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    Is twatalogical the science of tightness too?
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    I think people who believe that this many people can inhabit such a small planet without changing it is at best naive. The problem I have with all these protests is that people are saying we want someone else to solve the problem in a way in which means we dont have to change the way we live whatsoever. The reality is if you want 100% renewable electricity you have to accept that you will have to live for periods without power. If you dont want single use plastic you have to accept that you take your own containers to the shops which means things dont last as long which means you have to go more often which means shopping locally or having a school boy doing a round on a bike. If you want to stop the masses of co2 created by the fashion industry you need to buy based on quality not price, repair clothing and not be constantly be keeping up with fashion. Anyone can do these things, rich or poor, old or young, you dont need the government to force it with taxes and legislation, the population just need to put the effort in. Thst or just cut the population significantly. Which would fix more than just this problem in my opinion. Not an election winning policy though.
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    She does, but her parents should be protecting her from the abuse of the media, lobbyists and industries that are using people like her as martyrs. Instead, they chose to push her forward and encourage her to make ridiculous comments and phoney outrage on concepts she doesn’t understand to be seen by the entire planet. It’s bouncing back hard, and that was entirely predictable. Kids should be encouraged to learn about issues and develop an educated opinion, but they should be kept out of politics as pawns. I’m sure her parents have profited nicely. “Shame on them!”
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    Seriously. Someone close to her needs to bring in an exorcist!
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    were 61 pages in , how am i cluttering up the tread with a light hearted joke rather than the constant pissing & moaning about the new defender that unsurprisingly doesnt meet the wishes of a very small amount of people who even themselves would be unlikely to buy one if they had built it as they dreamed
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    Modern MINI’s at least in the 3 door format aren’t a million miles from the original though. The R50 (the first new MINI) was very close in many ways and had good styling traits. Also I’m not knocking the physical vehicle LR have announced. It looks to be everything the Discovery 5 should have been. It IS a Discovery in everything but name. But it isn’t and I doubt ever will be a Defender. Once it isn’t new and shiny I think people will look on it more with scorn and such a departure on what it should have been. Again I’m not attacking the physical vehicle. I can well see me owning one at some point. But never as a Defender/Series replacement or alternative. Not too mention this new model looks nothing like a Defender or Series, with which LR keep claiming it is related too.
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    You can replace the axle and prop with the 2002+ type and fit the Ashcroft, but that axle has more pinion issues than the Salisbury because the pinion is so short that the bearings have a hard time keeping it straight, or you can go with a Trutrac or Quaife. The cheapest I have seen the Trutrac is at the LR Centre at Speke, Liverpool. The Quaife is better, but almost twice the price (around £1k inclusive, plus bearings and any labour). I have a Salisbury axle on my 109 and will fit one of these (myself), hopefully the Quaife if possible at the time.
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    All sounds very good! For allround driving and getting there, you probably can't do much better than an ATB. And I was thinking exactly the same thing as you: an ATB with on-command full lock would be so sweet! Much like the ATB centre Ashcroft offers for the LT230. Filip
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    I think you also need to stop virtue signalling, Naks, and look at Indian engineering and manufacturing quality objectively. It’s dire.
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    I’m not with one side or the other - I simply don’t know and I have become cynical and suspicious of some parts of science where it gets mixed with politics and big businesses.
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    Liver, Fava beans and Chianti spring to mind .....
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    This exactly. When I was looking around at cars back in 2015, I was looking for something pokey but also something that had character. Whilst a Golf or Audi would have been quicker or a GT86 would have been more fun on wet roundabouts, the mini just had/has something fun about it. Yes it’s a million miles from the original car but it’s still instantly recognisable as a Mini. That’s where I think the new defender has lost out mostly, it just isn’t instantly recognisable in the same way.
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    I'm genuinely amazed by the difference in road noise between the 265 mud terrains and 235 ATs. I can (almost) have a conversation with a passenger now which is nice. I've got a day's shooting at the weekend so looking forward to getting them in some mud to see how they handle.
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    Beware that they do encourage anything that makes their own delivery quicker and simpler, they are naturally wary of small DIY jobs because the lories spend more time in general on site. I really wouldn't be tempted on your sloping site to go without steel mesh, it helps insure against inconsistancies in the laying technique, almost inevitable unless you get in skilled labour. If you have some choice of supplier in your location then do enquire what vehicles are available, I had a combination 6m³ mixer and pump wagon combined on my last big floor job, probably rare enough to find though. More common are the small lorries and the 'We mix-You lay' pan mixer tippers which would probably be more cost effective. Lastly water, ... don't agree to extra water being added unless you have a genuine difficulty, some drivers are over keen to make their own job easy at your expense. Too much water can seriously damage the strength of your slab. Unless you are dealing with modern self levelling gypsum recipes and the like (which I presume you aren't) then water is your enemy. Same goes for washing out, think before hand where the lorry can wash down and make sure it is well away from anything important. At the end of the day, the slab is the foundation, very difficult to re-visit and improve after the event, an extra £400 (guessing) on a pump lorry might seem like a lot but it will make the job so much easier, the pump operator will place the concrete precisely and quickly exactly where required and massively reduce the physical effortrequired from you/your team, leaving you free to concentrate on tamping and floating.
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    Yes, I was just checking further up the thread and realised remembered that we are of course talking about the later axle. You beat me to my edit!
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    Bought some years ago a 110 that was involved in accident, so did a rebuild new chassis, new engine, new wings etc but only discovered later on that the driver hit the heater channel on the bulkhead with his knee and ruined it. 'warm' air arrived on the feet but nothing on the window. I found a dash with Bowy Odink with 3 cover plates So everything out The grey box is folded by hand in alu and connected to the blower. Two holes on top to go to the left and right part of the front window Later on I added 2 small holes at the sides that go to the left and right of the dash as demister for the windows in the doors A first presentation to see if everything fits The black box in the middle I found in Newbury, but the gearstick needs to be bent a bit A first mockup, position of speedo is due to the lack of depth because of the airtube behind Still using the original TD5 switches and the holder for them The blower is now via a pwm and works very good Some weeks later I found a double din radio with Carplay and input for front and rear camera so changed layout again Next step is to fit the tripmaster and some other stuff
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    "They haven't seen the car but they've already had this idea in their minds that we've screwed it up" Sounds like the first half of this thread for starters
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    I think the P38 is highly dependent on what condition the chassis / general condition of it is in. If it's not roadworthy then I'd probably just break it for parts at which point I might as well take the plasma cutter to it . Lower bumpers are trash as are most corners so remove body work and shove some stupid tyres on it. In fact I just remembered snapping the rear tailgate when we put some ladders on it to remove the current 300Tdi for the 110. Fuel tank is held in place with a ratchet strap too . Maybe if the weather clears up tomorrow I'll take a more appraising look at it. Mind you I'll have to stop playing with the new toy tool.
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    Why don't you ask on the swoosh forum?
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    That is right. That’s the benefit of epicyclic gears with clutch pack selectors - everything is already meshed, so you can have instant changes without removing torque. It’s how automatic transmissions work, and this is essentially a two speed auto.
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    Quick follow up to this, two years on: The rebuilt box is going strong. Its had a couple of oil changes with no nasties appearing and hasn't put a tooth wrong.
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    That’s an interesting thought Deep .... 🤔
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    If you wanted an ATB in yours then it's probably easier to source a second hand axle off a Td5 or Tdci Defender which has the short nose diff in it then you can drop an Ashcroft ATB in there. I picked up an axle casing complete with hubs and discs for £100 and Nige (@Hybrid_from_Hell) sourced a donor diff for me and then built it up (although I went pegged Ashlocker rather than ATB). Probably worth pricing up the different options, I suspect using a new axle wouldn't be that expensive compared to finding an ATB for the Salisbury.
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    I wouldn’t want to pay for his tyres !
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    Have you checked that the valve bores are true, round and parallel too?
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    I suppose it is possible there is a hairline crack in the casing ?
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    That was a new solenoid from the OD refurb company up T'north... Such a freekin annoying OD.. Why can't it just work with all them parts new in it !
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    My theory is a small amount of wear in the channel that the solenoid sits in and so the seals on the solenoid cant work properly and let oil pass through when it it is not supposed to be engaged which is causing the cone to move at rest but not engage either way. Do you have a tool for those caps? It might be worth us making something up but they must come undone.
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    Thanks, that's what I thought. I think it'll get put in the wife's 110 with std shafts, as I now have a pair of spare original shafts anyway. Might stop some of the grumbling that I've got the toys while she is the one that drives off road the most
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    Sorry Ralph, it is just the BBC website. Chris
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    By you've been quicker than me. No oil leaks on mine tho
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    Its more interesting than the new pretender though....
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    I think maybe, just maybe, we are beginning to stray just ever so slightly off topic.....
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    ...what's rhetorical ? .. Steve b
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    You might want to read up on the history a bit. AROnline is a good resource. But in summary BAE when they owned Rover sucked it dry and didn't re-invest. The company was actually doing very well, but the revenue & profit wasn't put back into the company. BMW bought Rover for Land Rover and probably Mini. Which they made very good use of to produce their own SUV. You could almost say BMW did a partial asset strip and technology merger before selling to Ford. And it was Ford that ended up in trouble, which resulted in the entire PAG being disbanded. Which was again regardless of how good or bad Land Rover were doing.
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    That is the way I meant it - kids should never be used as human shields to deflect criticism of poor arguments, or gain attention by shock value for big business and lobbyists. Though I am still not sold on any climate change being entirely or even mostly man made, given Earth’s history and increased storms observed on all planets with atmospheres in our system, I entirely agree pollution and waste is clearly a problem. But I think she and those who pushed her forward have scored a massive own goal in the environmental debate.
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    Are you sure a rear double cardan prop will solve your problems? a picture of rear prop angles would be good.
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    Perhaps she's not made down under yet, but her name is Greta Thunberg. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greta_Thunberg
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    235/85R16 is a standard fitment. So just hit Google. The 235 generally works out fractionally taller than. A 265/75R16. But less chunky. As a rule the 235 performs better in most UK off road situations. And will have less rolling resistance and the ability to return slightly better mpg. Its a good size. And lots of choice.
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    I can only speak as I find CD but my experience is actual and neither anecdotal nor observed and experienced over a wide range of road types and off road conditions. Mo
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    Mo, Please accept my humblest apologies. I didn't realise that I was becoming so North Americanised! I'm a Brit, and have been here only ten years. This is very serious. I must obviously mind my Ps and Qs and ensure not to offend sensitive souls, like yourself, with the local abbreviations and spellings, which I do try to avoid. I promise to attempt to do better in future. Have a good day! Mike
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    1) no reason it can't be road legal on the P38 chassis, you are just changing the body. 2) You can run some larger hydraulic pumps from the front of the crank Other than that, love the idea
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    Been gathering up supplies so when I finally build the new workshop I'm better setup and organized, at the same time I'm working away so have a bit of time on my hands so I'm designing and building (the smaller things that I can bring home) I decided to throw this up as it may be of interest to some..... now for those that suffer OCD I'm eclectic so I chase an idea till another pops into my head or I get distracted so this thread will be like most of my projects a bit all over the show lol So to get the ball rolling here is a little design project an Automotive wire coil rack, I've got to do a new loom for my 40 series cruiser so I figured why not sort the rolls of wire so ordered a heap of new wire (30m rolls) and here's what I came up with since there isn't anything that really fits the bill on the market Made from a couple of sheet metal hammer forms and I'll have to machine up a new dimple die to make the spindle holder section I designed a hook into one end so I can clip it over the end of the MDF top of the bench and stand it up when I want to do loom work on the bench, stackable with a handle and it will hold 12 30m rolls so I'll need 3 or 4 of them This is how it will sit on the end of the bench
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    Finally found a link I could share:
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    He might but I think he's too busy welding I guess there is no 'official' overhaul manual for these diffs but the start of the P38s is just about far enough back that they still wrote real manuals rather than the "This is a non serviceable part" which is in too many places on modern vehicles. In fact the manual for the Discovery 5 is just one page which says "This is a non serviceable item"
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    As Ross said, there is absolutely no difference between fitting an ATB and a standard diff. Any bearing seating fault is the installer's fault. Anyone can mess up, but they are making you pay for it and lying about the nature and source of the error. They should have paid for the costs in the second visit, including the new gears. That they are trying to get you to pay for a full gear box removal and strip down for an unidentified squeak is reprehensible.
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    I have the same ATB (though mine is in a Series) and haven't noticed any noise from it. But the first thing I would do in your case is drain the diff oil and have a look, it might be very costly to keep on driving with it. If there is any any metallic parts in the oil you should stop using it immediately IMO
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    The clutch switch is on the master-cylinder: it switches between two fuel-profiles. One [active when the clutch pedal is pressed] shuts the fuel off pretty much immediately you close the throttle - so the revs drop rapidly for gearchanges. The second profile - active during normal driving - gives a slower defuelling if the throttle's shut quickly - reducing shock-loads on the driveline. It can also potentially avoid breaking traction if you snap the throttle shut under marginal-grip conditions. It also controls anti-stall programming - the behaviour of the engine if you try and load the engine without applying any throttle (like when reversing a trailer and just wanting to creep along). Rather a good idea, actually! As to the particular issue being reported on here, I'd look at the throttle-pot and associated wiring first, then get the codes read.

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