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  1. Can I ask why you drove it again after it had lurched to one side ? 😳
  2. Well done 👍🏻 and thanks for sharing. I think this is a great project.
  3. Yes 😊 something different about it too ...
  4. Thank you Paul I’ll need to pull the dash out for another job and will look at it then - though there are more things ahead of it in the order of priorities I seem to have assembled 😳
  5. More NOS goodness .... Anyone guess what it is ?
  6. That’s an interesting set up - I assume you lower it to the ground and then pull it out from underneath ? I haven’t put the gearbox in yet - still collecting parts and getting things ready to do a few things at once. The aspiration is to do the gearbox, steering, and 11” brakes at the same time....
  7. Who doesn’t love a bit of NOS goodness ?
  8. Ahh - hopefully just the illumination bulb to replace then. Thank you.
  9. @PaulMc does that the switch have a separate light for when it’s operated too? Mine has stopped lighting up all together - I have one of your heated seat looms on there that picks up from that switch, so something could be happening there - but everything else is working, so it seems likely bulbs.
  10. Is it the same brands that would be recommended for a drill or screwdriver?
  11. Are there any decent electric heaters out there? I’ve only seen portable ones to plug into the 12v socket - and they seem low on power because of the wiring limitations.
  12. One thing I can’t remember ... what kind of heater did you put in it ?
  13. Super !! 😊. That 110 will be done in no time 👍🏻
  14. I need to investigate mine - it’s stopped lighting up with the side lights and when the hazards are on.
  15. Thats good going : just a snapped cable and wrong gearing from a total rebuild ... well done 😊
  16. I missed this - it’s totally awesome ... kudos to you.
  17. Nice morning here - hope you are out enjoying it 😊
  18. I’ll show you the wipers on my 80 in action at some point - they’ll make you laugh I think 😊
  19. I didn’t rebuild it ... it’s a bit like the gearbox: I remembered it as being much better than it is. The video sort of shows what they are like inside. But I’ve come to realise the LoFi is right - they’ll always be ‘horrific’. 🤣 I’ve found a late S1 early S2 Nos LHD box, which would be the one to go for - the later boxes are longer, but these are the recirculating type. i think the bottom line is that usability is more important than originality in a vehicle that’s not totally original anyway.
  20. It does look in good fettle. Some are dated, so you might be able see how new it is?
  21. One thing I’ve noticed in mine is that the stroke isn’t consistent - I don’t know if it’s wear, but when it’s hot (the motor) and the screen very wet I get a wider arc. Perhaps that screen has had a very worn gear?
  22. Though I’d be alright with it turning with the wheel if I could come up with a discreet or period looking slip ring - or some remote function. Both would still need a new way of securing the horn/dip assembly to the wheel. I did wonder if there was scope to modify the S2 horn slip ring to run 2 circuits. Haven’t actually had one in my hand though to assess that.
  23. These guys do rebuilds of the original box and provide parts : I’ve had mixed feedback on it though - the later series box is more precise, gives greater lock, and has less play.... tough to argue with all that.
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