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    Yes, that "fibrous material" is probably stressed controlled-deformation cellular composite - precisely what I would hope /expect to find in the underlying platform of any third-millennium 4x4. It's there to yield in a collision and absorb the energy of the impact - so my legs/pelvis don't have to absorb the loads. I **want** my cars to be squashy-and-deformable! Because as an ageing mammal I'm a lump of flesh who is day-by-day becoming not-so-squashy-and-deformable. Cars are cheap; I'm expensive. I'll enthisiastically accept a car that's full of crumple-zones airbags safety-restraints and deformation-areas if it means I can walk away from crash. I only get one life; I can pay for loads of cars.
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    Whereas the old Defender is just a Range Rover platform with... less power and comfort.
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    10, 20, 30 or 40 years ago I might have been able to get enthused or irritated with the new model but pah, in the grand scheme of things it's just another vehicle full of gizmo's and marketing BS to enable the great unwashed to believe they can conquer vast tracts of wilderness while sitting on their arses. It's just another car FFS
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    The are not Salisbury axles, but suitably strengthened RR P38 type for military use.
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    I can bet you one thing, in the defender 3.0 that stupid useless square of plastic blu-takked to the side will be the first thing to be gone.
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    I think Doug is right. I still wouldn't be the first to buy one or spend that much though. Let someone else iron out the bugs. I love how they call the regenerative braking a mild hybrid to try make it sound more pc.
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    I didnt really mean you Bowie. πŸ™‚
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    He did and they still sent him the wrong part πŸ™„ so hence why I’m on here asking the elite 😎
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    Love my 200Tdi, rebuilt by me at over 370,000 miles, its now working very well & after a throttle cable adjustment a week ago, it will crack 85, but is much happier at 60/70mph.
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    Aye Ralph page 288 on the pdf file gives the numbers of the parts too, great bit of info on there cheers Laddie.
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    I think the 200tdi is awesome, especially the Disco 200tdi. Mine is smooth and punchy. Could do with a VNT turbo and a Disco 2 transfer box. But I love it. Once I've sorted the sound proofing it will cruise all day on the motorway. I'm getting 26mpg on average. I rate it as highly as a 300tdi.
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    Not its original axle, or not a genuine Wolf - they had the same rear axle as the later TD5 and TDCI, but reinforced with gussets.
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    Ftc4996 from bearmach is Β£34
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    I don’t understand the styling choice of why they did it that way. Just have a black pillar or body colour pillar, not this daft floating square that looks like something stuck on for no reason.
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    the panel on the upper side is Optional on the 3 door which can have a full window, but on the 5 door it covers the outer face of the C pillar, I reckon they could of made a better job of the C pillar, making it narrower & increasing the glass size, but possiblly it has a big part to play in roll over protection.
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    ^ This, the 2.5NA may not be exciting but it should be usable, and I'd suggest driving a 200TDi Defender (if you can find one) to see if that's what you want - they're better than the NA but never going to set the world on fire, would be a shame to go to a lot of effort and end up with something that's still disappointing.
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    A US view of the new Defender I wasn't quite expecting. Doug DeMuro comes up with a few opinions on the new Defender, suggesting the US pricing, positioning and styling will ht the sweet spot it may have missed in the UK.
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    I think it would be best to do as Snagger suggests and get everything in full working order, live with it for a year then ask yourself if you still want to go ahead with an engine swap. It will also give you time to figure what is possible with your budget and skill set.
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    I now discover I shall be assisting on the GLASS stand on Sunday, but I don't expect to need the use of a Transit tipper at the end of the day πŸ™‚ Regards.

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