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    Discovered play in the water pump pulley today, which is probably causing the squeak that’s been coming from the engine recently. It does give me an excuse to try out the building though, so I put the 90 in this afternoon. As you can see there is plenty of room down both sides of the car for access and with it slightly over to the right no hinderance in front of the workbench.
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    They are doing their best, just the same as most right minded folks. People will find fault whatever colour government are in place, it's what people do and of course it's dead easy but it's not so easy if they were the ones trying to pick a path through this or that minefield. The media has much to answer for. The worm has slowly turned recently and instead of promoting a general sense of national unity the tone is one of criticism and opportunistic point scoring which has a real effect on the sheeple of this land. This is an emergency on a global scale, yet the obsession with devolved regional government in our once United Kingdom has meant we now have a Heinz 57 variety of guidelines depending on which side of this or that border you live. We forget the importance of the broadly united stance the mainstream press took during WW2, lessons could be learned from the many informative public information films that made use of talented folks in the government, media and entertainment industries. Yes there have and are campaigns running at the moment but they need to be on every station and media outlet all the time. Hammer the messages home. We have come so far but forgotten so much.
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    I am furloughed on what is effectively sub minimum wage, and probably will not have a job to go back to. BUT, I like being am home. Lucky in that I have loads of space and plenty do here, vehicles, machinery, building work, animals, fencing etc, and have appreciated the gift of time. I can cope with isolation very well, and have often said that if I never had to speak to another human being, it would be fine. Interests and hobbies are the key, and it always surprises me how many people have no interests in anything "real". Watching football and buying the latest club "B" team away shirt or watching F1 is NOT a hobby. In fact, if I could see a way to get by financially, I would not go back to work. Its such a drag on ones time.
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    As we're doing puppy pictures... Got this chap just before the lockdown, 4mths old, mother is a springador, dad is pure lab. Picture taken shortly after a bath, due to his first dip in the tide pool at Weston-Super-Mare Hoping to work him, instincts seem good. Attempts to retrieve pigeons in the garden. Never trained a working dog but getting some tips from a pro. Still not made any progress on the 110, as it's at the wrong house!!
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    Anvil attachment nearly finished regards Stephen
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    Well, I'm staying in my bunker holdout. We are fortunate in that we own the property and a bit of land and don't have a mortgage to pay. Just the occasional 5 minute trip down to the village to resupply essentials and that's it for us, the animal feeds are being delivered so no issue there. My son has been doing a mix of working from home [still not sure what a production facility maintenance engineer can do at home other than updating records] and now having to go in as they are planning to restart production soon but he is the only one "going out", the rest here are either working from home or off while the colleges are shut. That said he is staying totally separate and independent from the rest of the family. As long as we can continue on this path then so be it, I'm in my 60's and would rather put my health before capital gain. But we do have a minor issue. My working strain Springer Spaniel had a litter of pups back in mid March. I had her covered in January when C19 was not the issue in the UK. Now the pups are ready to leave but I'm amazed at the number of people who seem to believe it is ok to travel from one end of the country to another to come and view. Well sorry chums but that is not going to happen, no matter how unreasonable you think I am I am just not taking the risk. Nor am I sending puppies to all points of the compass via animal courier either. I'm not a commercial breeder, just someone who wanted one small litter so I could keep a pup or two and carry on the line as I like my bitch. I think we may be keeping an extra pup or two....
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    My point was Ross that it wasn't a strictly necessary journey, rather an answer to the boredom of lock down and a time opportunity since by your own admission you hadn't previously had the time to get up there 😊 I think the answer to your road cycling friends is a sniper 😊 even when the pandemic is over 😉 Mo
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    Being out and about on my working days I can say that the vast majority of people are abiding by the lock down restrictions, though as time passes and lock down prevents infection some are becoming over confident and are out unnecessarily. By example I'll highlight Ross @landroversforever, going to his workshop, probably a quite harmless but unnecessary journey and not following the spirit of lock down. The national media would have you think that the nation is in near revolt over lock down ! The Media tends dramatise, sensationalise and exaggerate the stories it's reporting because that sells advertising space and that rather colours our general view of what's going on outside, particularly if you are staying home and it's your principal source of information. I honestly believe that there is a case, in times of national crisis, for there to be more control of the national media so that it can provide a more supportive role to the nations efforts to resolve the crisis rather than attempting to cut the legs from under it. To me they seem to be attempting to profit from the crisis rather than being part of the solution. Who knows where the meme that Ross posted up came from originally, Moscow ? Tehran ? or Beijing ? created perhaps with the sole purpose of gently creating discord in our nation. I'm not going to bang a gong for Boris but for the government who are trying to steer the nation through this pandemic, however ineptly. They have made mistakes, for example with the lack of provision and poor quality of PPE (and I as well as many others have been at the sharp end of that one) but don't think it would have been any different with a Labour or Lib Dem government, the roots of that particular problem go back 20 years. Hindsight is a most wonderful tool ! They are trying to juggle the medical needs of the nation with the economic needs, vociferous critics and a population growing weary of lock down. We have to pull through it as a nation not as a bunch of armchair critics, sowing dissent and looking out only for ourselves. That goes for the very brightest brains out there as well as the not quite so bright. Of course, there is a place for discussion and review but it needs to be objective and present solutions rather than to score political points or provide increased income If we don't work together as a nation then the price will be paid not by you but by your parents, your grandparents and those trying to protect them. Is that a price worth paying ? Mo (Who's now off out now to do his bit for the covid infected, under resourced with flimsy PPE and being paid a pittance 😉) Ps Ross, I haven't singled you out, you just happened to own 2 forum examples I could use.
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    Smoother than a cashmere codpiece
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    I'm busier than usual - mainly because it's so easy to work longer hours. I'm still doing the occasional site visit, which is nice. I enjoy not being in the office as I have nothing in common with most of my colleagues. Most of them are engineers, so have problems with normal speech - anything more than one syllable, personal hygiene and eating crayons. They don't understand my work and so, like fire, it is best avoided. Added to which, my work destroys their work, so I'm top trump - this confuses them. My work also confuses the 'bean counters', a sub race of civil servants that has split off from homo sapiens, to form what is known as Homo quantitysurveyorensis - one of those dead end splits of the genetic line. Like Smaug, they like to sleep on piles of money, dreaming of yet more forms to delay, or if possible negate any expenditure...
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    Twenty five years ago, I was renting a little aircraft in western France (a Jodel D112) that has no starter - it uses a VW beetle engine stripped down for weight. Starting was done by hand swinging the prop, just like you see with WWI vintage aircraft. It was a bit awkward to do alone - it had no parking brake. I’d have to check the wheel chocks, set the engine controls and ignition, swing the prop to start the engine, then remove the chocks from the wheels by getting between the running prop and the front of the wing, then run around the back of the wing to get in before it wandered off... I didn’t really enjoy that machine. 🤬
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    That's why I'd be ok with it in the garage. At least it has half a chance of telling me where the f&^%ing 10mm socket is.
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    I seem to have issues putting up more than 3 or 4 pictures whilst some posts have several don't know how you do this but never mind So machined prop flange Took 18mm of it Now when built up I can shorten diff splined shaft by 28mm or just over an inch in old money Doesn't sound a lot but I need every bit I can get with trying to put the 404's under a short wheelbase regards Stephen
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    I honestly thinks that it's time to get over it. The new Defender will not replace the old one in our minds, whilst JLR have done what they think is correct.They think it's the right way forward as part of their vehicle range and haven't done it the hope that it will drive them out of business. We will see how they perform in terms of sales and more importantly bottom line. Even if we disagree, why would we wish ill on them? Certainly I wouldn't want them to go bust.
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    Well I was alert when I popped down to the village shop to pick up some milk and bread at the weekend, alert to the shed loads of people who emerged blinking into the sunlight who flooded onto the roads around the place. Never seen so many pale, pram pushing, backpack wearing individuals shambling about. there were cyclists everywhere too, quite off putting, I was glad to get out of it ...people urgh 😷
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    I think the suspension is too complex. 4 leaf springs, 4 shocks and a track rod should do the job well enough.
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    So far I have got a Disco 2 engine changed and running sweetly, I have changed the heater matrix on my P38 and am in the process of completing an LPG conversion, My other D2 is on axle stands getting a ball joint changed and my mini is on the trailer to go into the paddock, for a gearbox conversion, as soon as the D2 is off axle stands. I have recently rehomed my youngest son as my ex didn't think 2m of social distancing was enough between the two of them so opted for 35 miles he is settling in fine and don't see a problem as I rarely see him out of his room. (Teenagers!!) Have bought another D2 to play with and contemplating another P38 because it is cheap. Henry is getting plenty of walks too. This is Henry a dog who is never away from my side.
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    When I worked at Westoe Colliery rather a long time ago we had a stone jam the crusher on bank (about the size of a mini), the newly graduated mining engineer decided to blow it in situ. Me, I wanted to break it up with windy picks, but he was the graduate and I wasn't so we let him get on with it. Mines and Quarries Act said something about not using part sticks of Penobel , told him I had a locker full of wee bits we could have used, but no, he insisted on a full stick. So hole drilled stick and gel stem shoved down hole attached to det box, everyone in top yard hiding in blockhouse. Siren sounded, button pressed, a not so muffled WHUMP and we wanders out to have look. Crusher was made of inch thick hot riveted boiler plate, prior to this it was a rectangular affair, post whump is was more barrel shaped, a fitter was later quoted as saying "effing rivets was flying round like bullets" at the enquiry... The graduate engineer didn't last long in that job
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    Indeed ! I work in Central Government and I’m surrounded by people working their ass off. It’s brought the best out in people.
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    Well I live in rural Northumberland, the road outside my house is a cracking ride if you are into motorbikes, judging by the 30-40 who went past over the weekend.... This virus terrifies me, (and not just because I'm in a very high risk group) RNA viruses mutate at a significantly greater rate than DNA viruses (damn, It looks like I remembered some of the Virology lectures from my degree after all), each time it moves between hosts the opportunity to mutate arises.... Whilst lockdown will bankrupt me financially, at the end of the day I'll still be alive.
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    I’d chip in if we are having a collection for a sniper ?
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    I know you didn’t single me out deliberately Mo, but I’ve not been driving there. I’ve only gone when the weather has been nice and I’ve cycled, which is about 1/4 mile through the village and then a well beaten bridleway track the rest of the distance. It’s 1.8miles to the door so about 10-15mins on the bike depending how hard I push (usually 15 ). I can’t see that being worse than some of my MAMIL friends off pedalling for 40/50/60miles in a day. Whilst there I’ve then been extremely careful with what I’ve been doing, discarding cutting discs etc when I would have carried on but also doubling up with safety specs and a shield.
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    Whilst it is the thin end of the wedge to state controlled media like China, Russia and North Korea, I, on some level, totally agree with you. The mainstream media seem to think the only thing that is going on at the moment it COVID, in reality they are just ignoring everything else and using their apparent moral superiority 'holding the government to account' over every piffling little detail, as if they were world class economists, epidemiologists and mental health exports all rolled into one that knows more than PHE, SAGE, NHS and the government put together. It is getting rather wearisome, and they are NOT helping the country's response to the epidemic. As for the devolved governments -well, they keep banging on about 'clarity' and all they have done is meant the UK as a whole has four sets of guidelines to follow. Sturgeon, for example, may be 'fuming' over Westminster interfering in 'Her' lockdown plans, but I'd warrant the advice from Westminster is far better resourced than her own panel.
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    I think the biggest barriers I’ve seen to people adhering to the lock down has been either; that it doesn’t seem real to them or their intelligence .... I think the vast majority of people have gone with it, either the spirit and letter or the restrictions, or at least to isolation. The ones who haven’t have either been on the news or an absolute minority observed in my local area.
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    We have power The LED battens are amazing - bright and a very clear light.
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    Land rovers handle well but you need to understand them to go quickly. They need to be driven like a front wheel drive. If you lift off half way round a bend your going into the hedge. But equally if you give it to much you'll be on your roof. I frequently upset cars by hustling along way quicker than they expect. If yours doesn't then it needs loading differently, the suspension needs looking at or I'm afraid you need to learn how to drive it quickly (no offense intended). Mike
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    You could fit some of these too ! More weight saved, wiring, motors, switches etc More exercise for you too.
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    for those too young to appreciate this:
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    It’ll have deep questions like “how can I modify the head rests so they don’t squash my man-bun?” and “does anyone make an accessory that will better secure the specific shape of my Gucci sunglasses?” You know, the important stuff...
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    Hi all, sorted and now running a dream! Found it was a combination of things... Old fuel (drained it out and filled it back up with new fuel), took out all the spark plugs, cleaned them and when I checked the crank shaft sensor the cable connector fell apart in my hands 😩. Replaced and it fired up as if nothing was wrong! Thanks for all your help! (sorry for the delay posting this reply - covid has put a damper on things!)
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    Been fitting some electrics this weekend. Got a couple of double sockets in and the lights mounted. The LAP battens are very easy to fit - hopefully they’ll be nice and bright with a good spread of light. They daisy-chain up to a max. of 8 units for this size. The focus now is going to be getting the floor prepared, with a view to hopefully painting it next weekend. If I can get that done then I can start on things like the workbench and even move some bits in like my toolboxes. That way even if we are still in lockdown I can move it along in some way.
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    Prepped & painted my Richards Chassis a few weeks ago. De-grease, T-Wash, etch prime and Frosts Extreme Chassis Black (satin). By the way, the black marks on the wall are NOT overspray but exhaust soot, a result of reversing down the drive and parking in the same spot for over 20-years. 😁
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    Well I did say I was going to insulate the doors... not great for access though Might have over-done it slightly but the roof will take quite a bit to fill so we shall see. Weather looks rubbish for this weekend but I hope to be able to get on with a fair bit inside.
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    I've been very good. I've not bought a 101 GS. Yet.
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    You think yours is epic scale mission creep? Mine started as a wiring loom change!
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    I also have one floor standing find it very useful have a coarse disc and a fine belt on it what I have noticed is that I use it more and more to clean up rough edges that I would normally have done with a grinder and flap disc the other benefit for me is I find my hands ache less the following day For example if I'm making agility weaves I may have upwards of 150 seperate pieces of metal to round off and make safe so nothing can hurt a dog when in use prior to getting the sander I would do all that with a grinder and my hands would be stiff and aching the next day not so much now I would'nt be without mine now regards Stephen
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    Let's hope they go bust 😆 Then Ineos can snap up the name and the factories and build something a little more honest without job losses. Mo
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    Right. Conversion cost: Approx £75,000 Range: 150 miles Towing capacity: 2.5t Weight: Approx 2.3t Really....... This is not the future - not even if they could half or reduce to a 1/3 rd of the conversion costs. Not to mention the legal problems in many countries for the change in fuel type.. Nice. No thanks. I'll keep polluting the earth as long as I can. Sorry
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    We are in this situation now. It is Maxis trepador that's all the rage. It is bigger, now 37 or 40 inch. But from what I saw, they fill up and don't self clean very well as they are not as course as a simex or bogger. But being bigger, you don't get stuck as much as the diff is higher of the ground. A shame it went this way, as it pretty much brings us into special axles teritory, and that puts people off the sport I reckon. Daan
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    Guidance for employers is published publicly now, previously was being forwarded just to heads of business: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19
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    People claiming live beam axles drive badly are either driving badly maintained vehicles or are incompetent. They don’t drive like sports cars, but they certainly aren’t a struggle.
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    I kind of want to give them a ring now for sourcing a new crank seal for the Sandringham . Left the factory as a 3.5V8, 2 axle 109. Then had another axle added and became a 139". Then had a 5.7l diesel fitted at some point (which is what's on the V5, which still lists it as a 2 axle) but now has a 2.8l straight 6 from a Nissan in it. And now I'm seriously contemplating a 6.5l turbo-charged V8 diesel .
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    Ok Charles, there are one or two engineers who have adopted a more civilised style - and you are one of the better ones. I've not seen you eat crayons for years
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    The DC100 was good in its own right, but panned as a replacement for the Defender. That is pretty much what most of us are saying about the new Defender - a good car, but an utterly inappropriate replacement. So, even that was carried over from the DC100. But you can see a lot of the styling cues are the same, and the DO NOT have tones of the original Defender, regardless of JLR claims.
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    People trafficker. 😉 ✈️
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    Hi guys Well after sorting a couple of niggles out yesterday and decided to give the 2 landies a run out to the Peak District, here are some pic's
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    Hi chaps, my apologies for not replying been fairly busy and just completely forgot to be honest. Happy to report its all back up and running and seems to be okay! what i replaced: Half-shafts, CV joints, stub axles, wheel bearings, drive shaft wheel flanges, both callipers along with new pads, fresh oil and brake fluid. As i once said i had never done anything like this before, i'm only 19 😂 But i'm confident that with a little engineering knowledge and following the Haynes manual, the work i did is up to standard. For those of you who suggested the later system of the bearing nuts, i see your point but i'm happy with the two nut system and seems to work perfectly fine so i shall keep it that way. Thanks to all of you for the advice and knowledge, was a massive help!
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    As monkie says there are plenty of other seasonal bugs about. However anyone presenting with acute respiratory distress with no previous history thereof, a high temperature or a continuous cough may well be infected with covid. This virus seems to present variously with regard to symptoms in different people. If you are suffering with new to you breathing difficulties and are worried then call your GP, 111 or 999. Mo

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