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  1. kevin50


    Great Think Ive Grasped it now, Please forgive me everyone but This is my first Rebuild, and my Main problem is that I did not take it apart as I bought it as a rolling Chassis with Crates full of Parts which I am still sifting through as I come to stage when they need fitting. Thanks Everyone for help.
  2. kevin50


    Thanks. Do the four Brown all go together on Starter Main Connector too?
  3. kevin50


    That's just what I waned to see Mate as I am hopeless at using Colour codes and Charts., I'm positive colours om my loom are exact same as yous ,will check tomorrow. Now these are the Main ends of mine in pics. Pic 1 is Starter, now there is altogether 4 brown wires as you can see going in to a pair of Ring connectors, Do both these go on the same Main Starter connector with Live to Battery lead in Pic 2 ?? Pic 3 is Alternator , this also has two brown do these two join together to connect to Alt ? the other wires are further back up the line. added pic of Alternator, Where do wires attach to it ?? Might have to lengthen some to make them reach.
  4. kevin50


    7 could have been white / grey but has faded. 4 I'm sure is white / Brown 6 Two Green The only two spade connectors I can see on that side are , one on Oil filter housing, and one on Injection Pump.
  5. kevin50


    6 is 2 Green going in to one plug. and 7 I think White as it has faded.
  6. kevin50


    Still on with this, I know I shouldn't but I keep jumping from one job to another without finishing. Anyway found the Origional loom, and plug lines up perfect to Bulkhead plug matching all colours. Ive numbered wires in first pic, Think I know what goes to Starter and what goes to Alternator, But not sure about the rest.
  7. Thanks Everyone got a good idea of what I can do now. Just the Oil Cooler pipes to sort
  8. My rebuild id 1987 110 with Disco 300Tdi and LT77 box. Hitting problem after problem with engine been about 6 to inches further back. solving slowly them one by one. Here is my next one in pic, is running out of funds now to buy conversion kits ect, Is ther a DIY way to get round this, think I will need to do something with oil cooler pipes to.
  9. Took everyone's advice and put fuel line in Lift Pump this time, primed it until it was coming through injectors, wired it up and it Started straight away first time, Only let it run for 20 to 30 seconds as oil was teaming out again, but when I put my hand over Intake at top it was sucking air in this time really powerful. Took Rocker cover off and everything seems OK in there, so nit sure if the Problems solved as it did not puff any air out again after that.
  10. Cheers Will give it a go tonight. Is it normal to blow OUT of top opening circled in pic ?
  11. Thanks. So once fuel is coming through put pipe back in to injection pipe then fire up? How do I loop pipes ?
  12. Thanks. Valve clearance is Ok. Should fuel be going in to injection pump or Lift Pump?? Can cooler pipes be joined together? Thanks Again
  13. I put hose for fuel IN on to the injection pump pipe is this right ? Could hear it clicking open. Or should I have put it straight to lift Pump?
  14. Trying to start before fitting timing belt, water pump ect just to make sure. Wouldn't Start, was turning over and chucking oil out but would not fire up. It was blowing air out of top in pic, is this normal ?
  15. kevin50


    Thanks Mate pics would be Great if you can. Cheers Kevin
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