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  1. I have a 1989 90 which was originally a 2.5td, but is now a 300tdi, discovery engine fitted. The radiator has started pouring water out, how do i tell which radiator is fitted for a staright swap?(obviously for a non-leaky one)
  2. This may be the route I will go down. Don't need extra room as I sit pretty straight up and down, thus close to the steering wheel and the wife is a midget (just don't tell her I said this) I have an Ifor Williams top, I also have a canvas somewhere, but it was more for security as well as extra cab heat. I know nothing about a land rover is secure, but the more the better.
  3. Am going to change my truck cab into a hardtop. Is it possible to keep the rear of the truck cab, so that the back is seperate from the front? ie, keep the rear part with the sliding window
  4. Thanks guys, should eb able to get it sorted now. Am making up new earth straps and some jump leads for now, but loads of wiring to be done. rear lamps look like a plate of spaghetti!
  5. cheers, will look now that it has been explained what size I actually need, I searched for "heatshrink battery cable"
  6. am guessing it must be the circumference, hadn't really thought about it before now, but that's the heavy duty battery cable size. Cable sizing is a mystery i need to solve one of those days Thanks for the link, even if there is nothing suitable it will be handy for the other wiring I have planned
  7. anyone know where I can get heatshrink to suit 35mm battery cable? Reasonably priced if possible, only place I can find it is RS-components and is dearer than the cable!
  8. Maybe a daft question (or two) but is the battery box the same size on a 90 as a 110? And how did you hold these down? I was going to get twin batteries fitted and had been looking at fitting a red top and a yellow top optima, but these are much more in my budget range (currently nil, but hoping to raise some soon)
  9. Oh, forgot I used to do this back in the days with old,Escorts and minis. Might have to do that too
  10. Going to practically rewire the whole thing bit by bit. The readymade looms look OK, but I think I could do a better job and at less cost, plus its the satisfaction of doing something yourself. Also if I make my own it gives me some choices of relay location, where I take the power from etc. Not looking to cut corners by thinking about buying the cheaper relays, just wondered if they were the same ones that are sold for much more at places other than ebay.
  11. The headlights on my landy are the standard issue 1/2 a candle. And the bowls were rusty. So I decided to buy some nice H4 lights with plastic bowls. Decided I may as well add relays too while I am at it. So my question is, do I buy the relays at about £8 a piece from an auto electrical supplier, or the same price for 5 of them from ebay. I know the old saying about buying the best you can afford, but are they likely to be identical units? Anyone bought from ebay and had good/bad experiences with the relays?
  12. http://www.landroverworkshop.com/diagrams/axles-suspension/rear-axle/hubs-drive-shafts-to-%28v%29ka930455_52627#14 Looks like I need part 14 spacer, but also part 4 spacer. Also the washer 13. No wonder it doesn't all fit
  13. yeah. its a 90. Sounds like I need 2 of those spacers then is this the part? http://www.island-4x4.co.uk/seal-spacer-outer-britpart-frc8227-p-6697.html though obviosly not a britpart one if possible
  14. Originally a 1990 Td it has been fitted with 300tdi engine and R380 box. I say this as maybe the axle has been changed, although it still has 10 inch drum brakes. Anyway, the problem is: Severe clunking at rear, I could rock the wheels and hear it even with wheel on ground. So I buy new bearings, strip down putting all parts in an icecream container so nothing is lost, re-assemble to the stage of putting on the bearing nut, and notice that there is a section of unthreaded stub axle sticking out. I mean about 5mm or thereabouts. So the bearings are not going to be tight. ever. So the quest
  15. Learned that lesson the hard way on my old Saxo, when one of the front calipers fell off. Its the rear I am doing on a 1989 90. Thanks for all the advice guys, hope I have all the bits ordered from Paddocks
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