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  1. Surprisingly hard to avoid internet connected devices these days. Bought some lights recently (for the house) - the one my son chose for his room is one of these daft IR remote controlled colour changing ones. Fine - his room. When I picked them up, that one can be controlled from a mobile app or an Alexa, etc..., which wasn't advertised or mentioned in the shop. Nope, not happening.
  2. Classic will spark without any input from the ECU, so you'll get firing on starter fluid even if there's no power to the fuelling side. Which you won't have if all the relays are missing, so finding out replacing them is the first step. I can't remember if my '93 had an immobiliser from the factory (I had an aftermarket one fitted for insurance reasons), but if it has one and you no longer have the fob you'll need to find and bypass it. Again, that won't normally prevent sparking on a classic, only fuelling - though I'd have expected it to prevent starter motor operation too (can anyone c
  3. Our dentist (who is private - we didn't even attempt to register as NHS patients after moving last year) is managing to run normal checkups, so it can be done if the will is there.
  4. Can't claim any particular expertise, but I think you're disabling emissions control equipment* which isn't allowed. However, as long as the MOT tester can't tell from a visual check and the vehicle still passes the required emissions standards nothing is going to happen. * Don't know what effect it has on more modern vehicles - blanking the EGR on my 300Tdi made the exhaust visibly less smokey...
  5. Pretty much what they did... https://www.constructionenquirer.com/2020/11/06/six-wagons-and-a-dozer-free-4250t-bridge-from-the-mud/
  6. Ah, it's a classified military secret is it? Mum's the word
  7. Certainly no dig on my part - if you're happier with the vehicle post fitting it, then money well spent. Just saying that if it does work as advertised then the manufacturer should be in a position to publish evidence of that - if they aren't, then they've no way to be sure they are advertising honestly, and also if they did test properly it's quite likely they'd be able to improve the product!
  8. From BritPart's point of view if you bought via a retailer and the retailer is failing to honour their warranty then it's purely a public relations matter. The only party breaking the law is the retailer. They'll have judged that the costs of intervening every time a retailer screws a customer over one of their products is greater than the value of any goodwill it generates (or if you prefer, the reputational damage from not intervening). Given that despite the bad press it's hard to avoid buying BritPart they're probably right.
  9. The figures they have indicated more flow at the rear inlets (with number 3 having the most - significantly more than number 1 which was worst, I think near double). I can't work out why that would be, and with no methodology we've no way of judging whether the testing in any way replicated the flow within a running engine. I'd have thought near double the air going into some cylinders relative to others would imagine the engine so much it'd tear itself to bits, but I'm not an engineer. They'd be getting the same amount of fuel, so maybe you just get some cylinders lean, others rich and n
  10. Well, going by the videos @Daan posted, the main claim the manufacturers make is that it makes the engine smoother and more flexible by balancing the air flow between the cylinders - the guys in the videos quoted air flows they'd been given by the manufacturers for the standard manifold and the dual port one, which suggests there may have been some proper testing done (in which case the manufacturers should be able to publish it). I don't think they claim it does anything much to overall air flow*, just that each cylinder gets the same flow. I've no idea either whether they are correct about e
  11. Sort of... If by tested you mean changed more than one thing at a time and then did some subjective test driving. That's not a comment on the product itself or whether the manufacturer has done any worthwhile testing - but all we can tell from that is that they felt the car was more drivable (they may or may not be right) as a result of either the injector nozzles, or the inlet manifold - or maybe the combination of the two. In other words, this is exactly the sort of unscientific testing others have been complaining about. Obviously, this is two guys bolting stuff on their truc
  12. Or is the problem - at least as far as BritPart are concerned - that the quality control is always dreadful? Quality control at the manufacturer varies (enormously, apparently) and for the majority of parts they supply you've no idea who the manufacturer is which makes it something of a lottery. It's an inevitable consequence of a drive to low prices, in any industry - I work in web development, where many clients refuse to pay for the time to test software they have written. And are then surprised when it is delivered with bugs...
  13. Have you found out what the problem is yet? It may just need plugging into a diagnostic computer and the security reset. Unless you already confirmed that one of the electronic units has failed, sweeping them out isn't going to help (you'll likely need diagnostics to get the replacements talking to the existing units anyway). Can you take us back to basics and explain what you've already done, might save you a lot of money!
  14. Biggest problem with putting the water tanks (or any other containers for liquid) is that unless you only ever drive with them either empty or brim full then they'll suffer from surge which suddenly changes the weight distribution of the vehicle. Very dangerous if you have to suddenly swerve - could easily lead to loss of control or even a roll.
  15. In one of the photos it has a special vehicles plate stating "For Off Road Use Only" - I was going by that.
  16. Surely a lot cheaper to just replace it with a diesel P38? I'd test drive one first and make sure it suits, too - the P38 diesel is smooth and not terribly underpowered once you get the revs up, but it suffers from terrible turbo lag which rather ruins it particularly in auto form. You may find you've gone to a lot of trouble and expense only to find her ladyship doesn't want to drive it any more (especially if, as it sounds, she's a fairly enthusiastic driver).
  17. And you can't even drive it to the school gateson the road... Or, for that matter, put Tarquin in the back seat, given the front belts are now anchored in the middle of it. Although given it's film history it's arguably better value for money than a lot of pimped Defenders - collectors will pay crazy money for some memorabilia.
  18. Even with a relatively modest trailer it can make a hell of a difference - I have a 750kg unbraked Brenderup. Nice trailer, tows well empty or heavily loaded. Recently I've been essentially using it as a skip, filling it up piecemeal with waste from renovating our house (not just me, either - tradesmen throwing things in too). On one occasion taking the trailer to the tip it had ended up with too much weight at the back - not actually tail heavy, but not much nose weight and heavy stuff front and back with lighter rubbish in the middle. I decided it was going to be far too much hassle unloadin
  19. I'd hope any modern vehicles likely to be used for towing has anti-sway (but sounds like they don't all...) - even my Zafira has it.
  20. I'd guess there's an element of not wanting the dealer pulling the interior apart and damaging things/leaving it with squeaks and rattles that then cause warranty claims. Doesn't necessarily mean you couldn't retrofit the console if you wanted to (although obviously this guy would be in for a long wait before he can get hold of one if land rover don't sell them separately).
  21. I think the larger radius on the front of the wings is almost entirely why it looks wrong - that appears to be a standard defender bonnet that's fitted (presumably why it's painted when the rest is bare metal), and it overhangs because it's made to meet the much tighter radius of the standard wings.
  22. That is, in my head, the "right" unimog - purely because I had a toy one as a kid
  23. Some of that's down to deliberately manufacturing things not to last - old cheap white goods could be a gamble, but many lasted well and most lasted longer than current products. Our toaster is a budget white plastic thing - my wife had it years before I met her, but I believe it's past it's quarter century.
  24. I use the cloth bags in the George. Never had any problems, even though a lot of what I've cleaned up with it has been plaster dust.
  25. Got a George (the wet and dry version of Henry) - powerful, but not ideal as a workshop vacuum as it has a plastic bracket behind the inlet from the pipe, which larger items like bits of wood get trapped in and then cause a blockage (you push the bags over it - guessing Henry's have a different arrangement or they'd have the same problem?).
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