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  1. Many Thanks Ralph, The mismatch between chassis numbers / corresponding part numbers and the age of the truck was throwing me. Part of the problem is that the truck went through SVO and a civilian contractor before spending 11 years with HM Armed Forces (RAF Mountain Rescue Sevice), being cast and spending a further 10 years with a selection of owners - its a bitsa and I love it.
  2. Evening All, Can somebody confirm if PRC 6290 is the correct loom for my purposes: '99 Defender (VIN ends XA170xxx) with Rear Wash Wipe (Wash Bottle under the bonnet) and Heated Rear Window, NO High Level Brake Light. Wiper motor has the round, white 4 pin connector, as does the end of the loom behind the light cover. Many Thanks. Glue
  3. I have a 99 Defender that came out through Special Vehicles. One of the mods that they made was to fit a split charge system, which is, as far as I can see, the same as the optional extra that was available at the time. Fast forward 20 ish years and it has now failed. All the cabling etc meters out, so I'm assuming that the relay has failed. There are two part numbers listed in all the drawings etc that I can find. Does anybody know the difference between AMR3324 and AMR 3325? Thanks in advance. Glue
  4. A few years back I lost the front UJ on the front prop, whilst doing about 60 mph in a 200 TDi 110. I ended up needing to replace the front brake lines, along with some interesting scrapes in the diff casing. As oneandtwo said, several of the spire clips needed replacing and the floor panel and footwell wee never quite the same ever again. I didn't experience any "pole vaulting" but there were certainly scrapes in the tarmac where the flailing prop had hit the road surface. I supose that it is a theoretical risk, I suspect that (certainly on road), the angle of impact and the forward ang
  5. So there's potential for some swag with the new logo somewhere about 2025?
  6. New logo looks fab, Thank you @elbekko.
  7. Wrights Auto Supplies in Coventry? Here
  8. I suspect its Auto Correct Cock Up for "Tek Screw"
  9. Oops, on the upside you're still here to pass on the benefit of your experience to the rest of us.
  10. Now that is truely hideous. What was the convertor thinking?
  11. Could you share details of this guy near Stratford? I have some gremlin issues with my 10AS and this may be a local solution. Ta Murky Bucket etc. Glue
  12. So the Americans have produced a Tesla powered defender...Here
  13. Also be aware that some recuring error codes may have nothing to do with your vehicle. My TD5 has a persistant logged error with the AC clutch, that could have something to do with thr fact I don't have air con!
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