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  1. So you're planning a JCB powered Rotassarie, big enough to barbeque an elephant?
  2. Trangia T25 (The larger one) with a gas burner. Look Here... A kelly is great fun, but finding fuel can be difficult, especially if you're in a hurry. I've never found the cool down period to be a problem. Generally they're only useful for boiling water, a bit of a one trick pony. HTH
  3. My TD5 110 (99MY) has a salisbury rear axle and ABS. I can't help any further, but they did / do exist in the wilds!
  4. Not just me thinking that then!
  5. I'm unexpectedly at home having cancelled explorers tonight, 3 confirmed attendees, still only able to meet outdoors and its lashing down
  6. Isn't the wet weather version a canvas tilt over the top?
  7. Does the Irish Plate on the Dash explain or confuse the issue?
  8. Good to hear you've got the issue sorted (or at least identified). The lugs shouldn't be too hard to get hold of, VWP carry them here, and I'm sure most other auto electrical suppliers will have them. It's probably easier / cheaper however to get in touch with your local electrical wholesaler.
  9. Goddammit, them (metal eating) mice is big
  10. What Mo Said! M16 Bolts would normally be a 24mm head / socket, those you've got look to be much closer to M10 / 17mm which would explain why the plate has dropped.
  11. I'll ask next time I see him. Between him and his brother they've got 4 road worthy reliants and goodness knows how many bits and pieces, so there's a good chance...
  12. My next door neighbour has one in his garage (complete along with what seems like several more in kit form)!
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