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  1. Unless the discussing of it encourages all of us to be safer and more responsible for what we do and those we care for.
  2. On the whole Neil I agree with what you say. Just from the maintenance side - when you work on your own car you have to assume responsibility for what you have done to be to a good standard - the incentive to do that when you have your own children in there should be enormous. Our hindsight - is his foresight, and I think that is partlywhat is being discussed. He described himself as a mechanic by profession to the court - though I think they said he had received no training or formal qualifications? So to drive a car with serious and what must be obvious faults - mismatched callipers, loose steering, spongy brakes, loose drivers seat (to site the ones listed in the report) surely either shows wilful neglect or incredible ignorance. I find it hard to believe anyone could consider themselves to be a mechanic and be that ignorant? To then drive that car at speeds described as excessive takes it a step up to criminal negligence or phenomenal ignorance. With ignorance being no excuse for culpability in the eyes of the law. I have seen no recognition of any degree of responsibility within the reports? I find that unbelievable? I can only presume he is clinging to this idea that he is devoid of responsibility as a defence mechanism? For me the idea that he has suffered loss brings no sympathy if he has had responsibility in taking the lives of four children who were in his charge. Whether he accepts it now or not I think he must feel at some point that he has taken the futures of those children away.
  3. Fast enough for the circumstances that one of the witnesses said she screamed when he came past. I think the Police said 50 - 60 and I think the road narrows at that point and traffic has to give way to each other.
  4. A previous report stated that the Police identified 30 serious issues on the vehicle. My thoughts are with the Children who lost their futures.
  5. That's actually a lot less of a sentence than I thought it was going to be.
  6. I can vouch for the guys at ex-mod, where that G4 is from. They say they have a certificate of authenticity for it - and they do know there land rovers...
  7. Mine has the date on the back edge of the roof under the headlining. With initials too.
  8. Yes!!! although not as often... I've sprayed right up into the box to get the pins and bushes... with no difference. Its worth trying the spring anyway as the soundproofing will fit better with the TD5 spring.
  9. That's hugely helpful Ralph and I really appreciate you taking the time to help - thank you. I can pop out and pick up the parts on Thursday - perfect If you remember Herbet Lom in the Clouseau films .. with the stress twitch .... that's what my absurdly loud squeaking clutch spring is doing ....... so yes! thank you
  10. Here's mine - looking at yours in the other post, this one has the brackets and cut out to mount the proper spring... It just also seems to have the hole to mount the earlier type spring. I've got the part number for the TD5 spring - EDP7510L Can anyone give me the numbers for other fittings I need? looks like a 'c' cup to cushion the spring in the pedal - and a nut and bolt that locks the spring into the brackets..... Anyone have a look on microcat for me please?
  11. found them - perfect! I'll get out there with a torch now Thanks Ralph
  12. Thanks Ralph How easy is it to fit the TD5 style spring? I presume the box has to come out? Does anyone have a picture of the TD5 style box? I'm wondering if mine has had a spring fitted onto the front of the original box as a quick fix - I can't imagine they'd swap the whole box rather than fix whatever needed doing?
  13. I popped into a LR parts place today to pick up a clutch pedal spring. Mine squeaks absurdly loudly now and has resisted WD40 and various spray on greases .... The spring that came up on their microcat (which I don't have) was nothing like the one on mine. Mine looks like this one: The one they had was the sort that fits around the pivot shaft - like my throttle spring. Like this one: Can anyone shed some light on why my TD5 would have this spring? Is it possible the shaft mounted one broke and someone fitted the earlier type? Would I be able to replace my spring with the proper TD5 part? I've no idea how hard to strip the shaft and pedal out it...? Any help gratefully received!
  14. Normally I'm pretty good with the search - and I do use google. I think I just used the wrong terms... for instance I though it was a H14W rebuild! Thank you both very though!
  15. That's it!! I spent a good hour using the search function for all the forums and did a search just in the tech archive too! I must be doing something wrong... Thank you though Stephen
  16. At some point there was a nice thread here showing a rebuild of a H14W - I seem to remember lots of marine grease I've searched and been through the endless number of threads that have come up, but can't find it.... anyone able to help?
  17. Thanks for the feedback MS I loved your pic of the snow too. You obviously don't mind high roads, so you could take a drive over Alston into Penrith sometime and come out with us? Superquick camera work by pathfinder to photo the robin! What a place the lakes are!
  18. Great photos! Have a look at my wenslydale ones from the end of last year. There is something magical about a white landscape Thanks for sharing.
  19. Had a play in the lakes today Started off sunny with some blue sky.. Three Disco's and I was in a blue 90. Seemed to get a bit of damage today .... Here we lost a bumper! Back on our way... To take in some amazing views ... Big puncture!! couple from my phone that are out of sequence: couple of videos Great day - more videos to upload yet...
  20. Step 5 in that list refers to number 5 on the picture - and the same for step 7 and picture 7. I've just got back from the lakes and mine needs doing - bloody rubbish when its been through water.
  21. That sounds good - the bench that is. Send us a pic when you take it out
  22. of a defender like mine - with no seats in the back!
  23. I got 22 which means an 11 year old, a 14 year old and two people from DIFFERENT countries!!! did better than I did! bloody hell - that's bad
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