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    They use 2.5m steel for the legs same as Richards and 4mm for rear x member, bolt in gear box x member as standard. They don't remove any excess galv from bolt holes but the chassis they had on display didn't look bad TBH. Guess I'll see when it arrives in 3 weeks! I'll be sure to put up a rebuild thread and let you all know what it is like.
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    Your supposed to used different sized ones. There are 40 between 58.325mm up to 59.300mm in increments of 0.025mm. As i haven't got the facilities to set the gear bearing group up properly with a dial indicator etc. Im going to use the existing fixed width one, tighten up to a reasonable force and hopefully not pinch too tight to impede the rotation. Anything will be better than how it was.
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    Thanks scotts, bowie! Scotts the spacer in mine is a fixed width one. I think i can reuse it. Any old o rings or should i be sourcing something special? I think i should jet was the extierior but maybe not a good idea to introduce water into the case. Bearings / rust etc. Some clean rags, degreaser patience and clean the bearings methodically. Reassemble nicely and remount it and move on in life. You guys, all of you, amazingly supportive. Thank you! Now I'm able to offer advice based on experience too. Experience has made all the difference to this particular novice
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    Pretty sure I've got an old crush spacer in my "boxoflt230bits" and if memory serves it was deformed way more than the one in your pics. Will measure tonight if I can find it.
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    Ok yes that makes sense. It was worth a mention IMHO ☺️ If I were you and I'd had that offer from Dave Ashcroft I would simply pickup the phone. You can describe exactly what you've got, what you can see and I'm sure he will know what's happened and have a solution.
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    I generally fill through the plug on the rad and then do as Ralph suggests and finally check that the heater is getting hot before replacing the cap.
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    I have a 300tdi in my series which uses the 300tdi motor mounts, these mounts transfer very little vibration in the vehicle. As for noise control I used "silent coat" over all panels from the seatbox downwards. Plus on the floor panels I have 10mm high density foam. The one thing that helped the most with noise control in the cabin is plugging or sealing all the holes in the body panels. This took a long time but effective in the end. The one area that I would like to point out that created the most noise is the lack of sealing between the bulkhead and the transmission tunnel cover. Solve that and you'll enjoy quieter motoring. We now can drive long distances without the need for ear plugs. Todd.
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    Morning All, Treasurer speaking As many will be aware, after I looked into the funding situation of the forum, and noticed that past upgrades had made incorrect status changes, on resetting things to be as they should have been, the issue of Members & their "Avatars" arose,. After much chewing and discussions in the A&M Team I am now able to give not just some clarification and a final update, but have also decided that it would be a good idea for members new and old to have it very clearly outlined as to the groups, and the processes of moving within each. So here goes ! Finbally, on the question of Avatars, if you are in "Settled In" or either of the 2 x 'Supporter' groups, it is possible you may not have the ability to replace your Picture, if this is the case please PM me and I'll go and make the appropriate changes, in the meantime this will be posted at the top of every forum so new members can see about the groups, and also about how to go about supporting the Forum financially This "Header" will be deleted in say approx 1 month - just leaving the outline of groups and fundings set out below. In the meantime I have a lot of work to do behind the scenes to finalise everything. There are still 3 x People who I have regular monies from that I cannot allocate ! these are : Mr & Mrs Sheppard Mr C Grady M Baynham James Lees If you are one of the 4 x reading this PLEASE PM ME !!!!! Sorry its taken a while, but its a mammoth task + then to also get to grips with the historical issues which then arose on top which were rather unexpected !. Nige ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How 'Membership Levels' work & How to help financially support LR4x4.com Guest The "GUEST" Level. As a "Guest" you have very limited board access, as you are not yet a LR4x4 Member. You can view and read parts of the Forum, but cannot post or comment. To do this you need to Register New Faces. Now you are a Member. However, all your initial posts are scanned and approved by Admin & Moderators to check your not a Scammer,, Troll, or posting unsuitable posts. When we have decided your a serious new member of LR4x4 you move to : Getting Comfortable Now you can post without approval, and upload attachments, use the 'Personal Messenger' system, 'Calendar', and 'Gallery', and access to other 'Sub Forums'. 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    I do not think its possible for the case to wear that much.
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    Are you able to lay out the items that were there in place, in a line so we can see exactly what's been fitted (or not)?
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    10mm is a lot. the case does not look worn and to be honest it would be impossible to wear that much away. Theres only 10 parts the the inter shaft assembly including all the O rings and nuts etc. So Gear, Crush Spacer, 2 x Bearings, 2 x O rings, Shaft, Plate, Bolt, Lock Nut. How theres a 10mm gap is a mystery. However you are correct about the case being squeezed to take up the float but NOT 10mm! Possibly 1mm max!
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    Update! Trip to Peterborough for the LRO Show yesterday and did a cash deal with Shielder for a new galv chassis, about £700 cheaper and lead time of 3 weeks. Now busy studying @western's chassis swap thread to see what else I need before it lands.
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    I still want someone to fit the polycarbonate see-thru version for ultimate awesomeness: https://www.hedman.com/product-detail/8401
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    Regarding pointing the diff pinion straight at the transfer box output, that's not neciserially a good idea. The straight UJ at the diff end effectively running a constant velocity V.S. a large angle ~12-15°+ (which is therefore running a non constant velocity) at the transfer box end can cause the prop to "slap" the centre diff on overrun at higher speeds. This sounds like a terribly rough bearing inside the T box! Horrible You're better off trying to equalise angles than at both ends and phase the It's to suit. If you keep the prop straight at one end and want all the angle to happen at the other end that needs to be a double Cardon joint that runs at effectively a constant velocity
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    Hi, once you have removed it, get it on a bench, remove the sump and give me a call and I will talk you through removing the gear, changing the intermediate bearings and dropping the gear back in, or you can stick it on a pallet and send it to me , if it just needs these 2 bearings, with new spacer and nut only about £75 parts and labour and about £60 return carriage, Dave 01582 496040
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    IIRC, one of the "three up the middle" is a dowel. On mine (which I pulled last week), I initially thought it was jammed until I realised I'd forgotten the 17mm nut on the stud at the top which the earth wire for the reversing switch was attached. if you haven't already, remove the right hand gearbox mount altogether - unbolt it from the chassis and the mounting rubber. That gives a bit more freedom to wiggle the box free.
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    Ralph, Thank you very much. That's great. Regards Nigel
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    Hi again Nick and guys. Sorry i've not post anything regarding the ( Ticking Noise ) but after my last weekend trip my other half wanted to go on holiday, so.... Anyway this gave me some time to reflect on things regarding the engine and in the end, i've decided to bite the bullet and try to get as much done as i can in one go. Obviously this has meant saving up lots of pennies as this will cost a few quid to do it right. I don't really want to be stripping the head off again in a hurry !!!. So..i've still to check the Tappet Guides but it's been raining again and again. Depending on what i find under closer inspection will determine if i buy a full new set. Plus valve guides, plus new hotspots, new valve stems plus FITTING!!. I'M kind of looking around the £250-300 pound mark i reckon. So anyway, i shall let you know my findings as soon as i'm able. Cheers Dave.
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    All fixed for under £500 and just passed the MOT (after changing the TREs)
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    For my part I would prefer to see the .com retained. As Mav rightly points out LR4x4 on it's own means diddly squat so it needs to show an online association.