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  1. They are worth more now. I fancied a set for my 90 but they were all ridiculously priced.
  2. Don’t they have the colour in the vin number ?
  3. Or it’s just a different type of bubble !
  4. Gosh I missed this !! Though a bit late for me to consider one in my 80”
  5. So .... Horses out of the mix .... what’s the next steps ? Do I set up a go fund me page; called something like “Collection to take care of Cyclists” ?
  6. Indeed ! I work in Central Government and I’m surrounded by people working their ass off. It’s brought the best out in people.
  7. I similarly hear a motorbike on a nearby A road ...
  8. I’d chip in if we are having a collection for a sniper ?
  9. I think the biggest barriers I’ve seen to people adhering to the lock down has been either; that it doesn’t seem real to them or their intelligence .... I think the vast majority of people have gone with it, either the spirit and letter or the restrictions, or at least to isolation. The ones who haven’t have either been on the news or an absolute minority observed in my local area.
  10. Somehow I missed this. Must be really encouraging to see that all sit together!? Perhaps only a bit of fabrication away from rolling ? Do you keep the original bulkhead even with the Willy panels ? Are the drums staying ? 😊
  11. Did the event just pivot off one person ? Or are there other reasons too ?
  12. That’s what has started to happen in Germany - infection rates rising again in line with the restrictions being relaxed.
  13. I hadn’t seen the guidance - thanks. Any pointers to where I can find it please? I read somewhere that the furlough spend was £8bn - I’m not sure if that’s in total ? To give some context: There are already a fair number of people who have become unemployed, though compared to the total spend across state pensions, health related benefits, and working age benefits this only represents about a 1% swing. The total cost of all of those is in the public domain and is about £160bn - with the majority of that being state pension.
  14. I saw that in a few places - just not anything from him or HMT that confirmed it? I do think it was a confused message tonight - He says: “So, work from home if you can, but you should go to work if you can’t work from home.” But how many people have jobs where they can maintain 2m from everyone ? I think people will take this to mean head on out - and just like where we had social distancing before the lock down, I would expect it to not work. How do you maintain distance when there are too many people there?
  15. Is furlough being wound up in July official ?
  16. And that search recommends ...... 😳 https://www.tayna.co.uk/car-batteries/northstar/nsb-agm65/
  17. That’s encouraging Mike - just need to find one that fits...and I’ve just found this, which should help: https://www.tayna.co.uk/tools/battery-wizard
  18. Very educational read this for me - thanks everyone . It’s a shame red tops have dropped in quality ... I have a ‘Super-Batt’ in my series - which I’m not too impressed with. It can struggle to crank the 200tdi if left for a while - and when it was cold it struggled quite a bit. Even with regular use it can be a little slow - and reading reviews shows people saying they often perform well below their stated figures. The main thing it has going for it is that it fits. I’d like something with a higher CCA figure that’s compact - which pretty much only points to the Optima. However I have hesitated as I read similar of accounts to those above of their quality dipping ... The scale of what I can fit seems to be around 300L 200w 180h I could almost join the experiment and try a Varta AGM E39 start stop plus - it’s only 278, 190, but 190mm high. 70ah and 760 CCA
  19. Has this been posted ? https://yrmit.co.uk/workshops/defender-discovery-1-rrc-coil-spring-to-series-axle-leaf-sprung-conversion-front-rear/
  20. Great to see you posting again Jeff - take heed of the message to slow down. 😊
  21. It’s looking ace James - the only thing I’d question is the location of your toolbox ? if you are working on the bench that will be nice - but if you are on the drive working through the main doors, won’t it be a pain in the ass to squeeze down the side of the 110 and get right to the back of the garage ? I put my tools by the door for that reason - not far when I’m in the garage and not far when I’m not.
  22. The link from Sigi is good.... Have you a photo of your set up ?
  23. I have the 300 manifold and turbo on a 200, works well.
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