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  1. Japanese Cuthbertson??

    Seen on an industrial estate in Wellingborough.
  2. If the fuses check out ok, it may be worth checking the connections behind the dash. I had a similar problem with the dash lights and the near side indicators and eventually traced the problem to a connector that wasn't fully pushed home.
  3. Electric adjustable Mirrors for a Defender?

    Do you really need to adjust the mirrors whilst driving? For me once they are adjusted correctly that's it (unless you keep finding your near side mirror wrongly adjusted everyday and eventually find some random, vain guy styling his hair using the door mirror - but that's another story!) Perhaps the aftermarket larger mirrors might be a cheaper option?
  4. Best way to clean a Defender white roof

    I take it you go for the "Eco Look" then Les!
  5. Best way to clean a Defender white roof

    After it is clean a bit of polish helps prevent the next load of crud sticking too badly!
  6. Heated Seats suddenly not working

    Thanks; that's really helpful. The heated seats are factory fitted. I'm hoping it is something simple, because both have packed up at the same time.
  7. I have a 2002 TD5 and all of a sudden both heated front seats have stopped working! i haven't yet had a chance to investigate with a multi meter, but could anyone point me in the right direction please? The bulb illuminates on both of the switches when they are pushed in. Is the fuse after the switch circuit?
  8. Check your nuts!

    Very scary, but at least you are OK! My brother had an interesting experience in the Libyan desert whilst working on an oil rig, when a stupid grudge against him left a wheel attached by a single nut!
  9. X-Brake Handbrake Rattle

    I'm glad you managed to sort it! I dread to think how much time I spent on it!
  10. X-Brake Handbrake Rattle

    I sympathise! I adjusted mine from one extreme to the other (including all points inbetween), tried every single hole for the cable, got fed up paid a trusted garage to fix it (they failed). I next tried new pads (original ones worn from juddering) to no avail - juddering continued despite another round of adjustment. At this point I decided life was too short to try and achieve a non juddering X Brake!
  11. Broquet Fuel Catalyst

    Personally I find the broquetes extremely effective. They are wonderful on the BBQ for cooking sausages and burgers! Oops I think I may have confused them with charcoal brickettes!
  12. oops.. fire :-(

    Ouch, but could have been worse! I once wired in a music system on a very temporary basis in a car. On the day I was going to replace the temporary wiring, I went to a local shop to buy a few things and on the way back there was a flash and the car filled up with smoke! The entire front loom was fried! Rewiring involved striping a loom from a scrapper and spending around three days adapting and fitting the loom! Good luck!
  13. Wild camping, north of England

    I don't know anywhere you can wild camp; you would need permission from the land owner. If it's walking you're after why not try Bowes? You can walk part of the Pennine Way, have a pint in the Tan Hill Tavern etc! The is a basic camp site at the far end of the village and I've never seen it completely full.
  14. 2000ish 110 Van TD5 or 300TDI ?

    I had a 300 TDi for around 7 years and it was pretty reliable, I eventually sold it because at the time I lived in London and the LEZ was being expanded and it was not compliant. I bought a TD5 to replace it and I'm very happy with it - more torque, a bit quieter and more civilzed! The only downside is that the TD5 is more thirsty! My 300 TDi could achieve 35 mpg on a long run, my TD 5 does (at best) 27 mpg!
  15. Insurance now in vertical climb

    I didn't use a comparison site: it was on Flux's own site!