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  1. Thanks Mate, Probably have every size apart from that one.
  2. I know Mate, Just trying to save a bit, sick of spending now, hard times anyway. but you are right, my local Landy shop should have one in tomorrow. Another thing I meant to ask, I didn't get the Tool to refit, what size Bolt or Drill Bit is used as the Pin when setting it up ?
  3. Black/ Blue Defiantly Difflock, just done mine with help from Western
  4. Doesn't look to bad in there, Belt was a little wet but has dried out completely now, Gonna spray brake cleaner or something and clean everywhere before putting back together. Pump is at Diesel place to get seal, hopefully ready to pick up tomorrow. Only Diesel No sign of any Oil Leaks.
  5. Change of Plan, not going for the Tool as wont get it till next week sometime, Mates gonna take cover and belt off to get at it properly, so that way can Check Belt and anything else in there, Called in to Local Diesel Specialist today and he is going to put the Seal in for me if I take Pump to him.
  6. Wasn't sure to take a chance on the Belt, It was just fitted new couple of months ago with pully and oil seal also new water pump, Has not been ran much since then, maybe 6 or 7 times Idling, and no more then 10 minuets
  7. Is this the right Tool I need to remove Pump https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Big-Red-Tools-12-Piece-Land-Rover-Timing-Kit-for-Diesel-Engines-SWE145/321984610886
  8. Its the Battery Volt. That Terminal close to U Clamp is the one the White wire attaches to the other is the Earth wire.
  9. Its possible but I had the top nut on and off that many times swapping earths about, wonder if Ive had it touching all the time, will check tomorrow.
  10. Rigged the Cheapy Volt Gauge to wires off mine and works perfect, Ignition on it sits just under 13. Engine running just over 14 same as on Disco. Also pic of Terminals on Binicle.
  11. They were already fitted to Disco when I bought it, not my kind of thing, But they do Work.will only use the Voltmeter if I need it. Thanks for the Cheap Comment 😁
  12. Is it Behind the Case where Timing Belt Is ?
  13. Noticed another Problem today as well as my Others diesel leaking from Wading plug hole at bottom of Timing Case, didn't know Diesel could get through that way. Had new Timing Belt and Seal not long ago but Suspect Seal, or could it be something else ?
  14. Thanks, Got a 300Tdi on the way for Temp , Will Give it a go, Hopefully have the same wiring , so just swap it over to one out of Disco and see what happens.
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