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  1. Got a good working 6 bolt box. PM me if you're interested.
  2. Thanks, Its getting Tracking done Monday and they are going to give it a check over before the MOT. Im taking it to my local Land Specialist , rather people that know Defenders do it rather then back street garage that dont know much about them. Getting worried now praying Ive done everything right.
  3. They can open and close, but they cant lock yet, would it fail on that?
  4. Wasnt the fact I run out just only had one I found on an old door, the rest gone missing somwhere , just wanted it done quick really as should be ready for MOT next week. Will order them if I have to.
  5. got another 2 new handles but run out of these https://www.lrdirect.com/BYC500050-Clip/ just made the bars up . Is there a DIY job other then these clips that I can use to keep the bars in place without popping out. ? Nightmare of a job
  6. Thanks Mate, no wonder I couldn't find them.
  7. Excellent Thanks for taking the time , will try and make something up with these Measurements.
  8. Still not done this yet, should of done it when I first put wings on, cant really see where they bolt to, hope I have not got to take everything back off. Im sure I should be able to get in there somehow, Pics would be Great, Thanks Mate
  9. Right still cant get jhow the screen fits in to the Rubber First before it is placed on to car. Took these pics, The only 2 slots I can see on one side in first pic, where I think the screen should go, the one i have a hold of is deeper and flat , the other has curve on it, other side just has grooves , but dont hold the glass in place.
  10. Wished I lived a few streets from you, think I would get him to do it.
  11. Thanks gonna have another look tonight. will take pics
  12. Pick Picked windscreen and rubber up today. Had a quick look and I can not for the Life of me see which bit or even which way the screen actually fits in to rubber before putting string in. It is very stiff / rigid with been new . Should I soak it in the soapy water an hour or so before I start fitting or can soak it first then fit when Im ready ??
  13. Good info there mate Thanks, what roughly was size /diameter of the string you used.?
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