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  1. Crikey - I think you’ve replaced almost everything 😮
  2. Good luck 👍🏻 and get ready to enjoy 😊
  3. You know - the formula for the new Defender is probably really quite simple: The only anomaly to that seems to be the commercial model that’s coming ?
  4. What do you think the biggest tyre size you can fit on it will be? I’ve read 31” and 33” There are some chunky MT’s available on the larger wheel sizes. Km3’s come in 285/70/18 - which is a little over 33” and not a bad size tyre.
  5. That’s a shame - I love changing gear ⚙️
  6. 18th of Sept their CEO said: 'The gearbox will be automatic, though it might be available with a low-range manual - at the moment, it's too early to confirm.'
  7. “quite pleased”. !!??!? you must be ecstatic!?
  8. They are nice things those airboxes - seem to sit well in a series I think (if that’s a factor for you!?). I have one in my 80” and it doesn’t look out of place.
  9. I think they are assuming no one modifies their car and they don’t trust a bloke with a tape measure ..
  10. You could just avoid deep water !? 😊
  11. It’s is 2nd info Ralph - but it shaped my thinking, despite being the first negative things I’d heard about them ...
  12. From past posting - I’d say he knows a lot more about the RV8 electrics than we could reasonably ask him to type out ... 😂
  13. I’ve known them used very successfully for motorbike engine parts- they do though end up stained inside, so ...as Barry from Wales found out - best not try and sneak them into the house for a quick wash when your wife’s out.
  14. I ‘red’ it as ‘rebuilt’. I’ve heard 2nd hand that the chap at Ditton Overland had 3(?) fail where they spat bits into the transfer box and caused extensive damage in there.
  15. Just to get back to how disappointing the new Range Rover Defender is .... It would have been fab if they’d come up with something more like this :
  16. The video includes chassis testing mules - I would guess that at this time there’s will still be a lot up in the air and that they will be testing all sorts of configurations of various kit. It does look promising though.
  17. I had a bit of that on a council car park - I wrote to them, they weren’t interested ... 😐
  18. I don’t think we know any of that yet ....... just that it’s a separate chassis, alloy body, 3 diff locks, a plug in the cab floor so you can wash it out, flat bodywork you can rest a mug on, and Bluetooth... I think that’s it !?
  19. It will be - biggest challenge I have is that by the time I’m ready to fit it all I won’t have access to a workshop with enough width to use the engine crane .... my outside space is pretty rough. So I’m exploring if I can get bigger wheels on it.
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