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    You're sharing a forum with Hybrid_From_Hell who can end up in A+E just making a cup of tea and you're wondering how someone could injure themselves working on their car?
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    made me cringe until I realised it was on your finger...
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    Having said all the above, I've just bought a chain saw.
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    Can I remind all that this is a forum for discussing Land Rover and 4x4-related matters and not for idle chat. More specifically, personal attacks and derisory language are not acceptable. Discussion on Coronavirus is no problem - but please keep it civil.
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    Kitchen roll to toilet roll via bandsaw lol regards Stephen
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    I've decided to stay home from today. It was a tough decision because my work place is still open and I'm unlikely to get paid. However I have two young children one with a suspect chest who is always getting coughs. I feel guilty being off with nothing wrong with me/my family. However I felt far more guilty yesterday being still at work and potentially spreading the virus. Having said that I will be working on various projects while at home. Mike
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    you have 3 months of lockdown. Should be able to do a decent job with a fine file. Will keep you quiet for ages!
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    Much of the Media is just there to poke people with sticks. If we didn’t have daily empty shelves pictures how much less panic buying would we have? Much of the Media pour petrol, fan the flames and then near gleefully report elderly and NHS workers in tears as they can’t get any food. Anything apparently fair game to sell a few more papers.
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    Yes you have to keep up with the guidelines and yes that makes it more tricky. Lockdown is about the timing. Too early and everybody is safe but the virus is still out there and the economy grinds to a halt. Once everybody comes out they all get the virus, too late and the NHS is overwhelmed and people die that with access to medical assistance would have survived. So we went in a little lax but the curve is well on the up so it’s time to really get the brakes on the spread. It’s let’s get really serious time now. Going outside to remote places is sort of the right idea but if everybody has that idea then it’s wrong idea. No point walking around for 4 hours to go and catch it off the gate handle to the car park or the person in front of you on the take away queue. Doctors will be killing themselves trying to save people how about we just stay away from each other for a few months ?
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    If it were me and I was working at home / not working then I'd probably consider that a daily form of exercise. One thing to perhaps bear in mind is on the route do you have to open any gates etc., because that'd be where the risk lies. When I lived in Surrey I'd probably cover 5-10 miles a day walking the dogs so I think that's a reasonable distance for your daily exercise. So what you need is a Labrador puppy (more reliable than girlfriends and loyal to a fault) : Wonder what's going to happen in a few weeks when it's time to offload the puppies. One isn't too bad because it's destined for my folks a couple of miles away but one is going to Bristol and another to somewhere near / in London. Don't really want to have to start dealing with this level of s***e for several months!
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    Managed to get the necessary bits and pieces from Screwfix this week, so have had a knackering day hanging doors. The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice there’s a bit of cladding missing - most annoyingly I was one piece short so I’ll have to wait until the timber merchant is open again to get another. The alignment isn’t perfect, these hinges are a pig to set up, but it’s not far off. The big door might need to come up a few mm in time, but the main thing is that they’re on and they’ll keep the worst of the rain out. Seals are on order to hopefully make them fully weathertight.
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    The problem with poor wheel travel even when you have lockers is stability. The body pitches all over the place and chances of rolling become higher. If you don't understand this, then you really need the experience. Arguing about it on the internet is useless. Get out there and see it. If you have not driven a modern Land Rover side by side at its limit next to a traditional one, then I can't see how you are really going to understand. I do and there are a few reasons why these modern ones are not as good. - Wheel travel is poor and they require more traction aids and are less stable in rough terrain. - The computerized control of the traction aids limits what they can do. There are a few conditions where the system can be beat. Allowing manual overrides of the lockers would help a lot. - Ground clearance is a lot worse as they have a flat bottom all at the same height. Traditional trucks are only low in a few spots. - The larger rim diameters require a shorter tyre sidewall. This means you can't lower pressures as far. Once terrain because difficult, traction is completely related to tyre pressure. These things will be okay for moderate terrain as long as you have the rear locker option. The larger tyres will make it nicer than a Disco 5. But take a traditional Defender and install a rear locker and it will beat it every time.
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    An old school Defender/disco wouldn't have the wheels off the floor in the first place is the point. You need to cross a ditch to do that, not drive slowly over a stone.
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    So in reality we are all Nigel in some way
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    Being in France and having had a week of lockdown already, you'd find it funny how many of my mates have fully tidied up their garages, anything to get out the house
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    Side discussion: crossaxling. Here's a picture of the same car many years ago, in a typical crossaxle. (Ignore the bottle on the front, I was trying to spray water on the intercooler for more power but the effect used too much water to be useful). Like everybody else I'd worked on improving the axle travel, longer shocks and wider travel on the joints etc to let the wheels move further, but the springs were the same. In this position all four wheels are touching the floor but the traction is quite marginal (on open diffs anyway) - all the weight, and therefore the grip, is on the front left and rear right. A heavy boot will spin the other two wheels with ease. Now imagine air springs, but instead of controlling the ride height there's a pipe between the front left and front right. The car would settle down slightly as the weight transferred equally across the axle, and there would be more grip as quickly as the air was able to transfer. LandRover have done this since L322/Disco 3 with a cross-axle valve, but the pipe they use is small so a lot of that work is done in the software too, which means it all looks very stiff and unnatural as these trucks make adjustments, and offroad progress is jerky. I'm hoping to make something much more responsive, even if I have to use a larger bore pipe. Professor Rafferty (SimonR) inspired a lot of this work, and he found an important point by actually going and trying this - by cross piping the axle the effect is to support the vehicle at the centreline - there would be almost no static roll stiffness if both axles were cross-connected. That would be exciting at any speed, but if climbing or descending a slope it could destabilise the vehicle. My hope will be to only open the crossaxle valve on the uphill axle, should be easy enough with an accelerometer, so that the vehicle climbs a slope like a Robin Reliant (supported on the two rear wheels and the middle of the front axle) and descends like a Morgan three-wheeler (two front wheels and the middle of the rear axle). The traction benefit will be more marginal on the uphill axle, but I'd prefer to stay the right way up).
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    The perfect buys for the current problem. https://witham.atgportals.net/auctions/7398/witham10109/lot-details/d791aee7-d993-41b8-8a13-ab7d0094427a https://witham.atgportals.net/auctions/7413/witham10110/lot-details/53fe543c-f6de-4b55-b4b4-ab8200bc0990
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    Can we remember that this is an unusual stress for most of us, and we are all reacting out of character as a result? I apologise if I've inadvertantly offended anyone. I'm not coping with seeing freedoms being removed, and I'm resentful as a result. I want this to be over, and get irate when I think people might do things that extend the lockdown.
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    Best not. Unless, as suggested, you exercise to get there. Possibly. We have to decide: is it right to do exactly what they say, or try to circumvent it? If we circumvent it, will that encourage the idiots to do likewise and then the PTB will bring in vicious state control, rather than our current benign state control? Consequences. Not bothered about the idiots coming to harm, at all, but the powers will use non compliance as an excuse to bring out the army, I don't want to see them on the streets again. Ever. I'm staying put. Walk the dogs once a day. Shopping twice a week. But I do have the luxury of the workshop on site, so it's easy for me to say that.
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    That’s such a Land Rover owner response. 🙂 You can take my freedom but not my garage time !
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    3 weeks then the next 3 weeks then the next. we don't know how long this will go on for. I will try to make the most of my time doing something constructive whilst trying to minimise risk.
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    Yes its a model with TC.... but look how much more the rear axle is moving. Particularly how much further up into the arch the rear wheel goes. Add that the 90 above has a much shorter wheelbase than the 110 further up.
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    Use these on 3 Tdi's with 5 mm2 cable - never a problem Make sure you have a good crimp
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    V5 came back, the 109 is officially Historic
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    There's some really good stuff in the roll on skip next to my workshop - trying to resist the normal urge to climb in as it looks much like the Star Wars waste compactor .. 😬
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    And I needed the battery for my impact wrench. Plus I needed to take the car or for a run, the battery gets low after 5 days being idle. And, actually, we were out of food!!! Down to our last toilet roll, which was going stale.
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    It was in the shop I was doing my food shopping in, at a decent price. So no extra travel or risk.
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    I think Ogden disappeared many years ago, though their legend lives on! I want my own controller rather than an aftermarket or P38 controller for several reasons - first is the learning (remember this is a hobby, not transport), and second is the control. Third is that they're all quite spendy, probably good value compared to buying new bits but I've got most of the ingredients for about £200 using second hand/scrap/begging etc. It's certainly more complicated than cart springs or bits of metal, but we understand the failure modes after twenty years of P38 (and 25 years since RRC got airbags) - we should be able to tackle the common issues: Airbag failure - they're fairly easy to change the bladders, off the car at least. Air feed failure - override control of the individual solenoids, and/or manual inflation points. Ride height sensor failure - some clever logic (see below), or back to manual solenoids for inflation/deflation Compressor failure - could have an inflation point for an external airline, or carry a Halfords tyre compressor. If the P38 loses a ride height sensor, it freezes or drops you on the floor. If the L322 loses a height sensor (bong bong SUSPENSION FAILURE), it'll only do normal height. Surely, if it's blind to the height at one corner (and assuming flat ground and no other leaks or faults) then it could work out one height from the other three, or cycle the car down to the bump stops and fill both bags on that axle equally until the one sensor shows a good ride height. It might need some manual trimming, and maybe adjustment every half hour, but that'll get you home. It's more complex but springs break, become unseated, bushes wear out, shocks break etc etc etc.
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    Your opinion is noted. I do not agree with you and we can move on with that understanding.
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    Check this out: https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/news/coronavirus/2020-03/coronavirus-government-to-review-mot-testing-for-cars/ May already apply depending on the transit, and may apply for all motor vehicles in the future.
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    Coronaapocalypse escape vehicle? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264673074636
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    And also a metric bias against older folk. As a public service announcement, here are the conversions: https://www.convert-me.com/en/convert/length/?u=meter&v=2#british
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    Apart from destroying the centre diff quickly (or axle diff if you have different diameter tyres on each side of the same axle), it can cause dangerous handling characteristics. It was one of the issues that lead to a badly modified 110 ending up in a ditch and drowning the owners kids. Just don’t even think about it. You shouldn’t even have different tread patterns of the same tyre dimensions - all the tyres should match, including the spare.
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    Let's not beat about the bush, eh?
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    This may be the one shining light: Irrefutable climate and pollution data, the likes of which would have been unthinkable three months ago. Likely a collapse in cheap flying, and hopefully less stuff pointlessly shipped around the planet because its "cheaper". One can but hope.
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    Yay! I'm out of work lol.... company I work for doesn't have any contracts for a while so I'm finally getting the time off I was supposed to get at christmas So I'm starting with a couple of weeks of self impossed issolation in my workshop..... I've got a stockpile of duty free Woodford Researve, time for the fun to begin
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    This. I'm envious of those worrying about rice, bog roll and not being able to go to the pub: I can see what's coming and it isn't pretty. The loss of life (in every possible respect; not just people dying) will be orders of magnitude worse than the virus itself. None of us are about to have the life we thought we would. Sing it with me? How sweeee-eee-eeeet to be an idiot....
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    Why are you expecting everyone to be wearing a mask, when it’s been proven that they offer no material benefit?
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    OK a bit of a Coronavirus isolation update. I have been working on a few things First I have re trimmed my seats with Masai black and red stitching. They look great and were really not hard to do once you have watched a couple of online videos. I would really recommend doing this if your seats are ripped or manky
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    Paddy? Irritating cabaret/game show host. Freddie has calmed a little. Harris has done some proper car stuff this season, the McRae piece was epic, especially as he was rallying as I got my driving licence.
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    Yeah ta, it's obviously been looked after, think the last owner had it pretty much from new, needs a bit of repair on the bulkhead but otherwise pretty tip top - lovely straight panels. Was surprised how well the 6 cylinder does on fuel v the 4 cylinder. It's quite a nice refined engine though with lots of torque, so gearchanges are nowhere near as frequent. There was a later R6 version ( https://www.landyonline.co.za/specs/series3.htm) that had the same power/torque as a Tdi (and a nice 3.8 diesel) Just managed to scrape a flight home through the corona madness in the nick of time - few more pics...
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    Agreed, but it is a balancing act, people will die in the future if there isn't enough tax monies around to pay for stuff because the economy is in a -30% depression, for example, through starvation and lack of healthcare. So future lives need to balanced by 'now' lives. I don't envy them at all, but I do think they are doing a good job, despite Piers Morgan's rants. Also, a friend of mine, her sister in law's grandad just succumbed to the virus, and passed away in Weston super mare.
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    Thanks guys. I may have one or two projects that can keep me busy. Mike
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    Yes, I'm saying they are not as long as you know what you are doing. I've worked in heavy industry for many decades. Safety is taken seriously. This is not 1950. If you do not know what you are doing, go sit on the couch and bitch at everyone on the internet.
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    That’s the sort of minor task I’m excluding from significant risk, and if the vehicle is at home, great. Enjoy your work. But some on here are fitting gearboxes, welding, derusting chassis, removing suspension components and so on. They are not low risk, and in must cases also not urgent. I’m sure you can see what I’m getting at. As for using remote garages or workshops, getting there risks spreading the virus, even if you don’t have it yourself. Bowie’s example of using petrol pumps is a pretty good one. But non-essential journeys present a risk that could require the emergency services. Is there much likelihood? Not really, but it there a real need for the journey during these extraordinary times? Also no. The tighter we can all keep the quarantine, wherever we are, the sooner all this will pass and with the least health and economic impacts to all of us.
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    Good answer it inspires confidence that we won't be locked down for the next 3 years at least!
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    What I see on here is a great amount of common sense actually. People looking at what the restrictions mean, with a will to comply. It is encouraging. Pragmatism and a bit of thought is a useful thing in these times. For instance, if your workshop @landroversforever, is 10 miles from your home and by going there a few times it will mean you have to fill up with fuel sooner than you might, then really, no, it is not helping the effort. A fuel station is going to be a pretty good spreader at this time, and no contactless on a tankful.... If you can cycle there, then I don't really see a problem. Avoid other people completely and effectively you are safe. However.... if you manage to injure yourself and need to go to A&E you are a huge drain, so think about that..... do less dangerous stuff? Potter and tidy, rather than do that chassis swap, for example... Consider and decide for yourself, but do consider.
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    I can quite easily and happily disinfect it 👍🏻 I am disinfecting my hands whenever necessary atm with Hibiscrub , the stuff surgeons use when they scrub in , we have it for the pigs and luckily I have half a gallon so got some in the house , the workshop and my car ! My social contact is very limited anyway so might only need to use it once or twice . Better na nowt anyway !
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    What you are describing here is a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, one I am certain will be a large part of the fleet going forward. 4 minutes to fill and 400 mile range easily achievable, just need the infrastructure.

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