcourse never show up :-) . I hope the will have to pay the ebay charges each time. After I while I will leave some negative feedback, telling the parts where damaged and they wouldn't refund :-)
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    You might find some pics in my build thread at the botton of this post Edited found some Old one out... New one in.... HTH Regards Les
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    Well Gents I cobbled this together a few weeks ago and it does exactly what I wanted, with relative ease. The whole things fits into my 2" receiver hitch. It could also be made to fit an adjustable DB hitch.