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    Won't you have issues with crank length and the oil pump if you swap to a front cover with a distributor?
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    I seem to remember taping mine on with duck tape. That seems to have held up very well...
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    Something similar's been the case for Morgans in the past: when the "Plus8" model was announced a few decades back they sold the first year's production-run before anyone had seen/driven it. This: https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry/jaguar-land-rover-%E2%80%98poised-cut-5000-jobs%E2%80%99 is of note. JLR bet the farm on Diesels and Chinese sales: now the world's turning big-time against Diesel and China's having a bit of a slowdown.
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    Hi Folks, Finally got round to giving it another go. This time, the seal seemed to fit better around the windscreen glass by leaving a little more of the excess at the four corners. Fitted a rope into the groove and lubed up with some silicon spray (the stuff used for fitting plastic drain pipes). With the help of my better half, we positioned the screen and started fitting. It was all pretty straight forward except for one corner which as a complete *itch. That said, once all pulled round and tapped in place, it's fitted really well. Not had time to test it for leaks yet. Thanks for all the tips. Some images attached. Simon...
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    But it appears some Rolex flashers are plonking down a grand deposit on a build slot booking for a vehicle that they have no idea what will be like yet. "I must be one of the first to own one and show the lemmings I can pee higher than them" syndrome.
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    I think that those of you who believe the new model will be a working vehicle are mistaken. Land Rover have behaved for some while now as if they're embarrassed to be associated with blue collar workers or manual labour. It seems fairly clear it will be a lifestyle vehicle, not a fleet or working vehicle.


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