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  1. 😊 At the moment that’s true - at least until I’ve recovered financially from the 80” I’m probably more in the realm of a 3.5t ratchet strap ...
  2. Fantastic! Kudos to you 😊 Can I buy one ? 😊
  3. MB Tech is the engineering company - they were a subsidiary of Mercedes Benz. https://www.akka-technologies.com/en/newsroom/project-grenadier-ineos-automotive-and-akka-technologies-team-up-to-develop-a-new-4x4-off They mention Ineos in their financial statements too: The Germany Business Unit also made a good start to the year. It reported revenue of €252.0 million in the first half of 2018, with organic growth of 3.5%. Growth was mainly driven by the signing of contracts with Bosch, Continental, INEOS, Porsche and Volkswagen.
  4. Unless they are doing the Tesla - direct from the factory model ? I don’t suppose we’d see signs of it then ?
  5. I wonder how that works - a while back they reported that Mercedes company was the assembly partner - so perhaps it’s just not been decided which of their sites will be used? Or perhaps the supply chain and design is all in place and the build is just going to be assembly? He advertised a load of Procurement positions ages ago / so he has the staff. I’m hopeful for it.
  6. As we get close to the production of Projekt Grenadier ‘successor to the Defender’ - I thought we could perhaps share updates? Article here calls out: https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-6821795/Jim-Ratcliffes-Ineos-Projekt-Grenadier-4X4-use-BMW-engines.html Using current BMW twin turbo engines - 242bhp 2.0l petrol and 261bhp 3.0l diesel Separate chassis and alloy panels leather seats for material durability - but a minimal interior, including drain plugs so it can be hosed down. 3.5 tonne towing capacity £30-£40k price Goes into production 2020
  7. Cut away diagram in here which shows how simple they are inside: http://www.elvic.es/media/wysiwyg/manuales/ELVIC-Superwinch-Hidraulico-Manual-ModeloH14W-PRO.pdf
  8. I had the lever type and rebuilt it years ago - I had a parts manual for it and that was enough to do the rebuild with ... I’m looking for it, though it seems to have disappeared....
  9. Minimum wage there is €2.95 - though I can’t see that affecting the end price - just creating a bigger margin.
  10. Toughest ever made ? I was talking to someone in the JlR supply chain this weekend and he was saying they can really see the effects of how JLR have narrowed their market, been hit by the Diesel thing, and suffered from much lower sales in China than forecast.... it seems to me that with the new Defender being a further nuance on those lifestyle vehicles, that it will only push them further into more of the same difficulty?
  11. I nearly missed your update ! That does look neater 👍🏻
  12. Yes ! 👍🏻 Well done Neil
  13. Are you opening an airport Arjan?
  14. Nightmare, and kudos to you George. I know the message from your Series is kind of ‘just keep going’ - but I remember my Dad saying there are times when you’re better just shutting the door and leaving it. I’ve a couple of old motorbikes that are fighting me every step of the way to getting them done. One of them in particular has a way of breaking my heart at every opportunity. I almost hate it at the moment.
  15. Still loving using this - and working through the various teething troubles. I can fit my daughters motorbike in the back ... Biggest teething problem was the rear diff exploding. I’d fitted Rover P4 used diffs - I had remembered them as being 3.9’s but they are actually 4.3’s. As an interim, and to assess how it ran, I’ve run it with the front prop removed and a 3.54 fitted. Which proved too high a gear - it’s like a 3 speed box with an overdrive, and on the B roads around me I can’t be in 4th or I get transmission shunting. So a 4.3 has been found and I’ll be off to pick it up shortly. A lot of things have worked really well - the heated seats are great and the Webasto is amazing. I left it on a few weeks back whilst we went into a restaurant- when we came back it was so hot 🥵 I suddenly realised my mouth was dry . The only down side with the vents is they get knocked shut when someone is in the middle seat - I could switch them to a non directional / closable vents ... but it’s good being able to direct the air - so I’ll live with it. Current conundrum is my indicators - they’ve developed a fault where they work fine without the engine running, but when it is running they behave like their is a bad earth, with the tell tale light having the faintest glow when they aren’t on - and when switched on they don’t flash. Any suggestions for it?
  16. Me too - plan is to get the 80” reliable and take that.
  17. It’s also possible you just had a bad one ... and the issue isn’t endemic to the brand at all. To help Turners, aside wether they can help you, I’d let them know. They may also say - yours is the only one that’s failed blah blah ... or yes, we found that and have a stock of Airtex...
  18. Are you close enough to anyone to borrow something ? Would you consider that ?
  19. Wonderful ! I fancied a capstan for my 80” - but as with your V8, the crank position doesn’t allow the drive to line up. My engineering skills mean that I need to use a Tirfor in that situation though 😂
  20. What gas did you use George? MAP or Butane? I have a plumbing torch with Butane and I’m wondering if that’s upto the job... The thread repair idea came from seeing this video years ago - starts at 1:00 in...
  21. I’ve had some of those rods sitting unused in my garage for years 😳 They are an aluminium’s alloy made to have a very low melting point and super high surface tension aren’t they ... I have an old carburettor with a stripped thread in it ... I’ve been thinking of setting a bolt in it and filling around it with the rod, see if it works....!?
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