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    Hi gents, well I've been offline for quite some time because I've been focussed on a new series I was hinting about on and off for ages. It's finally live after a year of earnest work. Hope it's appropriate to post it and hope you like it...\ George
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    I agree with the forum charter and I do not believe there should be an OT section - and even try to abide by it most of the time. However, most of my closest friends are members and many of them I met through the forum. It's a great community of like minded people - for whom I care a great deal. There has always been an unwritten rule that some latitude will be given to people who make a decent contribution to the forum - and Mr Rattler qualifies in my book! I don't think I've met him, but I've followed his exploits and care about him and the rest of his life too - and the same goes for the rest of you too. Yes, it's primarily a Technical Forum - but it's the people that make it great. There is space for the odd thread about mental health, pets and yes, even Waxoiling cats! These are the things that turn words on a page into real people. Si
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    Ok, So there is a thread on U/J quality in the international forum were people are mentioning short lives of their U/J, and questioning their quality. Of course, a genuine U/J generally lives longer than a cheap replacement. But In my experience, there is more to it. Mainly maintenance; how often do you grease your U/Js? And the next question is than how is it done. Before you all think I teaching you to suck eggs I will expand on this a bit more: Problem I found is that one grease nipple is serving 4 bearings. In reality, this means that the grease tend to find the route with the least resistance. This usually means you are effectively greasing 1 or 2 bearings only. And what about the others? They are dry as a bone and fall apart. To combat this, I thought about it, and came up with a method that I will show you here. It is rather involved, but I have not changed a U/J in 10 years. Here we go: First off, grease as you would normally. You can see which bearing gets grease, as it pours past the seal: The ones that dont get any grease need feeding as well. You can do this by pressing the bearing which has already been greased against the crosspiece like so: This now should stop the flow of grease to the already greased bearing, and find the next passage with the lowest resistance. If you still have other bearings that have no grease coming out, you can add a G-clamp with a nut, to press 2 opposed bearing cups against the cross piece. keep repeating this process until all bearing cups have grease coming out. This process is rather fiddly, but as mentioned, since I started doing it this way, I have had no failures. I have done this with the props on the car and using 2 opposed G-clamps. Also, the blue grease is better in my experience, as it does not go solid like the yellow stuff (which I am using here, unfortunately). Hope that helps, and have fun greasing these things! Daan
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    Unreliable viscous couplings are a PITA - had to change mine earlier this year; it wasn't even 24 years old..
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    You're not wrong. I stopped buying mags about a decade ago. Sure I've ranted a few times on here about them, and I did write a fairly long email to the editor of TOR when I cancelled my subs (which he actually replied to, if only to say "yeah, but we can't change anything"). Seems the print media as a whole is under pressure from the interwebs, their response (mostly) seems to be a race to the bottom - hiring cheap writers with no technical knowledge to bang out poorly-written toss, to fawn to advertisers and generally play it safe, dumb, and dull. All the articles and featured trucks follow the same formula - money thrown at bling, zero innovation. The writers don't know enough to know any better, the editors just need it printed and out the door ASAP to save money. As an example - How many "THIS IS THE ULTIMATE OVERLAND 110" articles have they all run, featuring trucks which patently haven't turned a wheel off of UK tarmac and usually look impressive but are actually ill thought-out? Compare with, say, mmgemini's un-bling 110 which has clearly been there, done that, and evolved over numerous trips to solve all the little problems no-one finds until they hit the road and to remove any spurious stuff that doesn't need to be there. It wouldn't get featured because it's not pretty, it's not using a load of off-the-shelf parts sold by the advertisers, and it might encourage readers to (gasp) make things themselves rather than just bolt stuff on. Their product reviews are at best on a par with tossing a coin and at worst a re-print of the press release of whoever bought the biggest advert that month. Their technical sections follow the modern Haynes manual formula - basic info on easy stuff, leave the hard stuff to the bigger boys at the garage. Or they hire tosspots like Jerry Thurston to badly modify/restore something using bits from the sponsors, puff on about how awesome it all is whilst including basic technical errors, and leave the reader no wiser than when they picked the thing up. From a club point of view they're a pain too - you've got to badger them to get stuff into their calendar, which they then forget about come next month. People have spent time doing write-ups of club events for a magazine (by request I might add) and then had nothing come of it - article never used, no feedback. They could at least grab a photo and paste a few words in brief if the article sucked, but just discarding it doesn't make people encouraged to send you anything else in future. My favourite mag of recent years has been PPC as they're actually closest to doing some interesting stuff - interesting engine swaps (VAG 1.9 PD into a Westfield anyone?), DIY mods, quirky and fun stuff done at home on a budget . Where's the LRO series that breaks down how to fit a TDv6 into a RRC or D1?
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    Usually it's asking for help (I'm sure I'll be on again soon) about the Landy, just wanted to share the good news that the Landy passed MOT with only one advisory 😊😊 hard work has paid off for another year. Have a good weekend folks 🍺🍺
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    Haha. That's because I had to ride the clutch 30 miles in 3rd to get it to Neil's Ralph! It drove home fine on the new clutch (although I do have what looks like an earth issue now but will post about that in a new thread later). We discovered other issues while we were I there too, but I need to speak to the gearbox company before I say more about that! Big thanks to Neil for his help yesterday changing the clutch. There's no way is have got that done by myself in a day on my drive!
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    Had a look just now, I've placed six orders with Island 4x4 in total, the first one going back to 2011. All shipped to Ireland and all arrived without issue. I like Island 4x4. Dear Island 4x4. It's great that you came on to respond. You haven't addressed the actual problem though so it reads more like you came just to say "sod off". Not good for business. If the OP had gotten some communication from you he might not have posted in the first place. A simple "we're sorry we didn't get back to you in good time and we're making every effort to make sure our sales support is top notch", shows professionalism and that you care about each and every one of your customers - even if you hate the OP's guts and you're not doing squat to up your communication game. That little bit of acknowledgement would give you the chance of having his custom again, and that of anyone else who sympathises with him. Judging by their website, the OP is a member of a very active and motivated club. It doesn't matter how many parts you send around the world if your prospective customers feel as though there's no guarantee they'll hear from you again once the order is placed. I've had no reason to doubt your service in the past, but when it comes to placing another order, of course I'll have question whether your the right supplier. Before you tell me to sod off, I've written this because I'd like to know you're there when I need stuff, not because I want to have a go. George
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    U P D A T E (In case a lonely soul would be interested... ) ======= Well... This weekend we're doing a good old fashioned UK Raid. 2,900 kms (or 1,860 miles in your money) in 72 hrs. with a 3-axle trailer to collect the remains of the Scottish Aviation Artic Trailer, some airplane seats for the new conference rooms and a pair of radar domes to protect the satellite uplinks against the elements... So, if you see a 110 (Keswick Green Hard Top) on French plates with a big trailer & a rooftent - give us a wave..
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    It's not supposed to be dark, it's the Lucas headlamp testing room...
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    I've been having a go at sprucing up the LR4x4 logo that Happyoldgit made a few years ago - but none of us in the mod team are exactly blown away by my efforts, and none of the other mods claim any graphic design skills either, so we thought we'd see what the rest of you could come up with. As a reminder, this is the current logo: and this is the cleaned up version I came up with: It's an improvement, but maybe a missed opportunity - plus the brushed steel look means that when it's saved as a PNG with a transparent background the file size is rather large, and it would be too expensive to use it on the stickers (clothing would likely be embroidered anyway, which kind of gives a similar effect though usually at 90o). So I tried a solid version too: More practical but not as nice. So, if you fancy having a crack at a new logo, here's the brief: Broadly similar typeface and colouring to the current logo, for continuity (the current font appears to be Impact). The blue in the background of mine is the header colour from the site, so it obviously needs to look good on that. It should be usable on different backgrounds - ideally it should be usable on white or have a reversed version. Sensible files sizes when exported as a 24bit PNG. Must be suitable for production as a car/window sticker, and on clothing - if necessary in a simplified form but ideally exactly the same as on the site (the current stickers use a silvery finish rather than the "reflection" of the site logo). Can be either just text or incorporate a graphical element. Keep it clean and simple, though. Doesn't need to maintain the .com from the current logo (but doesn't have to get rid of it either). Should be suitable for use in a square format for social feeds (this can be a modified version of the logo or placed on a background colour - probably the blue from the site header - just as long as it looks good). Should be available as a layered graphic / vector graphic with all elements editable. Closing date for submissions, either on this thread or by PM to me is the end of this month (30th September 2017). We'll then shortlist the entries we consider meet the above criteria and post them on a poll for all the members to vote for their favourite. Gentlemen and ladies, start your enginesgraphics editing software...
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    Agree with Steve and Lewis. Avatars are a foundation of internet communities
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    hahaha oh dear... you know I thought that was connected to here but I kinda missed the obvious... its been one of those weeks I'm afraid... even more worrying its still only Tuesday...
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    If you consider the abomination they've managed to turn the discovery into, I'd hate to think what they'll do to the defender. (Plus I do wish these damn articles would stop making out that the defender has been in production since 1948!)
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    Ross still hasn't finished his 90....
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    Shortly after picking up my nice shiny, and turns out rather special, diff from Nige a revolutionary new form of diff guard was fitted on the short drive home. Cracked him up so I thought I'd share.
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    Due to the joys of photobucket I will be reinstating the photos in this thread over the next few weeks. Also my wife is taking the kids to the mother in laws for most of August so I plan to spend every spare moment on the ibex. Mike
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    Earth cable to bulkhead fixed the issue temporarily. A closer look at the block to chassis cable behind the alternator revealed that this had frayed and more or less snapped, so that was replaced and all good again.
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    Look what came onto the campsite in Ireland where I stayed over the weekend.... The owner is rightly very proud of it and it's certainly effective. Fully reversible too, so no 'damage' to the originality of the vehicle.
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    Ok, A friend made me aware of my appearance on the shortlist of the LRO calendar - twice! So I you have a moment spare please vote for me... And maybe have my landy as a pin up of the month! Daan
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    You don't want bar grips. I drove the 109 to Russia and back on (sort of) bar grips - actually 9.00x16 Petlas: Dirtydiesel was ahead of me in the convoy in a 300TDi RRC with no interior/soundproofing, he said he spent hours on the road trying to find the odd noise his truck was making - dipping the clutch, turning things on & off, etc. etc... eventually we pulled into a petrol station, and as I rolled to a halt behind him he realised it was my tyres he could hear!
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    Just to close this one out - I swapped the gearbox at the weekend (ably assisted by a very helpful forum member) and all has returned to normal. Old box sounded quite rough when turned by hand once removed from the vehicle, it may have lasted for another 100,000 miles or might have failed tomorrow, who knows. Interestingly more filings had accumulated on the drain plug magnet since I changed the oil a couple of weeks ago than had done so in the previous few years, so it seems something was breaking up inside. Thanks to all for the help.
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    To me, it's like Marsians talking.... But looks interesting !
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    Is this the 5 minute argument or the full half-hour?
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    OK hands up, 'twas I. And it really isn't all Mikes fault, probably only 75%. The other 75% is fridges fault, and any left over is just down to poor impulse control on my part. Not sure a build thread will be that interesting, I spent the whole day in the workshop, mostly standing looking from various angles and muttering 'WTF have I done?'. First job is to clear enough space in the shed to work on it (Anyone interested in a q plate 88" hybrid rolling chassis before I throw it out into the rain?)
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    Yeah I have posted similar threads on Land Rover uk forums in their ( Public discussion forum ) and on Landyzone in their ( Anything goes forum ) as most members on the two forums knew that I had a dog and I've not had any problems with the same threads I have posted on them
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    I don't think any OT section would allow drivel, or arguing, or pettiness. The mutual respect given by others on here is unlikely to change, and the post pre-moderation for newbies is excellent at keeping the riff raff out If all we end up with is a technical resource, people will come from google, read, and then disappear. If there is a chance of more we have killed it off, as well as the prospect of building the community (that is after all what it is also supposed to be, I think). Also, to reb78's point, the problem with this thread was caused by someone being extremely rude to another member, exacerbated by own personal situation. That, even in an OT forum, would not ever be acceptable. I don't think this thread has been about bickering, at least not the way I have read it.
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    I see you share the same username as the ebay account... so surely you already know if its a good vehicle or not, you tell us! also... WTF are those side step/tree sliders??!?!
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    Well..... We're back. 2,610 Kms. in 73 hrs. - or 1,673 miles in your money 2 Ferries, 3 nights en Route and 3 locations to load stuff. The 110 did very, very well.
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    My advise is to write your own parts book if your building a bitsa. I'm so glad i wrote all the part numbers when i build my hybrid all those years ago, ordering replacement parts is so much easier.
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    Oh, and make sure they are black, unless you like to look like a 17 year old on Southend sea front.
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    Bit of a sweeping "f***k you" to a lot of people isn't it? Care to define what does count as real off-roading?
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    They use 2.5m steel for the legs same as Richards and 4mm for rear x member, bolt in gear box x member as standard. They don't remove any excess galv from bolt holes but the chassis they had on display didn't look bad TBH. Guess I'll see when it arrives in 3 weeks! I'll be sure to put up a rebuild thread and let you all know what it is like.
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    Don't worry - the backlash for small-capacity forced-induction engines is just around the corner as they are good on CO2 but suck on NOx I think it is... there's already rumblings that the regs on those are about to be tightened up and I've read articles stating people are now moving away from them and moving back toward developing larger-capacity NA engines which are better all-rounders (who'd have thought). It's as if governments and environmentalists don't always think these things through Also - most of these small boosted engines don't get anywhere near the claimed figures, especially MPG, when used in real life.
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    Not much traffic / pedestrians on that sort of thing though... much like electric cars they seem to be very carefully picking their battles, bigging up the stuff that is easier done and ignoring the rather tricky stuff they don't like. They're still easily fooled: google-self-driving-cars-get-confused-by-hipster-bicycles http://motrolix.com/2015/09/test-finds-self-driving-cars-could-be-easily-fooled/ https://www.digitaltrends.com/cars/driverless-cars-mother-nature-may-have-a-few-things-to-say-about-that/ http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20170410-how-to-fool-artificial-intelligence I just have an image of car-jackers of the future stealing your car in a Wylie Coyote style by painting a tunnel on the back of a truck and trapping it inside or just painting white lines in a circle around it so it can't calculate a "legal" way out.
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    Fitted the SP front doors yesterday whilst son was on a job then when he came back he painted them but still need another coat yet and I forgot all about posting the pic's of the rear door fitted and painted so here are a few pic's
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    You need to move with the times bushwhacker, no one off-roads land rovers any more. You need lowered springs, expensive alloys and LED headlights. Lots of those about ? Mo
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    Ghastly looking thing, I've put a pitchfork in the back of the 90 in case one comes near. Mo
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    Is there a term for that sort of slightly-trashy-but-trying-to-be-suave-but-overall-too-glossy-until-it-finally-misses-the-point style of automotive design usually favoured by Asian car companies trying to move upmarket but unable to understand terms such as "style" and "restraint"? (So that a 30-year-old Jaguar still looks classy and refined in comparison.) If not, then a word should be coined to describe this move by JLR into further suburban mediocrity.
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    A few more hours in the garage today and I now have a fridge drop slide to install in the back of the hybrid. The handle is folding as you can see in the images, I can have it on top of the fridge when it's in the up position of I can leave it fully extended as I have plenty of clearance to the rear door. Whats left to do now is some final sanding, trimming, a latched welding some wheres on the front to lock it in place when driving then a coat of paint. In the mean time here is a small video of my DIY fridge drop slide in action, which I'm very pleased with, enjoy.
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    Well on with putting Richards chassis onto my sons 1997 110 and thought you may like to see what it was like under the cross member !! I have rechassised both my older 200 tdi's but they weren't tis bad at that point. New chassis painted and ready for engine etc
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    This is so wrong it's very nearly right: https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/cto/6062771422.html
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    I live near Bridgwater - we don't have any spare virgins to sacrifice
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    Yes - half of that is Mine..Dutch "old" commercial plates on the Morris that belongs to a very good friend of mine. Runs on LPG - weird rear body. On the side, just behind the door, you can see his workshop logo. He 's coming this weekend with me to collect the big brother....
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    This is one of the best ideas. People ignore alarms - but generally come out to complain when the music is too loud. Si
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    Please be very cautious buying 2nd hand tools, there is currently an epidemic of tradesman's vans being broken into with a vast amount of tools being stolen and sold on, if we can reduce the demand for 2nd hand tools hopefully we can reduce the problem. Always check for initials engraved in them and ask where they came from.
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    Captainhair and others, Just wanted to say, this has helped someone else already, experiencing similar symptoms with my 1994 110 CSW, checking and cleaning up the earth points seems to have brought things back to normal. Cheers!