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  1. OK Everyone Please forget this, I am really Embarrassed now, I have mistaken the Reverse lights on these new units for side lights, was thinking of buying one of those square reverse lights like the Defender ones, thinking Im still working on Defender instead of this Bloody Sazuki SJ. Really sorry for the hassle please forgive me. Got and old series lined up for my next project so hopefully get that in soon. Thanks Evertone.
  2. Sorry I mean the middle light, red lens which also has Brake Light ,
  3. I'm sure I've got the wires in right place on plug now, I have Indicators Main Light and Brake, But still no Side light, Only way I can get Side light to work with the rest is by splicing in to Number Plate light wire, which is not fitted yet. Could I do it this way ? Thanks
  4. Thanks Mate Think Ive got it from that.
  5. I know Mate but even if I find one IM hopeless at them, but will find one and have a go. Cheers will try and work it out
  6. Sorry to ask on here but Ive loads of help with my Defender Electrics, couldnt have done it without Western. Anyway I am helping my Son doing up his SJ, well he works away all week so its me doing all the bloody work. So Trying to fit new rear lights in to SJ, Got my head done in , problem is the New units have different coloured wires to the wires coming from Loom.I can get the Indicator to work with either the Side light or the main light but not both together.First pic is New wires on unit, second is the Origional wires coming from SJ.Any Ideas. Thanks
  7. And Me, would take me half hour just to get Injector pipes off 🙂
  8. Thanks Do you mean the cable on the Lever or on the Box ?
  9. Will take that lever off and check wiring. When I fitted new matrix I checked the flap on the lever and it does work, ie opens and closes but was not quite closing fully, maybe half inch gap left when in fully closed position. Will open the lid and see if I can see without having to take matrix back out.
  10. will have a look at cable. Would that cause the blower to work only in that one position ?
  11. Got a few teething problems on my just finished rebuild. some I can put up wuth for now but would like to get this one sorted before winter. Just put brand new Matrix in, heaters work in a Fashion but only on this position on Vid. Also when the leaver is down on the Red it blows nice and hot, but when up in the Blue it still blows hottish/ warm. The far lever on the right works as it should, changing air from top of dash to bottom. Any Ideas of what I have done wrong ?
  12. Yes I used that. I done it all a month ago, but doing it again to get the rest of the old dirty oil that was in there, just wanted to know which of these were best from Halfords as only place open today. I was thinking this one as it is Dextron 2 https://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-and-fluids/gearbox-oil/comma-aqm-automatic-transmission-fluid-1l-124317.html
  13. Which one of these from Halfords is best for LT77 ? https://www.halfords.com/search?q=transmission+oil
  14. Thanks it is definitely not running from top cover it is completely dry on top. will try giving them a nip up. They are torx heads very difficult to get in.
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