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  1. Well got the rears done. what a faff on.Stuck on the front now as not sure what goes where. Firstly the bolts wont go through the chassis bushes, they went through the same bushes on rear though, Secondly not sure which way shackles go top or bottom.On Diagram I have Left 2 90577721s 2 90577723s 4 537742s and 537741s
  2. Sorted well just about, my local landy specialist gave me some longer ones, the 3 rounded ones fit perfect, but the flat top longer one was still to short, hope he has a longer one of these tomorrow.
  3. Thanks Mate, called in to my local landy place today and he says to take one in to compare, with longer ones. I have Part Number: 543108 from paddocks but there is a few to choose from here Suspension Parts for Land Rover Series 2, 2A and Series 3 - Paddock Spares I got part numbers from here Front Road Springs - 88in/109in Diesel. 109in 4cyl/6cyl/V8 Petrol (Except 1 Ton) - Find Land Rover parts at LR Workshop but not sure if Ive used the right diagram.
  4. Cleaned everything up and tried again, still no good got me stumped now, only thing I can see that would cure it is longer u bolts, but can you get them ?
  5. kevin50

    MOD Sales

    Well we will soon find out, just bought one so hopefully it will be good,
  6. My springs are 11 leafs front and 9 rear, is there a longer U Bolt / anyone know part number / Thanks everyone so far for help
  7. I was thinking that too, they were new but stood for a few years all rusted up, I gave them a good clean after dipping in acid for a couple of days and then primed and painted them so could be an accumulation of both.
  8. Its a bit of everything I think 109 hers a pic of chassis Will check for head bolt seating correctley
  9. kevin50

    MOD Sales

    First one went for 1800, second one with bent fan and broken oil dipstick ends tomorrow night, gonna have a go at it, Im sure the fan will be easy to straighten out. Theres VAT and 12 percent buyers fee to be added to price though.
  10. Just seen this Thanks . A mate welded them in place, not sure if they are right as didnt have engine yet to try, and chassis is at Galvanisers , will take pics when it comes back.
  11. Bit of a Dilemma here, Chassis just about ready to send off to Galvanisers next week but Just remembered that the bloody Engine Mounts are probably in the wrong place, When I striped it It had a 6 cylinder petrol on it on the Mounts in pics, I am putting a 2.25 petrol back in though so Question is will the 2.25 sit on these mounts or will they have to be moved back as there is marks what look like where they were originally ??Dont have the engine here to try in as it is at rebuilders, god knows how long that will take.
  12. Oil Filter - 2.25 Litre Petrol - Find Land Rover parts at LR Workshop
  13. It will be shot blasted before going, just waiting on Quote from them
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