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  1. The problem has finally been solved!! l emailed Technozen, but I didn't receive a reply, however the indy LR garage did suggest a guy who operates from home over Stratford way. I made an appointment and went over there today. Before plugging in the diagnostic equipment he made a few basic checks. It turned out to be a blown fuse in the aux fuse box next to the ECU!! Problem solved in 10 mins for the princely sum of £20!
  2. Thanks Simon, I'll give them a call and discuss the problems.
  3. I had to remove all the switches on the centre panel when I swapped it over, however it was only necessary to take the back off each switch and then pop the switch itself out of the old panel. All the existing switches were reused. I'm not sure if the garages checked voltage drop with doors open or closed. However they were able to communicate with the ECU via the port and apparently it didn't report any missing wires. Dissapointingly though the LR specialist though didn't have a genuine Nanocom. I'm wondering if the 10AS unit lost some of its settings whilst the battery was di
  4. I have a 2002 110 TD5. I recently replaced the instrument mounting binnacle for a Raptor one, because the original one was cracked and falling apart. At the same time I replaced the centre switch panel for a Mud Stuff double DIN one. Now it's all back together I have the following issues with the central locking/alarm: The indicators no longer flash when locking/unlocking - changing the fob battery had no affect. With the ignition on there is a constant loud ticking from the front nearside. If you try to lock the vehicle with a door left open, it should beep twice t
  5. I bought an Optimill Number Plate Light with built in camera and have run the wire from the dash to the camera. I now need to tap into the the reverse light. Seeing that the supplied loom has the wires for the reverse light near the rear, I was thinking of conecting the wire near the reverse light itself. However the wires and rear of the reverse light are tucked away behind a panel in the wheelarch. Would it be better to extend the wire and attach it to the reverse light switch, or do you reckon I should stick to my original plan?
  6. Just received a text from the NHS saying that they have identified me as someone at risk etc. I'm not surprised at that, however they don't even want me to go outside of the 4 walls of my house!! I certainly will not go to shops, but I will go to my garden and garage!
  7. Is anyone planning to spend their time improving or rebuilding their LR or other car(s) whilst "social distancing/self solating"? All of us are in at risk, as my wife is diabetic, I have severe asthma and our 11 year old has complex health issues including heart issues. I've decided to spend a bit of time on my Defender and have a Mud Stuff double DIN switch panel, double DIN head unit and sub-woofer to fit! When that is complete, I'm going to fit a GORE fuel filter housing. When I've finished the Defender, I have a 53 year old Riley to get back on the road!
  8. I'm also looking forward to seeing the Ineos in the flesh. Hopefully it will be more like what we know. Defender to be than LRs replacement! Whether or not the project is commercially viable is a different matter, and sadly I am pessimistic.
  9. Meanwhile in Wales... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-49733291
  10. I read through various legislation and got a headache! i need to transport a partly restored car from Wellington (Somerset, not Shropshire!) to home (Worcs) - it is MOT exempt, but not yet roadworthy! Unless I'm mistaken I am going to have to hire a suitable trailer.
  11. I thought A Frames were only legal to recover a broken down vehicle, not to transport a vehicle.
  12. I've owned very few vehicles compared to most people! Previously I have owned: 1972 Austin 1300 GT Bedford Midi Van (can't remember the age - I've tried to forget this as it was the most unreliable vehicle ever!!) 1996 Defender 300TDI 2006 Ford Fiesta l currently have: 2002 Defender TD5 2012 Ford Fiesta 1968 Riley Kestrel mk1 (currently being restored)
  13. My 2002 TD5 110 Defender has just developed a small weep from the radiator core. I'm going to replace the radiator soon, but I'm amazed at the price difference between suppliers! Is this too cheap? Has anyone tried one of these?
  14. If you can't find a supplier of a connector to fit, then fit a pair of new connectors!!
  15. Try taking the dash apart and look for the connector that plugs into the panel. Check that the connector is fully pushed home and whilst it is apart check the earth connections. Also check the brake light earths.
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