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  1. Glue

    "Help, my diff is making a funny noise"

    Which eBay refurb outfit was selling this?
  2. Glue

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    I like the fact the pedals have "Stop" and "Go" on them
  3. Glue

    TD5 Diagnostics Required

    Anybody? If there's nobody local, does anybody fancy trusting a unit to the post office? Glyn
  4. Is there anybody in the Coventry / West Midlands area that can help me out with a small issue I have. I had my keys stolen a bit ago so have had to resort to the spare set. Unfortunately the fob I have won't disarm the immobiliser, so I'm looking for somebody who has a nanocom or similar that can access the alarm ECU and persuade it to accept the fob, so I can take the truck for its MOT! Can anybody help, in exchange for tea, biccies, beer tokens and eternal gratitude etc? Glyn
  5. Glue

    Just bought a metal detector

    Finding the bits that have dropped off?
  6. Glue

    Roof top tent cover replacement?

    I have a tame bouncy castle maker who I've used in the past...
  7. Glue

    Mantec snorkel

    This Bit? HTH
  8. Glue

    Landreiziger blower motor switch kit

    If someone were to hypothetically produce one at a cheaper price I would be interested (hypothetically)!
  9. Glue

    Help please! Defender TD5 (2003)

    This sound like a problem I had with mine, which I eventually tracked down to the electrical connections on the fuel pump. These had become corroded and eventually failed. My symptoms were similar. When the vehicle wasn't running, the pump would run, but when the engine started the pump couldn't keep up with demand and the vibration meant the connections became intermittent so the problem got worse until the engine stalled.
  10. Glue

    TD5 with Amnesia

    To put a lid in this, Western was almost correct, I eventually tracked it down to a blown fuse in the drivers seat box. Apparently it also supplies the clock and interior lights, none of which have ever worked and nor do they now! Guess what I'll be investigating next?!?!
  11. Glue

    water containers for camping

    These are my "goto" solution for carrying water in the field (or in a defender). Not cheap, but less likely to fail than the usual collapsible type, Ortlieb also make a similar product, These!
  12. Glue

    TD5 with Amnesia

    Evening All, My '99 TD5 110 has amnesia. The speedo doesn't retain the trip meter reading when I remove the key for more than about 5 minutes. Whilst it isn't the end of the world it is a little annoying as I use it as a guide to the fuel level, since the fuel gauge doesn't work either. Do any of you have any thoughts, either why or how to solve the problem? Glue
  13. Glue


    A brace of pheasants is just showing off

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