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  1. The standard flathead Go Devil engine fitted in W2 Willys jeeps gives more than enough power for the handling, it is easy to scare yourself in one. The steering is so sharp that they can turn over for fun. Peter
  2. The MOT exemption rules are ambiguous to say the least and open to interpretation , if you can actually get a face to face conversation off the record with a DVSA officer they will tend to agree with you. We will only know for definite if and when the rules are tested in court. Peter
  3. First job to do when messing with the pump is to replace the timing chain, they stretch and then you can never get the timing right
  4. May not be relevent please ignore if so When I got my 58 S2 it had a s3/defender 5mb ex mil diesel fitted with the almost close breathing system.The one that doesnt have the oil filler tube on the side plate, It used oil like a train and had some leak issues. I fitted, from an early diesel the side plate filler tube that has the open breather as the plug and an open breather to the top of the rocker cover. It now uses very little oil and hardly leaks any. Peter
  5. Contact RLC and for a price they should be able to give you the military number from the chassis number. they will also sell you a copy of the B card. Peter
  6. Unfortunately there is plenty of chatter on series2 relater fora about non delivery of bulkheads from Pegasus even though money was paid up front on order ing. Do an internet search. Peter
  7. Make a bracket to fit the front bumper and mount it horizontally like some of the Belgian Minervas and our pinkies did. (I would be looking for a spare bonnet to put the wheel on, sticking it on the back with the 80"s narrow springs will make it wallow a bit. The phot shows the spare on the back of an 80 on a trip to Romania but the springs were beefed up. The bracket doesnt fold and the back seat passengers had to climb in over the front. Peter
  8. Stephen, you wouldnt enjoy is as much as you enjoy your 80 Peter
  9. If someone applies for the V5 DVLA will require an inspection. Good luck with that. Peter
  10. My S2 is insured with Peter James, no mileage restriction, agreed value and they are not interested in the change of engine from a 2L petrol to a 2.25 diesel or the overdrive or the 750 tyres. It is kept on the drive and the premium is very reasonable. Peter
  11. In our Romahome camper we have an Eberspacher combined water and blown air heater. The "furnace" is mounted outside under the floor and it heats water which then flows into a calorifier for the water and through a radiator where a fan blows air through and into the habitation part of the camper. When we bought our camper it was already fitted, it would not have been on our list of extras but having used it in winter for many years I have to say that it is brilliant. It has the facility to make a connection to the engine to warm that up before starting but we havent bothered with that. Having experienced it were I to order another new camper (those days are long gone now) I would certainly include this type of heater. Peter
  12. I have 7.50 R16 tyres on a mixture of S3 and tube type defender wheels on an 88. The tyres are Goodyear Wranglers that I collected over a period of a few months. &.50s are still available new mostly in Michelin or Avon brands but there are others about. I dont understand your mechanics comment about old metric wheels. Unless you have a very very early S1 then your wheels will be 16inches diamter and 5" wide for standard SWB up to S3, 5.5" wide for LWB and Defender and some other variations are 6.5" wide. S1, S2 S3 and early defenders were all tubed type, later defenders were tubeless. Steel wheels are very cheap often even being given away, you just need to keep an eye on the S1 and S2 forums. Tyres can be found on Ebay. Peter
  13. And, if you need proper penetrating oil use something like Plus Gas. WD40 is not a penetrating oil it is a Water Dispersent. Peter
  14. The Smiths round heater is a 2/early 2A fit. Replace the core with a Clayton core and bend the fan blades a bit. The front seat passenger burns their legs and the driver freezes. Peter
  15. The SWB has some quite distibctive features (not going to say on here) that would help identify it even if it appears under a new identity. Keep your eyes peeled guys the SWB has a lot of sentimental value for the owner and the LWB is part of a farmers livelyhood. Thanks Peter
  16. Same principle but mine is a diesel and the starter is really heavy. I took the wing off removed the starter (my problem was that whoever fitted the starter did it before the engine was fitted and used odd nuts and bolts which had to be cut.) and fitted a 300TDI which is smaller, lighter and turns faster. For a petrol I would replace it with a Hi Torque starter smaller, lighter and turns quicker. The smaller motors can be removed with the exhaust pipe left in place.
  17. Chassis have to be unbelievably bad before they actually nead replacing, we have a 59, 58,55, 51 years all on original well but properly repaired chassis and a 49 in the process of being repaired. I recently had a problem with an awkward to get to nut that was well rusted, the rounded end of my powerfile and lots of patience allowed me to wear away part of the nut and the biolt so that they could be removed. Peter
  18. I would hazard a guess that it was once owned by a garage and had a crane in the back. Our S1 LWB has similar holes and was a garage breakdown truck, it used to have a harvey Frost hand cranked crane mounted on the pickup bed. Peter
  19. Be careful using a cigarette lighter plug and socket, the connections between the parts is not the best, they can get hot and must not be used for more than 10n amps. The Germans produce a plug and socket with a far more positive connection but personally I would use Anderson connectors Peter
  20. Steve I have tried to use plywood under a trolley jack on our chippings drive and the weight causes the wheels to bite into the plywood. Peter
  21. As has been said many times before on a number of forums, it is a grey area and until it is tested in court no one will know. I am curious about insurance though when the car is "on tow" It is certainly illegal in Spain and the police will stop you and make you detach the car, you may also get a fine. Peter
  22. Military ones tend to be but not always on the rear spring hangers inside or out front or back. UK civilian ones are on the outside of the front offside dumb iron. I have seen an ex australian military chassis with the number on the outside of the nearside rear spring hanger. Peter
  23. Do you mean S2 or 52 (80" S1) the numbers are in different places. Also if it is ex mil it could be somewhere different. Peter
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