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    That's the point of all those off-road courses, make it a bit sideways and tippy for somebody who has never been in a vehicle on anything more than a steep driveway so that they go "ooh that's amazing", then throw in some mud, and then get their chequebook out. Most people in the world have no idea what proper off-road driving is like and it always amuses me here when somebody turns up saying they've driven off-road. A few have, but most go quiet after a bit ... I remember taking some tourists to a popular wildlife destination a few years ago and one of them said after about an hour "is the track this bad all the way or does it get better" ... at which point I had to break the news we were, in fact, still on what we call 'the road', and 'the track' hadn't started yet
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    One of the “new kids on the block” is XD Chassis who are based on the Wirral. I was in their fabrication shop today for unrelated business and was shown the manufacturing process from start to finish ( apart from galvanising) the attention to detail is second to none. All parts are laser cut and have part numbers laser etched for identification. Never having seen a laser cutting operation I was mightily impressed. The width of the cut appears to be in the order of 0.5mm with no heat distortion. The sections are offered together and the fit is perfect, leading to better finished welds. XD chassis have also got the distribution rights or whatever you call it for the GKN chassis rails so can make OEM chassis replacements. I am hoping they start on bulkheads soon!
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    There’s quite a high load on the switch contacts so a high current is flowing. That current would like to flow for a bit longer or a bit sooner than when the contacts are properly closed. So it tries to jump the air gap, hence the spark. In addition, if there is dust, dirt, grease or something else coating the contacts, it is easier for that current to jump. That’s why @FridgeFreezer has suggested the contact cleaner spray. @simonpelly suggests a further step which is to re-wire so that those high current contacts are moved into a proper relay that is better suited to switching. In addition, the cabling will be much improved. There’s loads of info around on how to do this.
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    fitted the injectors today, all working fine again.
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    Sweet, it looks even cooler dirty: https://www.brianmicklethwaitsnewblog.com/2019/05/25/dirty-land-rover-in-soho/ ...did you know you can google image search number plates now? I had a feeling I'd seen the truck somewhere before and happened across this.
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    That's quite impressive if it seals. And probably won't grow mould either.
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    Very kind 😊 Should be getting the overdrive, new gearbox, new steering box, and some soundproofing in in January .... once that’s done I’m hoping to put some proper miles on it 😀🤞
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    Your Dog clearly knows it is on a shoot , what a lovely collection of ancestral heritage , I've never had a 107 sw but would love to be a keeper of one . keep the travel updates coming , I for one love it , thanks cheers Steve b
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    Gathering on the beach at the end of our drive.
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    Western, thank you, much appreciated. I did think it odd that it would be incorrect.
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    Ralph as always thank you
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    Same as for rear drum braked vehicles, no shim under circlip as far as I can find in 300tdi workshop manual. & no end float measurement given.
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    Toying with the idea of using an 800 watt 12 volt small heater to use on really cold days. I have a 300 watt at the minute and heat wise the jury is still out with more testing required. As we all know LR diesels take for ever to get hot and with my short journey's it's not going to happen. Also noticed you can buy Planer heaters for £112 odd on Ebay but are they any good and the real McCoy? Please don't hang me out to dry it's too near Xmas.
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    Lettering inside, lettering outside is one of the most heinous forms of style crime. If you do put the lettering on the outside don't be surprised if people point and laugh or if mothers quickly avert their child's view. Mo 😎
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    White inside as outside it will get scuffed & look carp
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    Despite all of that Jeep and Mercedes still have buttons to manually lock the diffs....
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    Right there is the problem, not just with Land Rovers but in so many aspects of life these days. Make cars, regulations and pretty much anything for the brain-dead and/or lazy and don't worry if intelligent/passionate people suffer the consequences because there's not as much money to be made (by people who already have most of the money anyway) if you do. Honestly, I feel I am being a rebel these days because I don't want people in corporate or government offices deciding what my car/phone/camera/whatever needs to do in a given situation. What's the point of having a brain if you aren't allowed to use it?? Can you tell I'm a bit crabby at the moment?
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    I think for me that is my issue. If you aren't an idiot, then such pre-set controls are maybe the wrong ones. I want to be able to set it up the way I want it, not how someone in an office behind a computer decided to set it up. If you buy a Jeep, G-Wagen, Toyota, etc they all have manual controls for these things in their more off road biased vehicles.
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    Very Nice !!!! Love the 109" and........ what's wrong with LEDs on a Series..... 😊
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    Old ones have torque sensing diffsas well, the alarm sounds like a loud bang and a hole in the axle
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    Equally I think it was Si that mentioned the more modern Land Rovers have torque sensing diffs in them which means that broken half shafts are a thing of the past because it'll kill the power to the engine / wheel in order to save it.
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    MT's and rocks may not be the best mix anyhow. I would also suggest driver has a lot to do with it. And most Defenders I've seen running 35" tyres actually have poor performing suspension. Not saying this was the case, but it really wouldn't surprise me. Too much lift, lacking down travel and too stiff for compression. Lastly if it was an open axle diff Defender with no TCS, then yes of course -- cross axle situations will be a hindrance.
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    It is only money... Good to hear it is working again !!
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    In summary. I suspect for me it would be one of two scenarios: -forever faving and switching modes to try and find the best one for the situation. Or wore finding none of them are quite right for the situation. Or -end up using one mode for everything. Meaning that having such a system is wasted anyhow. I’m only theorising as I don’t own anything with Terrain Response. But pretty much every other system in the World that I’ve encountered to make things easier for dumb people (prolific in the software world and I’m a software tester) I always have usability issues with. As it never ever does what I want it too.
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    They really should just label the modes like this. carp - Slightly less than carp - Useless - Almost useful -What were they thinking IME, the reactive nature of them all makes them a large PITA. They need modes that force diff locks to stay on, for when the thing controlling the car, the thing with a brain, knows it is needed.
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    Simples Outcome: stuck - selected wrong mode Outcome: not-stuck - selected right mode
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    For "early-morning starts" in my 90TD5 for the last couple of decades I've used a 3Kw mains-powered fan-heater sat in the passenger footwell. The door-seals in a Defender are slack-enough to accomodate the cable; I've got a timeswitch set to activate the heater an hour before my expected need-to-drive time. It's neat to always be able to get into an ice-free car which is nice-and-toasty inside. Just remember to unplug before driving away!
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    Well ordered one of these a yuasa 640hd cargo 100ah and 900cca so we’ll see how it goes £93 , was supposed to be £109 but until Friday you can get 15% off at Tayna but only through eBay though .
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    Not directly aimed at the new Pretender. But all these off road modes, to my mind make off roading harder. In past times you just selected difflock/4wd and/or low range. And that was it. These days you have 18+ off road modes, plus additional options and configurable controls. You need to not only be an expert on the terrain, but also the vehicles design parameters to even know what to select. Or blindly experiment through trial and error. A friend had a 2.7 RRS, so Terrain Response, but somewhat simple compared to some of the newer systems. But still way too many modes. He is also a seasoned off-roader in competitions and overlanding. However he complained the RRS was horrid off road, example being. Going into a ploughed field. Select "Mud & Ruts" which would seem to be the most appropriate Terrain Response setting and the result is a horrible over sensitive jerky throttle. Making for high levels of discomfort. Especially when crossing over furrows. I suggested trying the "Snow & Ice" setting as I'd read it softens the throttle response. And it worked wonders making the RRS far more comparable to a 35 year old 90 in terms of comfort. But it was only luck that I'd read up on it. Your average punter wouldn't have and would have had a worse experience in a modern vehicle compared to something old.
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    No, quite. Even my 2.25 would plod along at 60.
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    I've just had a look through my original post and I've not mentioned anywhere that I am running a TDI. I should have maybe mentioned it.
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    Well mine had no just hi and low but had the sticker to push across for diff lock . Maybe a 04 registered but built in 03 .. just a guess .
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    What Bowie said - a setup like that will collapse if you use it as a workbench, it's designed for things sat squarely on the shelves not moving around and the weight ratings are always (ahem) optimistic. Pallet racking I'd trust, but that's a bit chunky for a workbench.
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    No that’s usually everywhere but in the sump 😂
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    And they have all come out on the web to tell us how great and capable this new thing will be. You try and explain that they really don't have the experience to make a knowledgeable comment. It is in one ear and out the other.
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    Sorted now just need room to store it regards Stephen
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    Regarding sizes of batteries, I found the attached size details some time ago. Hope somebody finds it useful. Mike Auto battery sizes.xlsx
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    Turned out that the nozzles were just a bit bunged up, a good rummage around with the point of a needle and sorting out the alignment of them seems to have restored a reasonable amount of washiness 💧
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    Ah that's what the soft top ewok is for drive in fill to the brim with muddy water drive out and dump elsewhere. Easy ditch clearing...... Mike
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    DI and RRC chassis are usually good, but the shell terrible. So LR made the D2 shell very resilient and the chassis like a lace doily from the factory. 🙄
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    Formed the rear from another hammer form Welded it all together and ground back the welds Now i just need to sort how I'm going to mount things, the bezel to the rest of the body the light into the body and then the body to the bike
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    That’s not and electric turbo .... this is an electric turbo
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    Had a fun day in the shop..... Decided to do a bit more on the scooter.... since I had the fake front forks done I decided to have a go at the headlight started with the front hammer form.... not as simple as it first looks lol because the sides are so close the wood wouldn't have the strenth to form the steel so had to do it in stages First form the inside shoulders so a pair of bucks.... with good shoulders to clamp Next, the outside of the hammer form..... shaped up the forming buck, because the edges were so weak I fitted the centers back in With them in I made a new clamping buck and formed this A few hrs later using asorted offcuts of pipe and my high crown pannel hammer on the wood bench I've got a body almost there.... Got one more hammer form to make a dome for the rear and then sort some sort of mounting setup and the bezal mount for the front hamerform
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    A wee update...... Stage one of the tool station, made from cast offs and scrap that has come off a worksite..... that base weighs in at around 80kgs lol The red box is just there for moving (I'm moving sites), the blue boxes are Total Tools brand tool boxes, HRD brand roll cabs $399 each
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    I can recommend the campsite at Lake Bled in Slovenia in the Julian Alps. A great drive is the Vršič Pass south to Kranjska Gora which is a fifty hairpin, narrow and cobbled road with 18% gradient for 900m of the northern side. No real problems turning in our 110 300TDi In Kranska Gora I recommend the Natura Eco camp, fantastically dark and quiet. In northern Croatia, if you have time, you could visit Plitvička Jezera, sixteen lakes all cascading from one to another. There’s a National Park campsite 10km south of the southern entrance to the lakes. Highly recommended. Kranska Gora: Vršič Pass:
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    Last year I fitted an STC8358HD manufactured by Clutch-fix to my '96 110 300TDi, recommended by people on here. At the time it was cheapest to source from Bearmach rather than direct from Clutch-fix.

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