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  1. Leaf or similar stuck over one of the sensors? A friend of mine had a cheapo solution on her disco, that detected the tow ball beautifully
  2. I've just seen these advertised on the book of face...
  3. I can claim I spent £65k on a project, whether I did is another matter...
  4. In the past I've drilled them out and retapped to M4(?). The grub screws were then replaced with BZP hex head set screws. It's not ideal from a cosmetic point of view, but I found it easier to torque the bolts up than faffing round with a (tiny) allen key. HTH
  5. As Ross has said, powercons are great connectors but... They are only rated for 16A (@240v ac), and do not have any current breaking capacity. This means they should only be used to connect isolated circuits. It's relatively easy to get the connectors to arc over and ultimately weld themselves together when mated/unmated live. Given their use in a 12v situation where the potential current draw is generally higher than mains this becomes even more likely. If you were determined to work with them then I'd be looking at the Powercon True1 TOP series, which are rated for 16A WITH breaking cap
  6. I can't help with the first bit, but if it can make it's way to Coventry then I can get it to Buxton (or thereabouts) next time I head to see my parents. (Obvious timescale restrictions apply etc)
  7. Mine flashes when road conditions are very wet (or I'm wading) and stops when it dries out again. I get used to ignoring it.
  8. I've heard that as "drop it, hump it and lose it" because anything that did get delivered was likely to be f.......
  9. Should I be concerned that the front end looks like a face c/w head light eye balls!?!?!
  10. I work in power distribution for the events industry, powerlocks don't scare me I did use my 110 to "tow" a 600A 3Ph cable set (5 x 240 sq mm) from the generator to the production distro which was 90m away! Low 2 at tickover pulled it out nicely whilst meaning there was plenty of time for my oppo to connect the next set in line.
  11. A 16A Plug should be (roughly) 43mm in diameter (excluding the keying lump), a 32A plug is 57mm. There are also 63A and 125A versions, but by then most people are looking at 3 phase supplies with red connectors!
  12. Your picture is of a 16A 240V connector at 50Hz (ie UK domestic power). In an ideal world each socket would be protected by it's own 16A breaker (Fuse / MCB / RCBO etc). However that gets expensive, quickly, so I wouldn't be too worried by a 20A RCBO protecting a pair of sockets, you simply need to be aware of the loading. 20A is roughly 4.8kW or 6.5 BHP which is clearly a goodly amount of power to be using simultaineously! The power circuit in your house is probably made up using 13A connectors protected by a 32A "Fuse" There is more to circuit protection than simply matching the break
  13. I did (in a 200 TDi 110) keep up with an Elise for 15 or so miles along the A470 through mid Wales a few years ago, and we both get up with the tractor and livestock trailer in front!
  14. Many Thanks Ralph, The mismatch between chassis numbers / corresponding part numbers and the age of the truck was throwing me. Part of the problem is that the truck went through SVO and a civilian contractor before spending 11 years with HM Armed Forces (RAF Mountain Rescue Sevice), being cast and spending a further 10 years with a selection of owners - its a bitsa and I love it.
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