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    Boating, RYA yachtmaster Instructer and sometimes delivery skipper
    Flying, not regularly nowadays but just enough to keep my licence.

    Off roading goes without saying. Prefer team challenge events
  1. Hi Guys Long time since I last visited, Thinking about starting a new build soon and was wondering anybody fitted a BMW diesel from a Rangie into a Landrover. Looking at practically if it fits a rangie it should fit a L/rover, unless anybody knows differently. Dave
  2. Si, It came in 25 kg bags, mixed it in a cut down 25 litre drum, poured it on and floated it out to about 1/2 thick or less as it self levels you dont have to be a plasterer to get a shiney smooth finish. I try and post a couple of photos later Dave
  3. Si, I used a heavy duty self levelling screed over the top of mine. Cant remember the name of it at the moment but I can find out for you. I frequently run the Landy in just on a set of rims and that dosnt even mark it. A coat of international garage floor paint to finish and you have a perfectly flat sealed and painted floor. Dave
  4. Just got back from 8 weeks over their. GPL readly available in France approx .75E per litre. Practically every motorway service area sells it. Not available in Spain on forcourts, only in gas depots. Petrol prices about the same as here and diesel a bit cheaper. Anybody thinking of trailering and using the motorways be warned that it is expensive for multi axle vehicles. One leg alone roughly 400ks cost me 140 euros. Ther is a new operator doing the Bilbao route with some very good deals this year approx £160.00 return and that was for a 10meter motorhome. If you are camping might well be worth joining the C&C club big discounts on the ferries and campsites often available. Not sure that I will be able to make it with the landy but will probably already be out their in the Motorhome. Dave
  5. Helpful site for wiring up relays and how they work look here Dave
  6. That is camping Chris but not as you know it That will drag the LR down there for me and I will leave it at site as near as I can to the action. Any way the new ones a bit smaller only 30ft not 33ft long.
  7. Depending on date i would be up for it. Camping rather than hotels prefered Dave
  8. Tony put me down for it with graham and I will let you know in plenty of time if I cant make it for any reason. After last years I dont want to miss it if I can help it. Dave
  9. Strange as it sounds I do sometimes have trouble getting crew. I dont know yet about this trip because the owner wants to do some of the trip with me and qualify as a day skipper during the trip. This is a nice one though as there are no deadlines for getting to Alicante and the boats pedigree is suberb it has true Trans Atlantic capability. They are not all like this and sometimes you are forced to push on through weather that under normal circumstances you would wait for to blow over. I once took a 95 ft Trader out to Gibralter to meet the owner and his family and ending up with a nightmare trip in horrendous weather to get there because he was waiting. I spent 36 hrs on watch because my other two crew where to ill to get out of theirs bunks. Othertimes you can cross the Bay of Biscay and spend hours in flat calm on the bow watching the dolphins. :) As for no mud I did once find some coming out of the Thames Esturay and spent 12 hours looking at it with the nearst sea over a mile away. Lucky the owner wasnt with me on that trip
  10. Got a little job to do later this month I have to deliver this Its work but not as we know it from Southampton to Alicante 10 day trip weather permiting. Its a tough life but someone has to do it
  11. Sounds right to me. What about people looking for Item for sale ???? I sometimes visit classifed sections on other forums just to purchase or to advertise I am looking for x
  12. I am finally cutting the last links with my teenage years. My heritage for sale now on EBlag Here and here If they sell it will be the first time I havnt had a Triumph in the garage or shed in years. Still keeping the FJR though its one of those bikes which even after being out and it starts raining you get back and you still have a smile on your face. Unfortunatly my nostalgia was getting to uncomfortable for ageing bones
  13. Thats the trouble with you old uns always on about how hard you had it, Whoops was that me or a grumpy old git
  14. Thanks Diff, You have just confirmed what I have have just found out after half a hour sorting the shed out to get at the gearbox. Yours Les for £65.00 Dave
  15. Les I think the one I have must be 1.4. Out of a 2.5 petrol,, unfortunantly it hasnt got the ratio on the side of it. Anybody know how to tell from the serial number. Dave
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