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    Yes, that "fibrous material" is probably stressed controlled-deformation cellular composite - precisely what I would hope /expect to find in the underlying platform of any third-millennium 4x4. It's there to yield in a collision and absorb the energy of the impact - so my legs/pelvis don't have to absorb the loads. I **want** my cars to be squashy-and-deformable! Because as an ageing mammal I'm a lump of flesh who is day-by-day becoming not-so-squashy-and-deformable. Cars are cheap; I'm expensive. I'll enthisiastically accept a car that's full of crumple-zones airbags safety-restraints and deformation-areas if it means I can walk away from crash. I only get one life; I can pay for loads of cars.
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    Whereas the old Defender is just a Range Rover platform with... less power and comfort.
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    From some angles I like it but from others it's f***ing terrible or just looks like a D3/4. Also why paint it the colour of your nan's velour sofa? The silver 10 with the snorkel and black arches looks quite smart although the ladder looks like it was made by Playmobil, the 90 with the chequer-plate looks w*nk. Rear lights / squared off corner look terrible IMHO, like someone forgot to move them. Front is too busy and just looks like someone (possibly CJ1) pimped a D3. Interior looks decent, bit of a harkening to the FL1 in the chunky door trims. Touchscreen thingy can sod off, bet half the features are going to balls up in 2 smartphone generations and over the air software updates are a security hole that will bite sooner or later. Looks capable enough for most real world use although breakover looks poor especially with those side-steps, I guess that's the price we pay for ever longer wheelbases. The fact they're showing so much off-road (and factory winch & snorkel) is at least moderately encouraging although I'm sure that will be dismissed as pure marketing, it's more pretence than a lot of 4x4 companies bother making in their marketing in case anyone actually tries it. Looks practical enough in terms of space & seating etc. Looked quite light on its feet or possibly just very stiffly sprung... or possibly just less massive than the rest of the current lineup? The 85 ECU's thing is probably true for any car depending what you count as an ECU - if everything's on the CANbus then every light, button, and sensor could count as its own ECU. Person of the day has to be the marketing type who unironically penned the line "Alpine lights flood the interior" I thought they'd fixed that by now!
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    Lord knows, it was (cough) years ago, it was the PS10 I think, and now you say it it may well be the Iveco engine - my brain obviously filed it under "engine from van" .
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    The are not Salisbury axles, but suitably strengthened RR P38 type for military use.
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    In other words, it’s just a D5 platform with bigger ball joints...
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    Well I’ve looked at the new Defender and I’ve read some of the info out there and I quite like it . It sounds like a lot of thought has gone into it, probably too much but there’s still a lot of other questions I have about it and unless I win the lottery I wouldn’t be able to buy one until it’s a good few years old and even then would I be able to afford to repair it if I had a mishap when off-roading , but I feel that JLR have made a mistake in that they’ve made another new model to compete with the same target audience they already have surely it would have made more sense to cut down on the amount of electrical gimmicks that are not necessary and produce a car at the price point the same as the old freelander so you make your target audience larger rather than the small niche market that uses cars more of a fashion statement rather than practicality. I may be wrong but I just can’t see the point if you’re a company of targeting 5% of the population when you can target 50% just doesn’t make sense to me, but perhaps that’s why I’m a welder and not a high flying boss .
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    A few things come to mind. They should never have called it a Defender, because it does not have the “Swiss army knife” adaptability. I’d go along with Discovery Extreme as well. My 300tdi 110 has just gone up by £3k in value at least. I have looked everywhere in the brochure and can’t find any mention of part number LRS 8888, or Land Rover Spider. How can they expect any credibility without a spider? I still want one.
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    Back when 200tdi first came out, the factory offered upgrade kits for early engines, so could be argued it's a manufacturer replacement part rather than an engine modification maybe.. I really don't mind the 2.5d though, they have a charm of thier own and nice low down torque.
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    Both the G-Wagen and Jeep Wrangler have stayed close to their roots, especially the G-Wagen, and they are ubiquitous around these parts as well as the US and common enough in Europe. Both show how it was entirely possible to successfully update the Defender without abandoning the character and function of the original and alienating the enthusiasts that allowed LR marketing to claim such an extraordinary number of old vehicles are still in use.
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    Well that was a bit of an anti-climax. If you had one of those, what would you fix at the weekend? You'd probably end up talking to the wife ! Quelle horreur ! Mo
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    Sell the Santana, go and research what would make you happy to drive, find one, test drive it to see if it goes well enough for you, buy it or move on to the next. Because you really won't get that much more from a 2.5NA diesel engine. Mo
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    Correct 1.410 is or was the standard fit for TD & Tdi 110.
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    Correct. There's normally a sticker on the casing with the ratio on it, or you can use Ashcroft's serial number lookup.
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    thanks Western , i have the military data plate , and found some info on the merlin website the car was used in scotland with the cadet training corp , is this the museum you mean : https://www.britishmotormuseum.co.uk/archive
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    Did you mean me? Because I don't hate the TDi (although the fanbois are a bit over-zealous) - the OP said he wanted "exciting" and no matter how you slice it, 110hp in a 2-ton car is not very exciting. I've driven enough TDi's to know what they're like, both my trucks have 4.6 V8's in them, and I've driven Mouse which had 400+hp and weighed about as much as a 90... I can tell you which are more exciting than the others
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    I wave to acknowledge other D2's, sometimes they wave back! Griff
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    Love my 200Tdi, rebuilt by me at over 370,000 miles, its now working very well & after a throttle cable adjustment a week ago, it will crack 85, but is much happier at 60/70mph.
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    I don’t understand the styling choice of why they did it that way. Just have a black pillar or body colour pillar, not this daft floating square that looks like something stuck on for no reason.
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    the panel on the upper side is Optional on the 3 door which can have a full window, but on the 5 door it covers the outer face of the C pillar, I reckon they could of made a better job of the C pillar, making it narrower & increasing the glass size, but possiblly it has a big part to play in roll over protection.
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    no the number plate can stay where it is (top right corner above the door)
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    I haven't watched anything else of his yet, ........... but recently I have been a bit depressed by commercial US tv shown here where the repetition of, and repeated intro of, real content just wears you down that it was nice to see something American that was continuous/sequential like that. Also I didn't know anything about electric brakes until that so I learned something. If I adopt a 'diplomatic' mode for a moment, ............. lets face it we can all be too pleased with ourselves on occasion, (pride comes before a fall etc. and sometimes it is a very short step to full dickheadhood), but without that kind of person there would be far fewer vid's and as someone who is using them to augment gaps in his memory and learning , I am overall in favour , even if it means putting up with a range of 'talent'
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    I now discover I shall be assisting on the GLASS stand on Sunday, but I don't expect to need the use of a Transit tipper at the end of the day 🙂 Regards.
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    Your memory is failing you. When they came out you could get the same engine and gearbox for the Range Rover and 90/110. It was a RR with a heavier frame, stronger axles and a simple Land Rover body.
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    I was stood looking at my D3 in the yard today. This new defender is a D3.
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    My 110 was also built in SA. It is better than the imported or locally assembled ones as it has a galvanised chassis, much much better soundproofing and it even had a rev counter as standard, not that one needs a rev counter with a 300tdi. And the rear seat is lowered and set back a bit which makes it more comfortable for rear seat passengers. An interesting point is that the made in UK 300tdi engine is a 'Defender' engine - the air filter bracket is Defender and it never had EGR. But it has a Disco engine number - 16L where a Defender should be 21L if I remember rightly. It has an AADD vin no and was made in the Cape. I haven't come across one with a later serial no so maybe it was the last one made. It was first registered in late 1995 and I bought it in Feb 1996. I have just overhauled the engine and there is 341k kilos on the clock. Most of the parts are original except two water pumps and a fuel pump. Plus the normal brake disks and pads etc.
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    Years ago I owned a 90" with a 2,5 n/a like yours. I learned early on that n/a stands for "No Acceleration". Thats just the way it is. However there are a few things you can do to make sure all the horses are indeed present and pulling their weight. With so few in total you do not want to be missing any: Get the injectors refurbished by a reputeable diesel specialist. This is supposed to be done at a fixed interval. If prior owners have neglected to have this done, you might see a dramatic change for the better. Make sure the air inlet is free of obstructions, which basically means put in a fresh airfilter insert and make sure the air inlet hose if fitted does not collapse under load and restrict airflow into the engine. Measure the engine compression. If its low in one or more cylinders some degree of rebuild will do wonders. Consider tires with a lower circumference. That will lover the overall gearing and thereby help acceleration at the cost of some offroad performance. Regarding the brakes: Get them fixed. The standard brakes are perfectly fine if in good order.
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    Marvellous work. You've forgotten the wheels on the ends of the ramps for driving a Land Rover (or RX8) up while the truck is moving...
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    What I think the Evo article misses is that it’s not just modernisation - it’s brand realignment. They have built a Range Rover Defender. They have compressed almost all of their products into the luxury half of the brand - because that is where the greater profit lies. That’s why we have seen the Range Rover models multiply and I would imagine that’s why the freelander went - or morphed into the Evoque. Gerry McGovern said one of the first things he changed was to have engineering report to design - rather than the other way. He flipped the function over form to form over function, which has undone the series and Defender DNA. For me that’s the shift that makes the new model feel like an ending. They’ve not just modernised - they’ve rebuilt their business model.
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    No, I find that too - the silver 110 could almost be a "proper" defender from a distance in some of the shots in the videos with the silhouette, but the 90 looks like an accident between a D3 and a Transit Connect somehow. Also, that Evo article hits the nail on the nipple.
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    Let's not forget the JLR is an Indian company. Dodgy parts are the fault of the accountants, not the engineers.
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    That would appear to be a 2.5 normally aspirated rover diesel (2.5N/A) , not so many more ponies beyond 50hp when new , I'm sure someone will have the figure to hand , but they are not fast at all , 55mph or so . Many people upgrade to a 200 or 300 Tdi , pretty much a nut and bolt conversion , Worth checking the ratio label on the transfer box or if missing , the serial number which can be decoded at www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk . It could be a 1.6 : 1 . Drum braked rear axle works fine if working ok , by the sound of it the whole system needs a close look over , starting with the servo and vac. pump cheers Steve b
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    I will, Western, as soon as I have a chance.
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    OOO yellow bits There is a lego version too, £160... so I can't afford that one either
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    Oh yes proud of my self 👍 but all thanks to you guys 😊
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    It's looking like a very nice car, potentially a good substitute for a 3 series BMW or an Audi A4.
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    I think @Challo hit it on the head there. For me I drive a 110 because it's simply the best all round vehicle. I don't need a Defender but it does suit my lifestyle very well. For the utility companies / agricultural markets simply put there are more focussed better vehicles for the job nowadays. Quite a few years ago now I looked into a more comfortable car to have alongside the 110 but decided I didn't need (or really have the space) to have two cars. So ironically ended up buying a 3.6TDV8 L322. As Clarkson said "it's all the car you could ever need". The downside for me was tyres. I do enjoy green laning and also go offroad up at the family estate in Scotland. @Retroanaconda remembers me blowing up, literally, (he heard it from inside his 90 behind me) a tyre on the Range Rover. I ended up going through £3.5k of tyres in 3 years... I ended up selling the RR and keeping the Defender because I felt comfier abusing it a bit more and the tyres stood up to what I do regularly better. There aren't many vehicles that will be a daily driver and then in the middle of the day drive across Scottish mountainsides to collect a deer carcass, or through a Welsh farm to collect firewood / sheep in trouble. My Defender does and I suspect the new one will. It'll just be more comfortable than the original version. So all round yes, just weighted more to the daily driver aspect. I mean most of the local farms around me actually use Clios, Kias, Fiestas, small Audis etc. They have quads, tractors and lorries for the actual farm work. Even hauling stuff to market they typically hook up the tractor to the trailer. At least that way our neighbour can take more than two cows in the back without worrying about being overweight. Incidentally most of the utility companies around here still have Defenders in their fleet. When my parents incoming main was being put underground I had a chat with them. All the Defenders run a huge hydraulic winch on the front, not for recovery but for installing cables. Because a lot of their work is in fields they need its off road ability (all the pickups get stuck) and then they use the winch for pulling cables through ditches. If they get stuck it's quicker to ask the farmer for a tow than bother winching out. I'd be curious to see if they get any of the new ones, there's a chap down the road who still has one of the Td5 based vehicles so obviously keeping hold of them.
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    if you look below the parkswitch , there's the end of a shaft from the wipermotor, at the end of this shaft there needs to be a circlip holding the shaft tight to the back end ( and so the wiperswitch) , i have had a recent motor where the clip was missing , this makes the shaft turn inwards and doesn't protrude enough to push the switch ...
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    Yup, exactly the same there. Red at bottom, yellow in middle and then last colour at 90 degrees top. The blue station wagon in my avatar is one from my past, but the white 90 just about visible behind it is the one with the wipers poltergeist. My RAF V8 is an '89 though, I really like that year's simple '110' badge, personally. Even though most of them lost them ages ago. Little things for little minds.
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    I'm no expert, but I believe all of those are still able to use their existing type approval, and therefore crash test results to avoid the need to meet the new pedestrian safety requirements. The new Defender cannot, as it is a completely new design and will require new type approval. It cannot use the old Defender's 'type approval' (if such a thing ever existed).
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    Not sure why it took 8 years to go from this... to what’s been launched. Looks like a mid life facelift of the original DC100 design that was slated so much at the time. It will be interesting to see how much incremental sales LR gets out of the Defender. I suspect it more likely to grab sales from Discovery etc. than from competitors.
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    now now, that thwack Gerry has to have his 60 minutes of waffling in the limelight 😂
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    I think its a really nice new Discovery for the rich-kids That was the plan right?
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    Goodwinch have some decent second hand parts so I’ll send it off to them for a service and rebuild whilst I get the bumper blasted and powder coated.
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    I use Ultimate too in my 200Tdi, sometimes with a squirt of Miller Diesel EcoMax and its made a really significant difference, smoother running, pulls better and cleaner. I put a full tank of Ultimate in our Golf Estate for a long run to south of England to see what happened and it got better mpg than it did when we used Tesco discount diesel.
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    Quite a while back on one of my mog axle posts somebody said the above title so here goes Started a project this weekend that I have been considering for a while elements of this are often carried by landrovers in the country ie game keepers but ultimately putting fabrication skills to the test Mods if you are not happy please remove and accept my apologies for posting So the project is to make a standard shotgun lamp Some of the bits cut pieces shaped shaping finished welding up and blending All put together and where I'm at now Going to fab a cartridge belt as part of the stand then buy a suitable lamp shade to finish hope to be complete by the end of next weekend Regards Stephen
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    The dutch prices have been announced: Defender 90: 94.300 euro. Defender 110: 101.300 euro. Defender 90 Commercial: 46.370 euro makes the UK prices seem low. Daan
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    So as I'm working at home today, lunch time came and I thought I'd drop off the front bumper.. Think again, two images below, one of the drivers side bolts nice and visible.. Pas side....

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