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  1. I know about the back door to Forton, I caught a big yellow taxi out of it when my fan belt idlers melted about 500 yards north of the services! For now lets pencil it into the diary and we can finalise the arrangements via PM. G
  2. I will probably be having a weekend in the Lakes at the end of October and should have enough room to squeeze them in. If the northbound set can get to me before I set off I'm happy to run them north and collect the southbound and bring them as far as Coventry, especially if @Anderzandercan meet me at one of the M6 Services (Lancaster or Charnock Richard?) Glue
  3. Off topic, but where's the morrisons in Aber?
  4. So you're planning a JCB powered Rotassarie, big enough to barbeque an elephant?
  5. Trangia T25 (The larger one) with a gas burner. Look Here... A kelly is great fun, but finding fuel can be difficult, especially if you're in a hurry. I've never found the cool down period to be a problem. Generally they're only useful for boiling water, a bit of a one trick pony. HTH
  6. My TD5 110 (99MY) has a salisbury rear axle and ABS. I can't help any further, but they did / do exist in the wilds!
  7. Not just me thinking that then!
  8. I'm unexpectedly at home having cancelled explorers tonight, 3 confirmed attendees, still only able to meet outdoors and its lashing down
  9. Isn't the wet weather version a canvas tilt over the top?
  10. Does the Irish Plate on the Dash explain or confuse the issue?
  11. Good to hear you've got the issue sorted (or at least identified). The lugs shouldn't be too hard to get hold of, VWP carry them here, and I'm sure most other auto electrical suppliers will have them. It's probably easier / cheaper however to get in touch with your local electrical wholesaler.
  12. Goddammit, them (metal eating) mice is big
  13. What Mo Said! M16 Bolts would normally be a 24mm head / socket, those you've got look to be much closer to M10 / 17mm which would explain why the plate has dropped.
  14. I'll ask next time I see him. Between him and his brother they've got 4 road worthy reliants and goodness knows how many bits and pieces, so there's a good chance...
  15. My next door neighbour has one in his garage (complete along with what seems like several more in kit form)!
  16. Leaf or similar stuck over one of the sensors? A friend of mine had a cheapo solution on her disco, that detected the tow ball beautifully
  17. I've just seen these advertised on the book of face...
  18. I can claim I spent £65k on a project, whether I did is another matter...
  19. In the past I've drilled them out and retapped to M4(?). The grub screws were then replaced with BZP hex head set screws. It's not ideal from a cosmetic point of view, but I found it easier to torque the bolts up than faffing round with a (tiny) allen key. HTH
  20. As Ross has said, powercons are great connectors but... They are only rated for 16A (@240v ac), and do not have any current breaking capacity. This means they should only be used to connect isolated circuits. It's relatively easy to get the connectors to arc over and ultimately weld themselves together when mated/unmated live. Given their use in a 12v situation where the potential current draw is generally higher than mains this becomes even more likely. If you were determined to work with them then I'd be looking at the Powercon True1 TOP series, which are rated for 16A WITH breaking capacity and also IP65 which is a bonus when in a landrover. Generally I'd avoid using mains rated connectors for 12v applications, I work in the events power industry where the potential for somebody to plug a 240v supply into a 12v circuit (and thus destroying it) would be too great. I have seen Neutrik's "Speakon" used for low voltage work, They are a 40A rated connector, (again with no breaking capacity), but very unlikely to be found running at 240v. Personally I'd be looking to use Anderson connectors, either SB50s for Powerpoles.
  21. I can't help with the first bit, but if it can make it's way to Coventry then I can get it to Buxton (or thereabouts) next time I head to see my parents. (Obvious timescale restrictions apply etc)
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