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  1. In truth - my disappointment has largely yielded to boredom with it now. I need to move on.
  2. You can’t remove a mans right to be offended ! Lol 😂 What would you do with all the new type owners ?
  3. It’s not about modern though - it’s about focus. they could have made a very focused off reader that was modern - but they haven’t .
  4. That’s interesting - I found myself warming to him, cutting some slack for the mats and that they have perhaps done as much as they can with the windscreen, but still feeling like they’d ultimately built a luxury car with off-road capability and thus ignored the DNA and history they mention so often - which at its roots was a utility vehicle with function over form as it’s ethos.
  5. That’s an interesting thought Deep .... 🤔
  6. I really like how easy that is to strip out and change or service. Having 3 panels like that is a great design 👍🏻 Is it an 8 wheeler ? 😮
  7. Good find. Nothing really new but still good to hear it from the horses mouth so to speak.
  8. Just the Atb in mine and it’s been in for just under 5 years. I do drive with a lot of mechanical sympathy - but it’s definitely been worked without issue.
  9. I have an ATB in the back of mine and I love it - totally forget its there and then I find it’s working 🙂
  10. I’m more confidence in the independence of enough of a big portion of the scientific peer review set up. The Elon Musk quote on it being a dumb experiment pretty much matches my thinking:
  11. You’re with the 3% then... I’m deferring to the 97 % of actively publishing climate scientists agree*: Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities.
  12. Perhaps easier to just replace them with something else ...
  13. Crikey - I think you’ve replaced almost everything 😮
  14. Good luck 👍🏻 and get ready to enjoy 😊
  15. You know - the formula for the new Defender is probably really quite simple: The only anomaly to that seems to be the commercial model that’s coming ?
  16. What do you think the biggest tyre size you can fit on it will be? I’ve read 31” and 33” There are some chunky MT’s available on the larger wheel sizes. Km3’s come in 285/70/18 - which is a little over 33” and not a bad size tyre.
  17. That’s a shame - I love changing gear ⚙️
  18. 18th of Sept their CEO said: 'The gearbox will be automatic, though it might be available with a low-range manual - at the moment, it's too early to confirm.'
  19. “quite pleased”. !!??!? you must be ecstatic!?
  20. They are nice things those airboxes - seem to sit well in a series I think (if that’s a factor for you!?). I have one in my 80” and it doesn’t look out of place.
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