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  1. I've been meaning to come back to this. What I was after was not what lever did what or where to adjust it.... though I realise if I figure out how to adjust the cable for the vent it all it should become right ....... but does the vent lever work on all Landy's like it does on mine (before I go and try and adjust it)..... ie - top position - windscreen vent - middle position - still windscreen vent - bottom position - windscreen and bottom vent As Western described well mine seems to be fully closed in the middle position .... is that normal? or should it be half open?
  2. hmm - its a td5 I was thinking of - and thinking about it I'm not sure I could fit my windy gun in there....
  3. Do you guys remove it with the difflock tools? I know they are cheaper than the LR items - but it still seems a bit expensive to me!!! I'm thinking would my windy gun spin it off? I've used it on motorbike clutches and its worked ok.
  4. Where did you get yours from Badger?
  5. That's a relief - I've never been keen on a big induction noise! phew. Ok - I'll spend some time trawling the net for the best price. Credit crunch an' all I need to save any pennies I can. Thank you for your help again.
  6. You're both hero's ! top info, thank you gentlemen. Just for curiosity - why does the TD5 not need wading plugs? is it all sealed? One more for a easiness please! where does the gearbox breather come into the engine bay? I think I have a woods for trees thing going on...
  7. That's helpful! thank you. Pictures are good. Where did you get yours from? Having read that thread you linked I must admit I never thought about an increase in induction noise ..... how bad is it?
  8. Sorry to resurrect an old thread.... GBMud - did you ever post details of your snorkel fit? I'm looking at getting the same model.
  9. Can I just revive this so that I can get a clear idea of what I need to buy to make up my kit..... A full kit would comprise of front and rear axle, transfer box, fuel tank, (manual) gearbox bell housing, timing cover. Mine is a TD5 so the axles and transfer box already have the required to push fit the 6mm tube. I'm told the timing cover doesn't have a breather on the TD5? The gearbox often has a wading plug fitted - what size is this? so that I might source a fitting for it that I can run more 6mm pipe from. I've no info on the fuel tank fittings? Can anyone confirm the above for me?
  10. Only draw back with that is that its just more drag on the motor I guess? Anyone confirm the correct heater lever function on a defender? as per mine and GL88's post above?
  11. Newbie question on this: Mine blows good warm air when the temp gauge eventually moves up a bit ... but the middle position on the settings doesn't seem to make much difference? at the top all the flow is from the top vents in the middle almost all of the flow is still at the top vents at the bottom its almost even from both vents I guess I expected the middle to be even - with the bottom position favouring the bottom vent. Is this about normal or are we up for some adjusting?
  12. Surely you have to build one of these? unimog on youtube
  13. Only thing I can find like that now is this from Maplins..... at £26
  14. What do you re-paint it with? I've a few that could do with fixing. I remember doing this way back when on an old Mk3 cortina - but since then I'd imagine there is less call for this kind of repair? and I certainly can't remember what it was called!
  15. I'm with LV - but I get a discount through work. I'd have preferred the NFU but they were quite a lot more money in this instance. I've heard good things about Adrian Flux..?
  16. It looks like I can't get Saturday off work....%^%*(!! I might be able to drive down on Sunday and join in - depending on what sort of time you start driving in the morning?
  17. Thanks Steve - it is for a TD5
  18. 6mm id isn't it? anyone give an idea of how much tube is needed for the axles? I want to run mine just up into the engine bay.
  19. Get it hot, try some penetrating fluid (for what its worth!) and then use an impact driver if you can get it in?
  20. Where is good to source the tube?
  21. on a happier note - I typed it into youtube, this welsh mum is pretty funny...
  22. When I got mine the fuel guage and clock didn't light up - it was just as Chris said the bulbs had fallen out the back of the clocks. They just push in and twist - and I guess the vibration had rattled them out.
  23. I fancy a more agressive tyre when my BFG AT's wear out - though I have a brand new one on the spare.... I'm not sure whether to leave the spare as an AT and cushion the blow to 4 MT's rather than 5. Or to buy 5 MT's and see if I'd be able to sell a new AT on ebay? any suggestions?
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