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  1. Could you share details of this guy near Stratford? I have some gremlin issues with my 10AS and this may be a local solution. Ta Murky Bucket etc. Glue
  2. So the Americans have produced a Tesla powered defender...Here
  3. Also be aware that some recuring error codes may have nothing to do with your vehicle. My TD5 has a persistant logged error with the AC clutch, that could have something to do with thr fact I don't have air con!
  4. Saw this in the local rag and thought it deserved sharing...https://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/six-wheeled-land-rover-caught-17794846
  5. Evening, After 20 years, my truck needs some new seats. The frames are fine (or at least will be with a coat of paint), so I was investigating retrim options. Am I right in thinking that there are 2 options, Exmoor Trim and Br*tpart? Obviously the ET ones are likely to be much nicer, but nearly twice the price, so does anybody have any experience with the Br*tpart ones? Glue
  6. To funnel the rain to the inside of the car?
  7. Which eBay refurb outfit was selling this?
  8. I like the fact the pedals have "Stop" and "Go" on them
  9. Anybody? If there's nobody local, does anybody fancy trusting a unit to the post office? Glyn
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