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  1. kevin50


    Thanks Mate pics would be Great if you can. Cheers Kevin
  2. kevin50


    If I knew where the plastic ones joined up to the rubber ones I would but they seem to be different colours. The rubber ones that I have already joined match up perfect with same colour each side, but the Plastic plugs on 300 engine are different colours so not really got a clue where they go. Thanks for ebay will have a look at his shop.
  3. kevin50


    Well this is the bit I've been Dreading. Rebuild of 1987 110 which was Originally 2.5 na I think. But now 300Tdi from Discovery on to LT77 Box.Anyway got to stage to Rewire, I did not take this thing apart, was bought as Rolling Chassis so did not see where wires were.The Loom through Chassis plugs in to Bulkhead with all wires matching up as in first pic. I think the other plug to the Right is the for the Main Engine Loom from looking at other posts ect, please correct me if I'm wrong. Rest of pics are wires from 300 engine,Ive looked at loads of the Diagrams out there but for the life of me just cant understand themI know there is a Load more Inside doe the Dash ect but gonna start on Engine first.Any info Greatly Appreciated .Thanks
  4. I know Mate, that was one of my first pics then realised turned them around and they were exactly the same.
  5. So now Im back to thinking its probably the right caliper,😆The drivers side is only catching on one corner, the rest are free , its the passenger side that's worse, Had a wire brush on grinder on the corners where it is catching and its moving easier, that's how close it is, so will do a bit more tomorrow till its clear. Maybe its just a bad set of calipers cheap stuff., will post back tomorrow with results. Thanks Everyone for help,
  6. What do you mean by single line Mate ?
  7. Nor di I mate, found these pics from other day, you can see where bleed niples are. do they give you any idea of what they are ??
  8. Thank You Very Much for that Mate, really appreciate you going out in the rain to do that. By looking at the gap in yours mine are only out by a couple of mil or so, but its still enough to stop them turning. Theirs no numbers on my calipers at all so not sure what part they are. they do look digferent to yours from the side, will take more pics of mine later. as for my hub Im sure its the original too, will try and get part numbers for which bearings I used, was not really aware that bearings were different either. Trying to work out the width of your caliper from your tape measure, will do same measurment as yours when I go up. Thanks Again will post later
  9. Thanks Mate, Cant think what else it could be apart from Caliper. One thing is I think the original would have been Solid discs but the PO was going to convert to Vented, so maybe got wrong part numbers.
  10. Thanks Previous Owner can only remember that he got them from Britpart, they told him that they were model correct whatever that means, cant remember part numbers and the calipers have no numbers stamped on them anywhere. I was thinking that Id made a mistake somewhere when rebuilding axle but really cant think where. Took some measuments tonight, distance from disc wall to hub is exactly the same all round both sides, diatance of middle is same also both sides. I have measured calipers for width, if they were a touch narrower they would fit, so now thinking I have wrong ones,/ well hoping its something as simple as that Don't suppose anyone has a spare caliper handy to measure width
  11. 1987 110 defender, its an ongoing rebuild, I bought it as rolling chassis, it had these discs on in photo, and the calipers were in a box of parts that came with it. Anyway rebuilt front axle with all new seals bearings ect. put same discs back on, the calipers seemed to fit at first but when both bolts are fully tightened up they are hitting hubs both sides, drivers is not to bad but passenger is just locking up. Cant work it out, as Im sure that both discs and calipers are both vented, there is no numbers on calipers to tell excactly what part they are. Anyone ant Ideas ?? this has really got me stumped.
  12. Should I cut out somewhere near that weld you can see on the straight bit at end ? in first pic or cut out over the weld ? Don't know why it has been welded there as it is Brand New, I told Paddocks about it and they are going to find out why it has been welded there. Also when cut and moved around 6 inches back I am certain that hangers will line up just right, But it is very close to the chassis in places as you can see in Pics. Is this Too Close ? as cant see any way to move it out and further away from chassis.
  13. OK Mock fitted Exhaust, Now where do I cut, if I need a hanger on transfer box do I cut there ? or should I cut somewhere else, and make Hangers ?
  14. Thanks Mate. I have already ordered down pipe, suppose if it wont fit I can send it back.
  15. Think I could of made Big Mistake here, Ive ordered parts ESR2297, ESR2383, ESR2384, , what I forgot to say in my first post was that my 300Tdi Engine is out of a Discovery fitted to my 110, will this make a difference to these parts ?? Thanks for help so far with this.
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