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  1. You would get a much better prodfuct from Robert Owen who makes S2 and S3 bulkheads Peter
  2. It will not be a manufacturing defect. My dad worked for C and J Hampton and Co makers of record tools and their successors from 1946 to 1983. he was a tool setter on vices for part of that time. they did not sell seconds. they were all scrapped. Workers were allowed to dismantle scrap items and build good ones for their own use, sold at a peppercorn price but inspected before they left the factory. They valued their reutation. Peter
  3. I think perhaps you should also check other jobs that he might have done. Such scant regard for safety is scary. Peter
  4. Not helpful in this situation but whenever we get a vehicle new to us one of the first jobs is to slacken all the wheelnuts/bolts and retighten to the correct torque then test the supplied wheelbrace to make sure I can remove at the side of the road. It just makes life so much easier. Peter
  5. Unless you are painting the whole vehicle when buying paint by ref no is OK you are better having an existing panel scanned and the paint matched to that as the paint will already have faded. Peter
  6. It is acceptable to use cable ties to retain TRE boots, if you buy a CV boot kit for a modern car the chances are that it will come with cable ties instead of metal clips. People like Blanchards may have better quality NOS boots. I keep a stock of boots in as they split on a regiular basis, whatever they are made of they are not the same quality as originals. Peter
  7. You would expect them to include all the bits in the kit!! Peter
  8. Moving the backplate round 1 hole is common, it also make bleeding them much easier. I am fortunate though I didnt need to do it on mine but I did fit the cylinders pipes and shoes on the bench before fitting on the land rover. Oh and I also filled the cylinders with brake fluid whilst on the bench. Small ratchet strap round the shoes to keep in place and I bled the brakes before fitting the drums. Peter
  9. You could also bring a bucket load of the pierburg belt drive pumps from your local scrappy. They were standard fit on PSA cars in the 80s and 90s. Peter
  10. Our conservatory roof is twinwall plastic sheet, 27 years so far and still going strong. To save future problems with the dormer would it be possible to put a sloping roof from the front up to the ridge line then slate it even of it is a shallow angle, the alternative would be a fibreglass cap. Bothe are more expensive than refelting but you will not be facing a replacement in 10 years. Peter
  11. It is the exposed part of the thread that corrodes. It is worth while if the studs are in good condition putting double nuts on to cover all exposed threads, then you dont destroy the inner brass nut when undoing. Peter
  12. Excellent, you will not be disappointed with the standard of their work or their prices Peter
  13. Leaf Sprung Landys at Stalmine near Fleetwood, are really good craftsmen who have a passion for land rovers. They own and drive them as well as repairing and restoring them
  14. Early 2s (58) withe the IOE engine were a darker blue. Peter
  15. Measure the distance round all the pulleys and go to your local bearing supplier, he will be able to get a v belt to fit that is cheaper than a normal fan belt. If you can work out the sizing you can also buy from Ebay. Have you checked that your pulleys are in line as that is the most common cause of belts shredding. Peter
  16. If you notice my bracket is a slightly different shape to the pukka one, that is to get round the galvanised capping. Peter
  17. The mirror arms are the same as fited to early Sherpas and some Bedford CFs.. Peter
  18. I have home made versions of the type that 17H is showing. I did buy some but somewhere along the line the hole spacings didnt work so I bent some steel to the same shape and adjusted my hole centres to my mirrors and hinges
  19. I have mirrors Like the ones shown in 17Hs first post, they are on home made brackets that fit behind the door hinge and I have large tractor mirror heads, they are brilliant Peter
  20. Belt drive pump, bracket and associated parts from an early 90/110 2.25 diesel would be stock, it is the same 5mb engine as fitted to the later 3s Peter
  21. Get rid of that awful unreliable bit of kit and fit a proper vac pump. Electric is easiest, lots of modern cars have them I have a belt drive Pierburg at fitted to many older French cars and by Land Rover when they realised that the inlet manifold thging was not up to scratch. Peter
  22. Thes flat L488 lenses are all glass, be careful not to drop when trying to fit Peter
  23. M7 is an uncommon size in the UK but is used extensively in the French automotive industry, what you call a person I'm not that keen on size. How do I know? Bour eurobox suffered a rusted sump, as it is the base of our camper I fitted an alloy sump from another model, thicker flange, needed longer bolts. Ended up buying from the Citroen agent and they cost a fortune, but the sump was cheap and wont rot away again. Peter
  24. A bit of useless information that applies to factory recon series engines. LR or their reconditioners always machined the number off. There is a service bulletin that ells dealers to stamp the original engine number on the machined surface. Many didnt bother though. There is also some confusion with log books/V5s where the engine no and the chassis no appear the same. They cannot be as they use a different system but laziness when first registering meant that the chassis number was just copied into the engiune number space. Peter
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