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    At last weekends LR show we treated ourselves to a Wolf ambulance from Withams. I'm planning on having it delivered asap but can anybody help me with the process from there? I understand I need to: 1. Get it insured. Footman James have said no, Lancaster are going to call back tomorrow and Adrian Flux have quoted (sensible). Any others to try? 2. Book an MOT and drive it there 3. Hopefully bring it home MOT'd 4. DVLA paperwork...... Any ideas? What do I need to fill in? Can I register it as a camper (my plan is to convert) Is it viable to convert to 12v? If so i'll have a load of 24v parts for sale!
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    Has anyone put power steering into their FC 101 that does not involve cutting into the front of the chassis. I know most Disco 1 and 2, P38 and 110 boxes can be used but involve cutting into the chassis. I am not prepared to cut into the chassis - drill holes, weld yes but not cut bits out of it. I have checked a Jeep Wrangler box and it would fit where the original box is without too much modification BUT there is a major issue in that the output shaft turns the wrong way . So if anyone has power steering on their 101 does not involve cutting the chassis please post up how it was done. Thanks Garry
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    Hi, some of you might know i got myself a pulse ambulance. Can anyone tell me if the Diffs in the front and rear axles are standard rover 24 spline. I know they are 24 spline but would they just be called "rover" ? Would i just be able to bolt in a TrueTrack destined for a "Rover 24" TA Neill
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    hi, I have ex mod 110 td 1991 rolling chassis project which was a van td, at the stage now where I want to fit exhaust system on it, I know I will have to alter the down pipe to fit discovery 200tdi engine I've put in it as I did with my 90, I want to make it into a station wagon but which is the correct exhaust system and part numbers would be a good help thks dd
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    Hi, thinking of getting me a 130 Ambulance. lots of questions... is it a class 4 MOT? Whats its GVW? Does the 24v cause issues. Can i get rid of it? Can I insure it at a normal place? anything thats a RPITA to carry on using one? I think getting it registered is pretty easy once I got the MOT. Similar to when we brought Matilda home after the trip. So other than the insurance and MOT are there any "living with one" issues. e.g. are the spares pretty much the same? I presume normal 130 springs and shocks and general consumables like hub bearings and stuff. Thanks Neill ps feeling like a newbee again..........
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    I googled for hours to try and fix this and finally I found something useful. To reset a locked out Eberspacher D5LC (may work on other models) all you need to do I short out two wires. You do not need to buy a 701 or 801 controller or take it to a dealer. 25 1688 50 00 / 12V and 25 1689 50 00 / 24V in versions R0,R1,R2,R3,R4 are confirmed to work. Although you need to short the wires for longer time on the R3 and R4 models of ECU. Up to 5 seconds for the R3,R4 and up to 2 seconds for the R0,R1,R2. To do this try to start the unit as normal. This will not work as its locked out however you will get an illuminated Green LED in the middle of the dial. With the Green LED illuminated short out the two pins as per the diagram below. Do not remove the wires just short them out where they are. The heater should immediately start up if the duration of short is long enough. Mine took 3 seconds maybe as its an R4 Remove the short as soon as the heater starts up The green light may blink the last error code whilst the heater is running Let the heater run for a good few minutes and then allow it to shut down as normal by turning the control knob to off position Allow it to fully cool down and shutdown Power cycle the heater and then attempt a fresh restart. The green light should be steady with no blink codes and it should now be unlocked. The symptoms of a lockout for me was upon turning on the heater the fan didn't blow and the unit did not start. The green LED was steady indicating no fault codes and no matter what I did it would not go into start-up procedure. This seems typical of a lock-out. All I did was have a low fuel tank and this locked it out.
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    If anyone has read my posts you will understand that i am new to having a Landy (and loving it) but even though i have a new battery i am finding the starting of engine not great and seems to be taking longer and longer to start. mine has a choke which someone has said is unusable......is this true? i have also been advised to check the glow plugs and change if necessary anyone got any suggestions the correct starting process and mine doesnt have a light on dash like other diesels do.......probably because its an ex-MOD
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    OK guys, if you have a light stone coloured vehicle what colour is it declared as on your V5? Yellow or beige?
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    First release! http://www.mod-sales.com/direct/vehicle/,25,/77257/Land_Rover.htm
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    Is it possible to use the clansman FFR antena mount used ont he LWTs origininaly etc with a conventional CB ? so it looks original ihs but use a Cb with it ?
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    Yes the ambulances are definitely better with a bit of weight in the back to bring the CoG down. With all the fittings stripped out and bare in the back mine was markedly different, less lean, more slide
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    Hello, 1st post on here as I am hoping someine can help me? I have a widetrack trailer and have started to refurbish it. I have stripped the leaf springs and removed the damaged spring bushes. They are not the same as Series spring buhes. Does anyone know what they are from? They measure 5/8" ID, 1 3/8" OD, 2 11/16" long. Thank you
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    Hi, Wondering if anyone has had any experience of fitting Jackable Rock/Tree (protector) Sliders onto their 110 FFR. The side lockers are overhanding the area at the moment and I have read on some US sites where they have cut the bottom of the locker doors a bit to get them to fit but wondered if anyone has done this is in the UK or can recommend a supplier? Thanks Taffia
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    To add the above, the 101 manual steering box is a bit of a weak point, the ball bearings can corrode or shear and the races pit until they fail and the column unwinds instead of steering, it happened to me! I t was years ago when spares were still obtainable easily. You can machine the column and put proper bearings in but it's a fair bit of work.
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    hi can anyone help me with a part number for the oil temp sender that fits into the sump on a V8?....................................many thanks
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    Can anyone supply me with the part numbers for the roof bars for a Wolf hard top? Previous post has a picture but need some numbers and the guy who provided the picture does not want to reply for some reason. Any one able to help??? Regards Stu
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    New guidance for O/T threads and posts, giving a clear picture of what is acceptable. Please read this link - http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=73660 Thanks
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    Anyone familiar with 101s will know of their front driveshaft design issue, commonly called the "101 Rumble" where the front driveshaft causes mild vibration and noise on the overrun above about 90kph. There are two ways this can be reduced - the first is rotating the front axle housing up 17.5 degrees which is a fairly big job and I am not wanting to go this route. The second way is to lower the engine/gearbox on the drivers side so reducing the steep angle of the front driveshaft. HOWEVER I am not sure what the recommended amount is for lowering the engine and gearbox. Does anywith 101 knowledge know how much to lower? For those who might want to suggest modifiying the driveshaft, I can assure you that tis has been looked by many, many people over the years and variations have not been successful. Maybe a shaft with CVs at either end would work but be expensive to build - likewise a D2 style shaft with a double carden has proven not to work. So I would appreciate advice on how much to lower the engine. Thanks Garry
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    Malcolm Whitbread used a LHD defender style steering box so the input pointed forwards and then a 90 degree bevel box at bottom of column. The 101 relay is larger than a series unit so should survive having power steering through it and adds an element of further damping so should help improve steering box life when offroading. Cutting and vee-ing the chassis isn't a terribly messy way of doing it, rebuilding the top of the rail over the v would add strength back in and might make it a tad neater.
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    Bought some LR bits from forum member who will remain nameless (Ross) ...to be delivered to me by Mr V8 Freak.... And this is what's waiting Sigh....
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    If you have a standing order to LR4x4.com Please read the info in this link http://forums.lr4x4....772#entry727634 & act on it to reset your standind order payments.
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    Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows whether a 101 axle is the same width as a Defender axle? Thanks,
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    Just bought from mid direct lr defender 110 wolf soft top. Rang a few insurance companies who don't have it listed. Anyone pls recommend a good company? Need the cover note to register with dvla to get plates etc. Many thanks for any pointers.
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    Tommorow morning when your sitting having your first coffee or tea of the day, just sit and take five minutes to think about what was happening in Normandy 70 years ago and all the young men who gave their lives


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