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    Then finally tonight I added the side cabinets. Due to the bend in the main rails these needed a bit of shimming, only about 1mm or so. I’ve then started filling it back up... all whilst wondering how the hell it all fitted into just the two bottom boxes! I’ll do a toolbox tour if people want to see it . Also remembered while that was uploading that I need to sort the shelves for the cupboards and then also decide on the doors/hinges etc.
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    Knotted wire wheel in a grinder will blast that off! Looking very good, they are made of decent thickness steel, so no too bad to weld up
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    Could the non thermostat approach not work nicely combined with a water to oil heatexchanger? That way your gearboxoil would always be sort of the right temp? /mads
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    I think you are right. Britpart retrim and outlast covers should sort things. Maybe after the engine goes in.

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