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  1. Steve King

    Could this work?

    After messing about for a few weekends, I replaced the lock assembly and now the door latches and opens really easily.
  2. Steve King

    heated seat testing

    Land Rover replacement pads are hideously expensive - try Exmoor Trim. Don' t think they sell part sets though, probably still cheaer though!
  3. Steve King

    Could this work?

    Partial success! I got bogged down with various other tasks and wasn't able to spend much time on the Defender. However, Eightpot's suggestion of a thin bladed screwdriver worked and the door popped open with the second prod! Owing to fading light, I have locked it again! I will try to spend next Saturday having a good look at the linkeages with the door card off. I suspect from the feel of the locking button that something is out of line or bent.
  4. Steve King

    Crystal headlamp query

    Mudstuff sell a piggy back wiring loom that makes wiring in the sidelight bulbs in the headlight a doddle! https://www.mudstuff.co.uk/products/mud-stuff/mud-piggy-back-wiring-loom.html
  5. Steve King

    Could this work?

    Thanks for your replies Guys, I will try Eightpot's suggestion and will attempt to open from the inside with a thin flat bladed screwdriver when I get a Chance (waiting for a weekend, owing to a littl'un going to swimming lessons and Brownies etc and dark mornings!) My attempts to remove the door card have failed; I have removed the trim around the locking button, but can only unclip the door card from the top and a little way down.
  6. Steve King

    Could this work?

    Thinking about it, I reckon you are correct! I replaced the strikers with X-Eng ones a few years back and I seem to recall the nuts were captive a plate.
  7. Steve King

    Could this work?

    I have a 2002 110 hardtop with central locking. The passenger door recently would not close and I had to give it a bit of a slam. The lock now will not open with the remote or from the inside. Interestingly the key does not fit the passenger door either! The key is the ignnition key and this fits the driver's door and rear door without problems. I've tried removing the door card, but can't get very far with this and fishing around in the gap with bits of welding rod and flat strips of metal has achieved nothing. I have a cunning plan however: As it is a hardtop I can see and reach the bolts holding the striker plate: I'm thinking of taking the nuts off the retaining bolts for the striker plate and then cutting them as close as I can to the pillar - hopefully bearing in mind Defender build tolerances the door should open with the striker plate still atached. With the door open, I can then properly remove the door card and sort out whatever is wrong with the actuating rods (or whatever) Whilst I have access to the innards of the door, I'll see if there is any number on the lock barrel and then get a key for the passenger side as I think this would be a lot cheaper than a door barrel!
  8. Steve King

    Leak into footwell

    My drive slopes downwards from the garage - parking my 110 nose facing downwards stops all water ingress whilst parked!
  9. Steve King

    Leak into footwell

    There was a link in our own Tech Archive, but it no longer works! Try this: https://www.landyzone.co.uk/land-rover/defender-water-ingress-manual.310782/ Happy reading! The windscreen "Blocks" (look like hinges) are a common source of water ingress - a good coating of sealant fixes that quite quickly.
  10. Steve King

    Rear crankshaft seal leak

    I paid a garage a lot of money to do this job on my first Defender (a 300 TDI) and it started leaking after a month or so. The garage blamed all kinds of things such as crankcase pressure, scoring etc and refused to do anything further. I contacted Les Henson, who did the job for a reasonable price and it never leaked another drop of oil from that area again!
  11. Steve King

    Swing Away Spare Wheel Carrier of choice?

    I finally got around to fitting grease nipples to the unknown make wheel carrier yesterday. There are 4. Pivot points and I fitted grease nipples to 3 of these without any problems. The last one - the joint closest to the wheel rotates a long way and the only place I could fit a nipple without it fouling something as the door opens and closes is inaccessible without partial dismantling!! If I'm able to drill a communicating hole from the arm to the bearing I will try fitting a nipple to the arm.....
  12. Steve King

    Swing Away Spare Wheel Carrier of choice?

    It is one of the jobs, that I intend to get around to... With a bit of luck and a following wind I'll have sorted out the heated seats by next winter.... !! Seriously though, having to work a lot of Saturdays and having a 9 year old with more social activities than you can shake a stick at does leave me nearly enough time as I'd like for working on my Defender.
  13. Steve King

    Swing Away Spare Wheel Carrier of choice?

    Ive no idea what make carrier is fitted to my 110! It was fitted when I bought it. Whilst it does not have grease nipples, it is very easy to take apart and grease as part of an annual service. The carrier has not been powder coated (just painted) and has remained rust free the past seven years!
  14. Steve King

    Lion Proof Seat Covers

    Escape Gear covers are good but not cheap. I've had mine around 7 years and only minimal wear. Comfortable in hot and cold weather and work fine with heated seats too.
  15. Steve King

    Where’s your Snow pictures?

    I had to go into Bromsgrove today so that our 9 year old little one could buy a birthday present for her friend. I decided to drive the long way back via the (tarmac) lanes between Stoke Prior, Tardebigge and Finstall. Impressive snow drifts in places up to 4 ft deep! The local farmers have cleared most of the lanes. Apologies for the poor quality phone pics, but Leah did the best she could!

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