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  1. Next unread links no longer show the topic you'll go to. Might be deliberate to boost performance but it's definitely less usable if you don't follow all threads. Haven't noticed anything else ๐Ÿ‘
  2. My (perfectly ordinary, single storey) garage has considerably deeper foundations than the 30ft gable end of the house next to it. Which has been standing up perfectly satisfactorily for over a hundred years.
  3. Certainly seems to be the attitude of a significant number of Land Rover's customer base. Judging by the number of Discovery 5's on the road... I rather suspect Colin Chapman wasn't concerned with how pleasant his vehicles were for long distance motorway travel... Sufficient power for high speed cruising with porta-cabin air resistance doesn't solve the the deafening roar...
  4. They were only badged "Classic" in the final run-out (after the P38 was already on sale - guess they were just shifting existing stock), so as far as I'm aware all the vehicles that left the factory badged as such are soft dashes. '86/'87 is years before they were badged classic.
  5. How many cans is that?!! Your dentist must be betting his retirement on you...
  6. Maybe I'm sad...but that is a thing of beauty
  7. How are you going to get proper rust holes in that? ๐Ÿคจ
  8. And owners who just change out parts "'cos the computer sez" are no worse than many garage techs. Or, frankly, many of the bodgers who've "fixed" older land rovers. Who on here has never bought an old vehicle (land rover or otherwise) that turned out to have dangerous cowboy bodge fixes? Incompetence doesn't require the aid of electronics...
  9. Fridge said the worst wrinkles - not all the serious ones... ๐Ÿ˜€
  10. That reminds me of the P38 camera car Land Rover used to (maybe still do) have. It wasn't quite like that - there wasn't much bodywork above door level, just a windscreen and rudimentary cage - with an even more rudimentary hood to keep the rain out when it wasn't in use. And a high 'shooters' seat in the middle of the back for the cameraman.
  11. I've heard the same from VW enthusiasts and commercial users - up to T4 they're near bomb proof, but T5 on are not so great.
  12. Remember there could be leaks elsewhere in the system meaning the compressor is having to pump a lot more air to replace the losses.
  13. Ah - I must have had one of those on my '93, but I've no recollection of it!
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